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  1. So what are the Patriots doing with all of that unused cap space I wonder? On a side note it is a mark of how far we have come that the discussion today is not whether or not Chad can complete a pass of over 10 yards or what is the over/under in terms of minutes before his next season ending injury. The question as posed above is who would you prefer to have at QB right now? It is clear to me that even PatsFanTX is feeling the man love for Chad right now but is unsure of how to show his feelings. Gimme a "C".... Gimme an "H".... Gimme an "A".... Gimme a "D"... Best QB in the AFC East right now and, as the old expression goes, "2nd aint even close" <Edited to add> I would never wish injury on any player but if it turns out Brady has a noodle shoulder there would certainly be something Karmic goiong on there.
  2. The problem with Brady is simple. IF he took less cabbage to keep the team together (he did !!) AND IF that money is not going to Brach or Givens (it isn't !!) AND IF the Pats are waaaaayyyy under the salary cap (they are !!) AND IF Bob Kraft is charging the highest prices in the NFL for season tickets (he IS !!!) Then where in the name of all that is holy is that extra money going to? The money Tom Brady agreed to leave on the table to keep a winning team together...
  3. Cotch coming in at a respectable #20
  4. Maybe the Pats are squeezing down on their cap dollars because Kraft told Belichick that any team liability for his philandering has to come out of cap dollars and not Bob Kraft dollars. Having the highest ticket prices in the NFL does not mean you have money to waste on frivolous things like resigning a popular superbowl MVP wide receiver doncha know
  5. Dick Jauron for going away from McGahee on the 2nd drive when it looked for all the world as if we would be facing 10-0 or 14-0 before we had gone midway through Q1. Special teams were due up for a game ball today until that last onsides kick mess <insert test of nanny-bot filter here> Aside from the obvious Chad to Elsie and Cotch I would give a game ball to the offesnive line pass blocking AND to the coming out parties of Leon Washington and to a lesser extent Drew Coleman. Rookies, both of whom contributed to the win today. Only Anthony Schlegel left to pop his game cherry from the draft-class of 2005.
  6. Give Herm a pass after the **** he made us wade through for the last five years? Not a chance in hell. Doggy, You might want to take that sphincter sniffing proboscis to Arrowhead stadium where I am sure it's services will be required.
  7. "Questionin" <entry> Questioning Variant, inquisitiveness.... The police brought the suspect in for good beating and some down home questionin.... Hehehe is anyone buying this? We need volunteers for a posse or two.
  8. As in more than one posse? Normally I think the spell checking ****s are about as much use as <insert something useless here>, but I think we can make an exception if the post in questionin is taking a shot at another poster's intelligence. There has to be some line out of Blazing Saddles or Silverado that would be good to toss in around about now. You know, a posse segue. Wow... the name of a Pre War German political party is a no no? Egads!
  9. I cunningly disguised myself as "EM31" for the ride over here on the groupie train. Man those were some ugly assed groupies too
  10. Suggestions for the title of the Movie/TV series "Banned of brothers" "24" "Unbannable" "Ban or no ban?" "The Patriot" <insert your own here>
  11. Aren't signing bonus' automatically accelerated and assumed by the trading team in the event of a trade? Are those the salary numbers for Moss over and above his signing bonus?
  12. Point of order. I thought it was Spencer Tracy and Micky Rooney in Boys Town. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0029942/ There was probably a father Flannagan in both of 'em though.
  13. For people looking to indulge in a little suffering of others I can highly recommend Finheaven right now. They are pretty much in a fire everyone mode after the SI 2006 AFC Champion Dolphins have started out 0-2.
  14. Who'd he blame this week? QB being new to the complexities of the two minute drill... What a guy! "the caoches on the bus go throw throw throw" (sings) Man Chiefsplanet needs to pay for a better server.
  15. It's the kindest thing he could do for Eric. Now there will be no question that the two of them are on the phone with each other every week and that somehow Belichick is taking young Mr. Mangini to the cleaners. Plenty of time for swapping spit in the shower at BB's HOF induction ceremony.
  16. Regardless of the merits of this claim you really do have to wonder what is the motivation after six years to keep shooting the same fish in a barrel After a while some of us leave Tic-tac-toe behind. How much fun is it really to keepbeating up on the same 13 year olds. I recognize your avater (and nick?) I think from TGG.
  17. EM31

    Good game

    Coles has the heart if not the body of a true #1.
  18. EM31

    Good game

    I am not sure the Bills even qualify as a "weaker team" any more.
  19. EM31

    Good game

    I enjoyed the finish as much as anyone but the game was not as close as the final score might make it seem. When they needed to extend drives on us they did it all day long. We never marched down on them and rammed it in like they did to us. Instead we got two all-world extra effort after the catch type plays. We couldn't get a few inches when we had 3rd dow AND 4th down to do it and there was some really questionable time management issues at the end of the first half. Issues which lead to the 17-0 TD. With where we got the ball and when, it should have been either a score for us or going in at 10-0. The Patriots were pretty good today and we still need to find a Running back, tight end and ways to get Brad Smith into the game. On defense we need to stop the run and generate a decent pass rush. I do not expect the last two to be addressed until next year's draft. Chad looked pretty decent after that one which should have been picked early in the game but his final stats made his day look better than it really was. To be fairl he wasn't getting a lick of help from the running game and the protection was indifferent at times. *sigh* It could have been and nearly was terrible but in the end we are a team with needs in multiple areas.
  20. What can I get for 500 vCash? Can I buy a pardon for Tx?
  21. Only nine hours until reinstatement Tx... Remember now, cap in hand... cap in hand...
  22. Henry is without a doubt a poster of unique erm... flavor. His Jets fan bona fides are beyond question however. A bit too much of a draftnik for my taste but it takes all kinds.
  23. And worse still if the Pats DO get Porter or if the tampering case is tossed out with prejudice.
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