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  1. He had what amounted to 3 games to show what he could do. Wasn't enough. Next!
  2. And I am a Doctor and would say the same would hold true 6 months from now.
  3. To actually sell something, it has to have VALUE. Next everyone will be complaining all JD got in trades for our scrubs were 2022 7th rounders.
  4. Lmao...Davis Webb? know what the NYJ record at this point would be if they had kept and started Davis Webb instead of Falk? 0-4
  5. I'm pretty sure he was being kind of sarcastic, but that's just me.
  6. Uhh. What do you want him to do? Or say? This board is unreadable at certain points.
  7. He brought him here, Falk, to be on the damn PS after he spent all last year on injured reserve with the Dolphins. It’s not like the guy had even taken a regular season NFL snap. Geez
  8. LMAO....really? Maybe Gase just realized Falk was a guaranteed loss and wanted to get Sam the Reps in practice for whenever he gets back.
  9. LOL...maybe he knows that Falk ain't an answer and wants Sam ready when he returns. WTF is wrong with this place? Can anyone think, like, past the next week or two?
  10. Had him for 2 yrs? In the classroom maybe. After the Dolphins signed him last year when the Titans waived him, he was promptly put on IR for the season. He didn't make our team out of PS and was signed to our PRACTICE SQUAD. He knows the playbook I'm sure, which was probably part of the reason Gase signed him to the PS. In no way was Gase thinking he'd be starting right now
  11. They're both marginal QB's at best playing behind an OL composed mostly of turnstiles. There are a lot of things to hold a HC accountable for...but the play of a 3rd string QB behind a sh*tty OL? OK

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