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  1. I hate matinee games. 3PM just feels so wrong. I don't have any data to support this position but if feels like the Rangers do not do as well in these kinds of games. In any event it is what it is and I have been waiting all year to see how we match up with the Pens. #2 vs. #3 in the Metropolitan and 2nd place on the line directly in this game. Good stuff. Go Rangers!
  2. Rangers continue booking wins. This one against a sleepwalking Capitals team tonight. Penguins on Saturday in a matinee game. People openly discussing Shesterkin as a live Hart trophy candidate which is astonishing and rare for a goaltender to be in that conversation.
  3. This one (or the talk of it at least) came a bit earlier than even I was thinking. https://www.espn.co.uk/football/blog-transfer-talk/story/4597990/transfer-talk-manchester-united-ready-to-part-ways-with-cristiano-ronaldo
  4. So we think Zack might me ready to lead us (or another team) to a Super bowl win some time in 2034? Good to know! <edited to add> Ryan Leaf also sucked in his rookie year, does that mean NFL teams may have collectively given up on him too soon? (asking for a friend)
  5. They were without Marchand and Bergeron and we were rusty as hell. Good win but we will need to be more on our toes against a young and frisky Red Wings team in Thursday night or things might not end up as well for us as this one did.
  6. Igor was great. Team was a bit rusty but the Bruins are still a good team and we bagged the two points in the end. 3rd defensive pair of Schneider and Zack Jones looked good too., Maybe we don't need to add defensive help at the deadline or maybe Jones is being showcased.
  7. I just think that there is zero chance they would do this. I buy the fact that he would be a dominant run blocker if healthy (huge "if"), but a dominant or even serviceable pass protector at this level? That has most definitely not been been shown.
  8. Becton is absolutely damaged goods until he can spend at least a year or two proving that he can stay healthy, It is a firing offense IMO for and front office to trade a 1st rounder, even a very low first rounder for him.
  9. You knew that dating Tiger Woods was not going to end well.... Oh wait <edited to add> All joking aside the announcers were saying that via the luck of the draw it was her own coach who set the course for that slalom?
  10. Most irrelevant least watchable sport. Biathlon in the winter games. Maybe Rhythmic gymnastics or synchronized swimming in the summer games. Another least watchable is any of the sailing events.
  11. I like pitch clock idea but it is unenforceable unless you have a corresponding don't-step-out-of-the -batters-box on every damned pitch like Derek Jeter used to do. Single-handedly\y added a ton of time to every game.
  12. Obviously not the underaged ones but.... for those of an adult age is it wrong to notice the figures of the women in figure skating?
  13. I thought it was postponed until today but apparently it happened last night (Men's downhill)
  14. I like Zac but agree 100% Right now trade pieces are a young defenseman, Kravstov, Chytil (if anyone will take him) and we will talk about Kakko or Laffy but if we do the price has to go up. Given that we have plenty of cap room that means that we may be the ONLY logical destination for some players with big contracts. I am not sure we even need to give up any picks this year. On the other hand sellers always think they will come away with a King's ransom which is why deals at the wire reflect actual market prices.
  15. The next question may end up being this one. In order to land a premium player, other teams may ask for Kapo Kakko or Alexis Lafrenniere, Is this team willing to give up so soon on a #1 overall and/or a #2 overall pick?
  16. JT Miller, Claude Giroux or both! Miller got better after he left here and I have always respected what Giroux brings to the table I really think he could help us make a deep playoff run. We have cap room and we have a talent pipeline logjam. Now the question is do we have a GM who is not going to get fleeced by other GMs who are probably salivating at that very prospect.
  17. Big win last night, maybe the biggest win of the year against a VERY good team. Now we get two weeks off. Time to sit back , get healthy and enjoy.
  18. Lampard to Everton... Interesting https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/60189940
  19. Sum Ting Wong Ho Li Fuk Wi tu Lo Bang Ding Ow
  20. There is the whole Exorcist/Daemon thing from the movies where, once you have the Demon/Daemon name then you have power over it. Just sayin'
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