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  1. If I'm trading with the Giants, of course I'd want #6...but after that, it's negotiable to me. Don't want to give me #17 too? Then how about instead of # 17 give me #'s 37, 95 and next years 1st? Now, I don't think the NYG would do that, because like us they have many holes to fill...
  2. The most ironic thing was it was the NYJ Mo Lewis who nearly killed Bledsoe (with one of the most brutal hits I've seen in football) that led to Brady....who knows, maybe he wanted Brady to start, but Bledsoe was a big ticket item then and the change would have been pretty controversial.
  3. greenwave81

    Crazy Mock Draft from Jeremiah

    I understand and appreciate all that...and if Osemele can also swing over to OT to cover for Shell if needed, the more the better. He's played there before. But the OL is thin all over, both Beachum and Shell have been hurt and Harrison at OC is average at best. all those weapons the Jets added like Bell, Darnold and Crowder will be diminished by a weak OL with no depth. I'd prefer to trade back if possible, and I'm not partial to any particular OL player...I'm for getting potential OL starters is all..or hell, get another WR.
  4. greenwave81

    Crazy Mock Draft from Jeremiah

    It's ridiculous at this point...I agree. All these mocks have Taylor and Jonah W going like between 6 and 10, but we'd be idiots for for taking either and passing on this weeks 'the next 'generational' talent on D'.
  5. greenwave81

    Crazy Mock Draft from Jeremiah

    Whatever Dude...ignore me. I will say however that in the past 9 yrs, the NYJ have had 26 picks in the first 3 rds of the NFL draft...and the picks on the Offensive side of the ball in those yrs totaled exactly 9 picks ..or 1/3, including only ONE 1st rd pick on O which was last year. 9 of the 10 1st round picks we have had in the past 9 yrs were on D. Let's definitely keep it up, we're bound to succeed eventually.
  6. greenwave81

    Crazy Mock Draft from Jeremiah

    Please...he plays in the AAC. Here's Houston's list of opponents from last year: 9/1/2018Rice 9/8/2018Arizona 9/15/2018Texas Tech 9/22/2018Texas Southern 10/4/2018Tulsa 10/13/2018ECU 10/20/2018Navy 10/27/2018USF 11/3/2018SMU 11/10/2018Temple 11/15/2018Tulane 11/23/2018Memphis Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl 12/22/2018Army Oliver may be good...but it's no sure thing.
  7. greenwave81

    Crazy Mock Draft from Jeremiah

    i just don't get it.... So, we're going to draft a DT this year at 3, and then look for an edge next year (when we'll probably be drafting in the top 10 again)? So, we hired an offensive minded HC, and now we just need to feed players to the D....AGAIN? What happens with the contract demands of Leo? He'll be wanting new deal...is he 'out'? Seems all we do is replace past premium D DP's with new ones in a never ending circle of futility. I'm tired of trying to win games 13-10...the NFL is now an offense driven league. You get you're QB, then put pieces around him...i.e., expend some premium draft capital on the OFFENSE. If the Jets draft an edge guy this year, ok I get it...don't necessarily agree with it but I understand. But drafting another DT and hoping he's the next Aaron Donald is foolish IMO. Seems the Jets will once again prove Einstein's definition of insanity.
  8. greenwave81

    Russell Wilson Agrees to a Extension

    So now we’re trading someone who is serviceable (Leo) only to have to draft his replacement at #3? This team has many holes, don’t see the logic in creating a new one , but maybe that’s just me.
  9. So....if Quenton Nelson OG, the guy the Colts drafted last year at 6 was available in this draft you wouldn’t take him at 3? Some called him a ‘reach’ last year...think the Colts now care?
  10. to then go three and out and put the defense back not he field. Circular argument. Darnold is the most important asset right now on this team, if he is truly a FQB. So, let him win games by giving him an OL and talent.
  11. It's not even that the players Mac drafts on defense are bad, or even ok... The players he drafts on defense even if they are okay to above average, are at positions that don't change the narrative of the game. If you cannot score points in the NFL, you are not going to be a consistent winner...even moreso in the modern day NFL. Thanks for putting this together and dong the research. Good stuff.
  12. Forget it...if you think the NYJ had an 'open' DT spot when we took Leo at 6, nothing I'm saying is going to register with you anyway. And the S at 6, and then again in the 2nd the year after was a special touch too.
  13. First, IMO, DL is more important than CB because even great CB's cannot cover forever without a pass rush. I know I don't want Q in particular, but that's more based on positional value than not liking the player...but one caveat for me would exist to drafting Q...and that is, if the NYJ have a trade lined up for at least a 3rd rder for Leo. Because, honestly, if the Jets really want Q it's because they believe Leo ain't worth another contract and he will need to be replaced anyway. Still would rather trade back for another mid-1st, 2nd and more draft capital this year or next and draft OL/WR or hell, OL(LT)/ OC...but that's just me.

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