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  1. They're not gonna want Cory Davis in a trade....hell, he may even be a free agent in the near future, and his cap hit is like $10mill on his current contract IIRC. I could see the NYJ cutting him if they wanted another FA WR. Moore? Ahhh...I wouldn't like it, but if the NYJ are trading either Moore or J Johnson then there should be no other draft picks in the deal for 2023. Those guys are still cost controlled on rookie deals and are both '1st rd talent' or thereabouts. If we keep all our DPs this year and trade one of those two and a conditional 4th that can elevate to a second in 2024 if Rodgers plays and based off some qualification as to how we do in 2023 like playoffs etc., I can live with that.
  2. Flip the script and ask yourself the same question….as the GBP are committed to getting rid of Rodgers in every way
  3. Do you even know how the salary cap works? If Mosely restructures he gets MORE of his future possible contract/cap cost dollars up front in a bonus...he ain't 'going lower'.
  4. Then…why would they do it? As a favor to A Rodgers? while taking Bakhtiari will only save the Pack $5 million (if that’s the case, IDK), the NYJ would be taking on MYCH more than that In cap cost in addition to Rodgers. in the NFL, cap money and draft picks are equivalent in some manner…not exclusive.
  5. So you’re trading two firsts for 2 guys with higher cap hits, one with an injury history, and the other at age 39? im a get Rodgers proponent…but taking these guys cap hits should mean there are no unconditional 1sts going back. You’d be doing the pack a favor lol
  6. Great. Then we can argue about who to sign/not sign in 3 yrs amongst BH, GW and SG as our QB is on IR. Good times
  7. I’m 64….watched SB III. Been waiting since. I’ll take my chances with A Rodgers next season with this roster. I’m getting old.
  8. People act/talk like the Favre experiment was a total failure lol. If he didn’t tear an elbow ligament that season the NYJ at 8-3 were potentially going places. That was a GOOD team.
  9. Please. This isn’t an issue. He’s 39 yo and has been contemplating retirement for the past two years. Doubt he’s gonna be upset if the Jets draft a QB like when the Packers drafter in like 4 years ago.
  10. Has there been a recent security change in the website that now keeps the site from loading while I have the VPN running? Never had issues with before today? Thanks! GW81
  11. Please. im certain the if AR wants to go to a team, he wants the best players around him on that team. Not sure AR cares more about his ego than his health….when the 1st Rd DP could have been used on an OT.
  12. Doubt there was ever a ‘big’ trade market for A Rod. His contract is enormous and he’s 39. He doesn’t fit most teams narratives and wouldn’t have fit even ours if Wilson hadn’t flamed out so far. And I doubt anyone’s giving up a 2023 1st rd DP to take on that contract. 3rd this year, conditional 3rd next year that can become a 2nd or even 1st rounder with stipulations (like he’s still playing in 24, and the team makes it to say AFC Championship in 23). Im an AR proponent, but even I wouldn’t trade a 1st round pick for him and that contract.
  13. I’d be REAL interested to know what the NYJ think of AVT’s performance at LT was last year. To me, he held his own quite nicely…and if he was amenable, how would he feel about moving to LT? I mean, it’s the position with the best promise of future $….certainly greater than OG/RT. how would he look at LT with more time at the position?
  14. LOL...must be the Army? Air Force? Never as a career, now retired, Navy man have the Monday after the SB off.
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