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  1. Wut? Moses is better than Fant right up front. Fant can either move inside to OG, or serve as backup swing tackle as he did in SEA.
  2. Which may be true and is fine....Issue is, you need versatility and a potential swing tackle. Plus, AVT could play RT also.
  3. Yes, it most definitely is. Went to my first Jumbo Shrimp game last week. AAA affiliate of the Marlins.
  4. No so sure about that. AVT would be a more than serviceable RT...I would wager even better than Fant. I think we going to see a lot of movement along our OL as they figure out everyone's 'best' role...especially if they can pick up another OG/OC from cuts/waivers/cap casualties.
  5. He can play RT too...AVT gives a lot of flexibility along our OL
  6. McGovern has played OG plenty....college and NFL. Plus drafting an OC/OG gives a lot of flexibility along the line
  7. That’s a weird take... Saleh just wanted the kid to know that the weight of JetsNation was not on his shoulders and that the organization was going to support him as necessary. which, considering NY Jets history with 1st Rd QBs unfortunately probably needed to be said.
  8. Still waiting for 34....take a Humphery or Dickerson as a Center, and slide MCGovern to OG. Versatility abounds.
  9. Namath had a broken cheekbone, and it was Ike Lassiter that did it in all likelihood despite it being attributed to Davidson
  10. Fine....Q (on a rookie deal), and SEA's two first rounders (2021 and 2022) for Watson and his big contract. But I ain't trading Q and #2 plus others DPs for Watson and his contract.
  11. No way I trade 3 first rd picks, plus a high 2nd as well as absorb a $100 million plus contract for ONE PLAYER. In the NFL there are only 2 things useful in assembling a roster...DP's and Cap space. Personally, I think too many are not fully considering the cap space implications along with the DP's being tossed around. This trade makes no sense for the NYJ at this time IMO. we have too many holes to fill. A team with a better roster to start with would make it potentially worth it for them...but us? Not too sure.
  12. Fine....offer the 2 Seahawks #1's they traded us...the ones at the bottom of the first round. The #2 pick is worth more than those 2 Seahawk picks.
  13. I'm just wondering what all the guys that seem to be totally in on getting Watson would consider a prohibitive cost in terms of DPs needed to obtain him and his impact on the cap?
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