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  1. Tom enjoys singular posting success every decade or so. A stopped watch or some such.
  2. There are a million threads about our cuts including for the first time our areas of position strength (WR and DE) but where are we still potentially sniffing around the cuts from other teams and possibly adding to our depth? LB? OL? Other?
  3. "...well sourced people on this very message board..." <parsing>... <parsing>...
  4. He saved a bit of money by not paying back IK Enemkpali if I recall correctly.
  5. Interesting take that other teams may be looking at our DL depth and eventual cuts as a source of players for their own rosters. It has been a while since our depth at any position has been viewed that way. Maybe WR too.
  6. Every now and again our depth QB "trash" does actually turn into some other team's QB "treasure" It doesn't happen very often but Jeff Blake comes to mind.
  7. Exactly. If we reach the point where we are indisputably better than any team in this league, including the Falcons then we are an improved team.
  8. Stre-veh-lay-shun time... come on... <sings>
  9. Right church wrong pew buddy. It may only be a modest surge in the deep water ocean at this point but you are missing the coming Streveler tsunami
  10. Drew Bledsoe........ Mo Lewis........ Tom Brady Mekhi Becton...... cheeseburgers..... Max Mitchell
  11. Book it now. Future comeback player of the year.
  12. People should look up the "Elway cross" if they are impressed by this kind of thing
  13. The Bills and Josh Allen definitely seem to have been anointed in the media for the upcoming season. I have to wonder is if really is going to be that easy for them and if not, how ready is Allen to deal with adversity? Time will tell
  14. If Saleh mentioned that the collisions so far seem to include more helmet then I think that means there must have been collisions, no?
  15. We have rinsed, washed and repeated many times at QB and that makes us ready as fans for that outcome if it happens....... again. But we are literally nowhere near that point right now so I hope the OP got what he wanted out of this thread,
  16. no excuses this year. He needs to justify his draft position. Happy with this extension however. It is cheap enough and I would hate to see him figure it out somewhere else.
  17. If he can hit the sweet spots this year on the field then who are we to judge how him for his offseason training regimen?
  18. Reserving two spots for 60s and 70s era names whom I never saw play. Namath and Maynard seem to be consensus here but I have no direct way of knowing. Which leaves three players. 1) Joe Klecko 2) Al Toon 3) Tough choice but Nick Mangold from a short list of Mangold, Revis, Freeman, D'Brick and about half a dozen others. <edited to add> Special mention for Kris Jenkins who was all-planet and a joy to watch for about half a minute
  19. So 400 was a damned lie and always was !!! <bullet dodged>
  20. Like Leo, if that draft draft were to be done over again I seriously doubt he would go as high as he went but he isn't terrible either. So not in the pantheon of Jets first round "immortals" like Vernon Ghoslton, Dee Milliner or Quinton Coples to name just a few.
  21. If the "talent" is as good as we hope it is. There will be enough talent if We stay healthy The 2nd and 3rd year players progress as we hope, and if at least some of the rookies make an impact right away. Two out of three of these and we are a 7-8 win team IMO All three and who knows but it all rests on how well and how fast the young talent develops.
  22. My mistake. Well if we have him for two more years it givers us that much time to line up his replacement. In the final year of his deal he is going to be singing for his next supper anyway, whether with us or elsewhere and so I expect his motivation level will be high.
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