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  1. Canes will be tough. They score in bunches so we cannot be giving the lead up the way we seemed to do all series with the Penguins. if we do we may never get it back again. Still, we are basically talking about house money at this point.
  2. My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!
  3. Some players do manage to reinvent themselves after a really poor start to their careers but it is extremely rare. Until we hear some evidence out of training camp or better yet until we actually see some evidence showing up in games then Mims is a colossal bust. Not a Vernon Gholston level bust but not too far off that either. For all we know he hired himself a media consultant and this is nothing but pure spin. I am with you freestater. The history of the Jets suggest that we are not real lucky with these kinds of things. Fingers crossed but expectations are low until Denzel gives us some reason to change them.
  4. And before that every Chad Pannington shoulder reconstruction came with 20%-30% extra on has fastball
  5. My thought exactly. He was very careful about navigating some silly questions with well thought out answers.
  6. Amazing what can happen if you basically stick to the standard draft slot contract terms unlike what we tried to do with Revis back in the day. Before it blew up in our faces that is. Good news.,
  7. I am going to argue that getting up and out of the cellar in the East is not all about the QB, With a stronger defense and prospectively a MUCH stronger running game I think this team can compete with Wilson in a Mark Sanchez just-hand-it-off type role. If Wilson contributes more than that to the passing game then we may be off to the races. Obviously we have little chance at the big prize carrying a just-hand-it-off QB but that is a question for next year or the year after. The question as posed was where do we stand in the division right now. I hate to be "that guy" but until all of our major pieces make it through a full TC without season ending injury, or a protracted holdout or some incident involving 150MPH car chases with Florida police I am still very nervous.
  8. Probably still the worst in the AFCE but it might depend on things like how effective that Lawson and Becton are going to be coning off serious injuries. If they are both fully back then we are automatically better, possibly much better even before the talent that has just been drafted over the last three days.
  9. When the fluids from day-2 begin to dry and crust over the already crusted over fluids from day one, does it all congeal into a single layer of crust or does it form more of a laminated two layer, puff pastry type crust? These are the questions which occupy my mind going onto day-3 where the rough diamonds never fail to disappoint.
  10. I wonder if SF would do Deebo for Garrett Wilson straight up today? I am actually guessing that they would and that we would not. Strange what a difference 24 hours can do to one's perceptions
  11. People always ask for more until they settle for less.
  12. Playoff berth clinched last night, We are going to the big dance boys
  13. USA and England in the same World cup group. It Ukraine does make it into the finals that will be one crazy group, Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands Group B: England, Iran, USA, Wales/Scotland/Ukraine Group C Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland Group D France, UAE/Australia/Peru, Denmark, Tunisia Group E: Spain, Costa Rica/New Zealand, Germany, Japan Group F: Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia Group G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon Group H: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea
  14. Really good win last night against the Penguins Now let's not screw it up with anything less than a win against the Detroit Red Wings tonight.
  15. Gallant has been outstanding this year in getting the team to bounce back after a loss, This one was really nice from a number of different angles. All of the new acquisitions contributed important minutes and we sent a bit of a message to our most likely first round opponent. No resting on laurels however. We have them again next Tuesday in their building and then for the final meeting just eight days after that back at the Garden. Odd that the schedule maker made us wait most of the season before we met up for the first time and with all four games packed into a short period. Looks like Kakko will be healthy enough to play soon which gives Gallant an additional good problem have. Personally I think the time off will be good for his game.
  16. I was crossing my fingers and holding out hope for JT Miller right up until the end but I think his form over the last 3-months ended up pricing him out of anyone's reach. Personally I was not willing to give up Kravtzov, Schneider and other assets to get him here. There was no mega-deal to be had and TBH I think it is better for the Rangers to retain their premium prospects rather than trade them for what might be just a rental. I am not overly familiar with our acquisitions but the folks on another site seem impressed with the grittiness and playoffs-value of the guys we did get and how little we ended up paying for them. I liked Barron too but he was going to have a tough time cracking this line up here. Good luck kid unless you are playing against us. This is a playoffs training-wheels year for the Rangers and the front office has managed to give us a puncher's chance against the top teams assuming Igor continues stand on his head.
  17. Gotta feel good for Georgie here. He has pretty much been an automatic loss for a while so maybe this helps both himself and the team beyond the improbable win last night.
  18. Does this include an implicit promise that the next retirement announcement will not be given the same attention that the last one was?
  19. The relegation rules create real risk for people like Woody. There is literally no floor in terms of how much the value can be driven down by an incompetent owner. Very different from an NFL franchise.
  20. I grew up in South London (Streatham) before moving to NY in my 20s and Chelsea were my team for better worse, mostly worse. during those lean times. We were, at best the 3rd best team in London behind Spurs and Arsenal. Bigger clubs with bigger budgets, Plus we had a chairman who practically bankrupted the team. I had no choice in the purchase by the Russian billionaire but I confess I have enjoyed the fruits of an effectively unlimited budgets and being on the "big spender" side of the ledger during recent times. To your question the answer is also yes, I do not look forward to playing the teams you mention unless it is in the 3rd round of the FA cup. Ownership by Woody would be a disaster and unless a bona fide cheapskate buys the team (*cough* *cough* Glazer) I think they will bounce around the top tier in Europe for a few more years yet. The talent pipeline is good and it will take whoever buys them a few years to squander that,
  21. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  22. Mini-slump over followed by three wins in a row. Tuesday (3/8) will be tough because it feels like the Wild match up against us better than the Blues (3/10) or Dallas (3/12). Maybe Georgie gets the start on Tuesday.
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