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  1. Wow! Good stuff in here. Sometimes you just have to pass on by the low hanging fruit... Need to resist.... Need to resist. One question though DW10. Is this the year that Chambers "takes it to the next level"? The rest of the NFL would like to know when they can stop holding their breath on this one. OK, I lied... two questions. Well maybe three. Were there many new subscribers to SI amongst Miami fans this year? How is that AFC champions prediction thing working out for you guys? Kidding aside.... "On any given Sunday"... (fingers crossed)... Division games and all that so I am a Dolphin fan this weekend (gag) even though I am not really very hopeful at all.
  2. It is clearly premature to label schlegel as a bust at this point. Yes he had a couple of awful moments in the preseason but he was also to be found making solid contact at the point of attack on other plays in that same game. Of course natural speed helps at any position on this level but it is very possible to play ILB in the NFL with so-so speed if you bring other tools to the table. Smarts and toughness being two of those. How fast was Kyle Clifton? Vilma is fast as hell and gets freight-trained on a regular basis, yet many here go through extraordinarly torturous logic to explain why none of that is really his fault. Pick your poison. BLT was a complete bust as a FIRST-ROUNDER until he became not a complete bust. If we look back two years from now and find no regular season Schlegel moments and no special teams moments then bust will be the correct call. Maybe even at this point next year if he shows absolutely nothing. But come on now, we are in week 5 of year one in his NFL career.
  3. I have been calling for Schlegel to see some time the past two weeks. We need someone on the inside who can lay the wood.
  4. This is the year the Chambers is going to take it to the next level right? The only damn problems with Miami imploding right out of the gate is that we do not get to see the Jets stick the pin into them and, as an earlier poster remarked, the underdog in Jets-Fins matchups has had a pretty good record of upsetting the favorite in recent years. Talk about the SI curse.
  5. LOL Sperm. Timeless post. It truly never gets old. I am ususally somewhat understated in my praise of other posters (just ask TX!) but you were in classic form the day you penned that masterpiece. Bad luck for Houston this week just as he seemed to be laying a claim to being the big dog amongst this somewhat indifferent pile of running backs. I hope he spends the next 2-4 weeks taking the Tiki cure for fumblitis. Herm wasted a lot of time last year when we could have been getting a longer look at Houston. More evidence of charity for Curtis.
  6. Not unless you want your offensive line to regress. Wasn't it always the case that when Martin's numbers were down that the reason was because of the crappy offensive line behind whom even Barry Sanders or Jim Brown could not make a dent? Curtis had his day in the sun and still got his carries when his play on the field did not merit those carries. We should have been taking a long look at Cedric Houston last year after Curtis got injured... But nooooo.... we had to let the old man and his chase for a personal career milestone get in the way of the best interests of the team. Curtis owes the Jets not the other way around.
  7. Hrrm... Moga is a one-of-a-kind. Welcome Moga. Try not to make it too easy for TX to bait you. Does this mean you are making JetNation the new home of Moga's famous weekly betting selections?
  8. Screw Nugent and his little league kick offs. Every week we are spotting teams the ball on the 40 yard line...
  9. We really have to get out of the habit of spotting our opponents the entire first quarter of games.
  10. down 7-0 early... now there's a shocker
  11. I would like to add my own thanks to Sperm for this daily compilation. Most excellent work!
  12. I have been in favor of Cedric and Barlow as our pair of grinders for a while now. In that order. And then use Leon as your change of pace back. Cedric needs to block better and hang on to the darn ball. Maybe the pickup of the big fullback signals a move towards this kind of configuration. Blaylock is a complete waste.
  13. It isn't the number of posters it is the quality of the posting.
  14. Abyzmul is a sight to behold in a flame war. Set it up someone. I would pay cash money for front row seats to a show like that.
  15. Good point RaffyD. 500 for us would still reflect a team headed in the right direction given the expectations coming into this year. 500 for them on the other hand is an express elevator to the sub basement. Before the season began many of the pundits were asking the question can the Dolphins surpass the Patriots this year? Well, Miami has been pretty much exposed at this point as perhaps the biggest preseason frauds in a decade but I put it to you now that before the end of the year the question may well be once again, Are the Dolphins better than the Patriots? I think bodily fluids and worse are leaking from every orifice of that organization. Deion Branch, Adam Vinatieri and David Givens may look back on this as having got into one of the last lifeboats from the Titanic.
  16. I ALWAYS worry about the Jets first last and everywhere in between TX but thanks for the suggestion anyhow. My concern about the mess up in Foxboro was simply one of genuine concern for a fellow AFC East franchise that seems to be falling on hard times. One, dare I say it that seems to be making all the wrong moves in the court of public opinion. Perhaps Flutie will be your guy <wink>.... Boston College and all that. OK we will let that one slide for the moment but you do realize that sooner or later it is going to begin to sound like Miami's unbeaten season or even our own Jets 1969 season. PLUS, and I assume you will be with me on this one since you are such a fair minded fellow.... once the slide into mediocrity (or worse) continues, Or the "crappification of the Patriots" as I like to call it, I would assume your position would be that season ticket prices should get discounted. You know, once they are no longer a premium product but rather an INFERIOR one? Will you join me know in a pledge to campaign for more reasonable ticket prices up there in New England once the team passes, say the .500 barrier?
  17. The issue here of course is how much can the Patriots players TRUST the Patriots front office to watch out for their best interests if they decide to play hurt ??? I think we all know the answer to that question. The only choice really for the player is to sit out and make gosh darned sure that they are 100% healthy before risking a comeback. Heck take off the entire season for a hammy why don't you ? The implosion continues and the only question is will there be enough stationary bikes in the Trainers office to accomodate all the the buttocks that are sure to be requiring them? It is a truly a sad day when such a storied franchise is reduced to sniffing the waiver wire for cheap geriatrics. As a Jets fan I am saddened by the pus-filled mess that seems to be erupting from within the hallweed halls of Foxboro wherin is housed the most expensive season ticket seating in the NFL.... <sniff> <sniff>....
  18. Not at all. The trend was actually in place for all to see last year except that it was masked to a certain degree by the fact that the AFC east took a very big step backwards. The evidence was clear that your team was a 500 team outside of the division. I know the Jets stank last year but the fact reamins that there was also a bit of a stench emanating from Foxboro. This season the rot is just one year further advanced is all. The Pats may very well win the East again this year. Let's be honest, I can do that, can you do the same? The AFC East is a weak division TOP to bottom. Even if the PAts do win, your days as a force amongst the elite in the NFL have just as clearly passed by at this point. That, my myopic buddy represents a TREND. As in a SLOPE.... Elite-->not elite-->bottom feeder?...a long slippery down hill slope. Any other remedial information I can help you out on? Perheps we can search for smaller words if you think that might help. P.S. How much under the cap are the Pats as they stand today?
  19. Perhaps some of you missed my 2nd post in this thread Incidentally, as crazy as this sounds, the reason this parody of potential NE Front office behavior has some traction is that there is just an element of "you never know" contained in there. Could the ego of Bill Bellichick possibly be that monumental????? Who woulda thunk they would essentially treat Tom Brady like dirt by treating his best friends and most productive recievers like dirt just to save a buck? Implodification my friends... implodification Get ready for the Testaverde era...
  20. While we may disagree as to where each of our teams stand right now, I think it pretty indiputable that the Jets are an improving team and the Partriots are a team moving in the other direction. The trend is your friend... never fight the trend.
  21. "I remember when he used to have the lovin' hands for our big 325lb hairy-a$$es. Now all he wants to do is toss the pick to the other team so he can try tackling those svlete 200lb cornerbacks with their ballerina/gazelle-like bodies... They probably shave down there too. Wind resistance or something. What's that Tom? The circumference of his ring finger was how big?"
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