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  1. Swap 1sts, and that's it if it's me as GM. They want to get rid of him, and you're gonna assume a lot of cap space (improving the NYG cap space). Plus, you'd have to assume the NYG are trading up for a QB, or else they wouldn't even consider it. But it ain't gonna happen.
  2. greenwave81

    Who Was The Best\Worst FA Signing By The Jets?

    Can't believe no has mentioned our starting LT from 1996-2000 who was a FA signing. Jumbo Elliot.
  3. Ummm...I'm no big Mac fan, but I'm pretty sure he couldn't predict that Crowell would wipe his ass with the football in CLE before he signed him. IOW, Crowell is an idiot. Personally, I would have held onto Long as an OG and backup OC. But that's just me.
  4. Wut? How about Beckham and the #6 pick for the NYJ #3 pick? No way I'm trading the #3 pick for a WR with issues, that needs a multi yr mega-dollar contract to boot, and a second rd pick. Give me Beckham and the #6 pick and I'll maybe include like a 7th round pick to the NYG if they want for the #3 pick. QBs are expensive, as we found out last year....because the only way the NYG want to do this deal is for a QB.
  5. I'd trade with anyone that gave me what I wanted. Giants included.
  6. greenwave81


    Gotta LOL about all this 'protect the QB' rules nonsense...if the Rams had done that to Brady it woulda been called a PF.
  7. Would be an issue if WE 'lost' him... Hess paid that MFer like a HC while he was the DC to make sure he stayed....then Hess died. BB screwed the Jets on the deal Hess had with him...after he collected the $. It ain't a mistake if you're not at fault.
  8. Paradis will stay in DEN...need to look at Mitch Morse at C who is an ADFA
  9. Then why didn't he pick Josh Allen last year when he had the opportunity? He's a better prospect than Lock.
  10. Watched Lock for the past 4 yrs here in MO...classic million dollar arm and ten cent brain. IMO he's the next Blaine Gabbert...at least in a 'classic NFL' offense.
  11. Yup...they would. And I hope the NYJ go that route...at least to the extent they're able. At 3 I'm not taking a DT nor a CB and hoping they'd be the next Aaron Donald or Darelle. If an edge rusher is there, that's fine by me...but other than that, I'd take the best available OT, OG or WR if I couldn't trade back.
  12. Word. And if it's the NYG who come asking about our pick at 3 and Macc turns down a decent NYG offer because 'you know, they're the NYG', he should get a swift kick in the nuts.
  13. Which is why drafting a CB at 3, this year, would be asinine. Even just slightly above average CB's (looking at you Trumaine) can look great when they are playing behind a dominant DL. Above average to excellent CB's can look pretty damn mediocre when there is no pass rush.
  14. greenwave81

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    While you cannot say that ball definitively hit edelman, you similarly cannot say it didn't based on those pics (slowed down to grainy views on an HD feed). Call on the field should have held.

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