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  1. Fine....Q (on a rookie deal), and SEA's two first rounders (2021 and 2022) for Watson and his big contract. But I ain't trading Q and #2 plus others DPs for Watson and his contract.
  2. No way I trade 3 first rd picks, plus a high 2nd as well as absorb a $100 million plus contract for ONE PLAYER. In the NFL there are only 2 things useful in assembling a roster...DP's and Cap space. Personally, I think too many are not fully considering the cap space implications along with the DP's being tossed around. This trade makes no sense for the NYJ at this time IMO. we have too many holes to fill. A team with a better roster to start with would make it potentially worth it for them...but us? Not too sure.
  3. Fine....offer the 2 Seahawks #1's they traded us...the ones at the bottom of the first round. The #2 pick is worth more than those 2 Seahawk picks.
  4. I'm just wondering what all the guys that seem to be totally in on getting Watson would consider a prohibitive cost in terms of DPs needed to obtain him and his impact on the cap?
  5. Best I can find: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/houston-texans/deshaun-watson-21753/
  6. So....you think you're getting Watson for only the #2 and #23 this year? I'm in if that's the case. But it ain't likely so.
  7. ?? The Pack drafted Rodgers, and the Seahawks drafted Wilson...sure, their teams paid them big bucks, but did not have to trade away their 1st and 2nd rd picks for the next 2-3 yrs to obtain the high-priced QB. I don't think many people have much of an issue paying Watson his $40 mill/yr....but more with having to trade multiple high DP's for the privilege of doing so.
  8. I for one have no issue with trading for Watson....but some of the supposed 'asks' or proposals of multiple firsts, seconds etc are ridiculous in light of his present contract...which if I was trading for him would significantly lessen what I was willing to offer. few trades 'work' when you're giving up both significant DP's as well as significant cap space...for one guy (no matter how great he may be). If someone else wants to give up multiple first/seconds and take on his contract, let them have him.
  9. Does he need to be? He's played in 2 games so far. https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2020/08/01/cj-mosley-opt-out-contract-jets-salary-cap-impact/
  10. You ain't getting a handle on a freakin' virus...at least not this one, at this point.
  11. Yeah...OK. You want to take that vaccine? Still don't know of a successful vaccine for a Corona Virus...the SARS virus vaccine was never realized. May work, but hanging anyone's hat on the development of a vaccine to save the NFL season is far fetched.
  12. Justin Britt started 86 out of 87 games since being drafted, missing the last 8 games last year due to an ACL tear. That's brittle? He's not a good OT, though started there with the Seahawks...but can also play OG...played well enough as an OC to get all-pro mention and a 3 yr/$27 mill contract from the Seahawks. Know the guy from his college days at Mizzou...he's a pretty tough guy. Versatile enough that he might be right up JD's alley. Just sayin'
  13. McGovern is good...I agree. but McGovern also gets nicked up. Draft a OC that can also play OG...like Biadsz.
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