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  1. I just get the sense that Belichik is licking his chops based on this performance. The Miami and Green bay games might have given him some pause but this one, not so much.
  2. She is auctioning off all of her strap on collection. I guess the split must be real.
  3. Worst QB performance outside of throwing interceptions that I have seen in many years. Lots of open receivers flat out missed and a good number of "hospital passes" thrown.
  4. Second round WRs whose surname starts with the letter "M". Coincidence? I think not.
  5. Was at the game last night and I have to say it was a very poor effort all around.
  6. **** NEWSFLASH *** After the first six games of the season we are NOT in the conversation, looking at strength of remaining schedule to see which team has dibs on drafting the top QB in the draft next year. We are NOT in that conversation at all and we are very unlikely to be in it for many years. That is a highly unexpected bonus this year. When do we start to look at wild card scenarios? The kids are alright. Looks like JD may have had a draft for the ages last year.
  7. I hope the officials sent him an unofficial message after he threw one of them under the bus recently ("I am not the one who throws the flag") just to let him know that his special protections may not be as automatic as they have been in the past. Please crawl away and die somewhere Tom. I wish the Jets had the chance to personally send you off into retirement this year but unfortunately the schedule-maker says not.
  8. If the Jets as a team had a coming out party of sorts last weekend then this weekend puts the seal on that statement game IMO. Normally I am a cover my nuts kinda Jets fan but I just don't see Denver having anything for us this week. I think our D-Line will dominate against a really bad offense over there and Russel Wilson will not be able to pull enough magic out against an improving Jets secondary.. On the other side of the ball I think we can run it on that team but there should be plenty short route receptions available for us if Denver does decide on a "stop-Breece-at-all-costs" sell out defense. It is hard to overestimate just how much better the Jets offensive line has been since Duane Brown go in there. Coincidence? We have mauled the other team two weeks in a row. It reminds me of the heyday of Thomas Jones. It doesn't hurt to have an all world running back and a really really good 2nd running back but I think it has been the O-Line making big holes has been the difference.
  9. We will be able to run on this team
  10. If this is all there is to get stirred up about then we are golden.
  11. We got stoned by a good/great net minding performance. Now we know how other teams felt after playing us last year.
  12. Well it looks like the Rangers woke up still pissed about the way the season ended for them last year. Kids are progressing nicely and a quick win tonight in Winnipeg, the weakest of the three opponents and we have a perfect start to the year.
  13. If we get a little stability on the OL.....
  14. Love the TD hate the risk taking. Not smart Tire out Miami run defense will pay off as the game wears on.
  15. get the sloppy ones out in preseason
  16. A less than crisp performance tonight. Kravtsov has not been impressive. He may be trying too hard. Early days but still, not a great start. Hunt, Gauthier, Carpenter, Tinordi, Brodzinski and a few others are basically occupying space for no good reason. We know we have them if injuries come, otherwise they should not see any playing time.
  17. Agreed about not being in rebuild mode but it is more a case of seeing if the pieces we added through the draft/free agency are the real deal or not. If not then parts of the build will need to be (re)done. My biggest fear is that Panarin, Mika and Krieder are not a top two line Stanley cup nucleus but we have basically paid them as if they are.. I will be happy to be proven wrong as I was with Trouba who I thought was paid too much. I was completely wrong on that score.
  18. Some think (me included) we got out ahead of our skis last year, Don't get me wrong it was a truly magical run but we need some of our guys to step up big time just to get back to the same place.
  19. Islanders look pretty bad. Rangers just about as good as you could ask for in a preseason game.
  20. Can Kravstsov make us forget about the 2-year journey he has been on to god knows where? (don't go back to Russia kid. In case you haven't heard there is a military draft right now and they ase looking for anyone who can shoot) Do Laffy and Kakko justify their lofty draft positions? Can Chytil pick up where his game left off last year or was that just a momentary flash in the pan? Blue line still needs some beef. Artemi Pararin has to wait a whole year to make up for his playoff disappearing act. Biggest postseason disappointment for us. I hope it was injury because if not then his game simply does not translate into playoff hockey and we overpaid for him if that is true. Was Chris Kreider a one year wonder? (I fear he was) Can this team win some effing face offs already? It has been decades since we were even marginally competent in that regard. Need the blue line kiddies to progress. At least two out of Zac Jones, Braden Schneider and Libor Hajek need to turn into solid performers. I think Hajek may be the odd man out.
  21. That was certainly one hell of an expensive joint practice with the Packers but I think fish is a little off track here with this thread. Lawson spent the entire camp last year as the singular standout and he was destroying whoever lined up against him. Sad to say but we were just unlucky...... again
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