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  1. Sooo...just a question.... Did Morton 'dial it back', or did Bowles? Just wondering.
  2. Get no reps with the 1's and then get thrown in when the 'old guy' gets hurt is what Petty's game has been so far. Yay!
  3. WTF? The HC can hear the offensive play calls ...or at least he should hear them in his headset. If Bowles was upset at the playcalling, i.e.,, going into a shell with 11 min left, you don't think he'd get on the horn with Mortan and say 'WTF Dude?'
  4. The fact that Bowles found Morton has no bearing on the premise of the argument that Bowles is a suboptimal HC. Macc is an entirely different conversation. Bowles also sticks with Kacy Rodgers...does he take no fault for that or the Defense in general? You reward performance, and Morton has performed no matter who found him.
  5. Wait a minute...wut? We're playing the revered Josh McCown because he gives us the 'best chance to win' and coaching to hide our deficiencies/inequities? With the supposed 'possible playoff spot' on the line? Make a freakin' choice is all I ask...either play to win, and calling TO would have been the 'right' decision regardless of the outcome, or stop pretending.
  6. Hats off to McCown

    Preferably a left hand...so we can get more of...wait for it....JOSH F*CKIN' McCOWN!
  7. Hats off to McCown

    LOL...I don't dislike the guy..but the hand wringing and over the top sentiment for a guy that played 13 games for us is...a bit much? IDK
  8. Hats off to McCown

    Jeez...he was just a guy getting paid to do a damn job. He's probably more emotional because his career is over, little to do with the NYJ. As far as playing 'tremendous' football? Meh.
  9. Broken hand for McCown

    Don't worry..just like with Fitz, they'll invent some f*cking cast for his non-throwing hand and put him back in there in shotgun. It's all 'good'. Gotta get us some Josh McCown!
  10. Bowles: McCown Starter "Through End of Year"

    There a lot of things I might wish for in my life, but I can say most assuredly, that The Jets having McCown next year would NOT be one of them. Jeebus.
  11. If the Jets continue to play him now, they're taking a great chance that he'll get injured and he won't be able to be cut. They should just cut their losses now and be done with it.
  12. So, why do you guys hate McCown again?

    Remember.... Petty was playing last year at the end with a team that had already mailed it in, with a decimated OL. He spent the 1st half of last season on IR, getting no reps., after spending his 1st season as the #3 getting no reps. He got no 1st team reps last year until Geno got hurt AND Fitz was finally thrown to the side. Sure, he may and could have played a lot worse...entirely possible. But it's also possible that he may have played as well as McCown...it's not that far fetched. They're asking nothing of McCown that a 'back up' QB cannot do, only to play within himself...not to mention that Morton's offense is a bit more inventive than Gailey's. Some of us just think 5-7 with McCown isn't all 'that' considering the continued non-answer regarding the QB situation...it only craps on our draft position and potential ability to solve the QB dilemma.
  13. So, why do you guys hate McCown again?

    Exactly....Petty MAY be a good backup in this league, but we don’t know that yet do we? We know McCown is a good backup....he’s been that his entire 15 yr career. Why not answer the question about Petty rather than sticking with mediocrity? Everyone here seems to think that everyone asking for the young QBs to play is necessarily a ‘tanker’...not me. If we were where we are now with Petty having started the year, I’d be ecstatic...and, IMO that would have been quite possible. Just tired of the continued QB questions in a QB driven league.
  14. other games today...

    Note how he uses that 'splint' or whatever the f*ck it is to lead into his head. He should be suspended and fined.