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  1. guess my sarcasm meter is broken...or I need to hang around here more often lol
  2. Top 10? Dude…how old are you and how long you been a fan? that don’t crack the top 50
  3. Like I said earlier, he needed to get pissed off lol
  4. While ZW has been awful, Jets fans are some of the most impatient folks around geesh
  5. How can you not? he’s got to figure it out, come he’ll or high water. He needs to get pissed off…right now he looks defeated
  6. Zach has something in his head…too hesitant. Fear of failure…you can see it.
  7. Just wait. The latest flavor hasn't been anointed yet.
  8. JD has had two drafts...and after the 2019 draft he added back Rex Hogan and Phil Savage as asst GM and senior advisor. 2020 draft is still a crapshoot depending on Becton's health, and the 2021 draft is looking pretty good at this point. He ain't getting fired.
  9. You guys can talk and hope and wish all you want, but JD at least and most probably Saleh, get until the end of the 23-24 season at minimum. JD has earned that with this past draft class...and most NFL teams don't dump new HC's in less than 3 years. Believe it or not, JD was a well-respected hire amongst NFL 'people', and firing him after 2 draft classes would be a pretty toxic event amongst the individuals that might consider the Jets GM position. I still have faith in Douglas, Hogan and Savage to figure this all out. Saleh? Not so sure....but it's his baby to develop. Guess
  10. The Radio control operator of the flying lawnmower drone that dove into the crowd at Shea I think in like '79 that killed a spectator.
  11. Exactly. Hess made Bellichick probably the top paid DC with the understanding he's take over when Parcells moved on....unfortunately, Hess then died. Bellichick is a cheat and traitor...no surprise, I know
  12. The simple fact that an otherwise healthy 21 y.o needs to answer any questions about 'vaccination status' is ridiculous and absurd. If I was him I'd probably skip the vax too. And that's coming from a fully vaxxed and 'bolstered' 60 yo MD.
  13. Silly me. I thought after Cuomo was outed his replacement had to be better. I was wrong. Glad I now live in FL, you folks up there have fun with the uber-lords.
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