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  1. My takeaway....isn't it nice to have an OC that can actually see what is 'taken away' by a D and make an adjustment to counter that? Haven't seen that in YEARS here.
  2. Interesting but need a CPA degree to understand lol. Thx. Hard to believe a team would ‘guarantee’ $100+ million to a guy that hasn’t even finished the last two seasons
  3. I think the article is ‘mis-using’ the term guaranteed as it is understood in NFL parlance... because NFL salaries are not guaranteed and a lot of the money in that contract is ‘roster bonuses’ I see this contract as the Eagles saying ‘here’s $16 million to protect ourselves by adding a few more years to your rookie deal if you stay healthy, but if you ain’t playing you’ll be dropped in 2021’
  4. The way I see it, the $107 million ‘guarantee’ is if he remains on the team through the entire contract, he gets $107 million..and the $124 max is the $107 above plus meeting the incentives/escalators for another $16 million. If what was reported is correct, the Eagles can cut him after 2021 for little impact to their cap. Largely the only guarantee I see is the $16 mill SB he just got
  5. I don’t see in those details $107 million in ‘guaranteed’ money ....not even close.
  6. Hmm...a player, who's had success in that coach's system, requests an increased role. Never heard that before. Everyone wants the 'ball'...so what?
  7. Au contraire....at least we know we're not headed down Maccs 'direction' and that's a start. Pair Gase with a like-minded GM and have two guys pulling in the same direction for a change, and let's see what happens. I know some do not like the optics or the process (since Gase is already here) of having a coach and then having him have a say in the GM hiring, but the most important thing is that either you hire one guy that can do it all (GM and Coach) or you have to have the two be on the same page regardless of how the arrangement is made. Hire a GM and let him pick the coach...or hire a coach and let him assist in hiring the GM...what's the difference in the Woody/Chris 'leadership arrangement' they employ where each report to them? I'm willing to give it a shot in this arrangement with Gase....but If I had my choice, I would have hired a football guy as the 'head of football ops' mid-season last year when the season went south and fired Macc and Bowles both at the end of the season and let him run things. But Macc needed to go.
  8. http://www.espn.com/espn/columns/story?columnist=wojciechowski_gene&sportCat=nfl&id=3217121 Every time I read this article, I have hope for Gase. He's smart enough and dedicated enough...let's hope he has the ability to learn and adapt.
  9. How do I feel? Just fine thanks. Maccagnan was an empty suit who didn't have a plan...and even if he DID have a plan, he wouldn't have been decisive enough to implement it. When you recognize a mistake, correct it and move on IMO. Sure, Gase is making some relatively 'minor' moves in different areas to let every aspect of the 'team' both players and even FO/scouts etc that we're moving forward, so either get onboard or get out. Successful people by and large don't sit on mistakes hoping they 'one day' will work out..they recognize them and deal with them when recognized.
  10. A 'market' for Leo? Sure. At his cost this year, you'd be lucky to get a mid round DP. Trusting or hoping that Gregg W gets Leo to be worth a new deal is a fool's dream IMO.
  11. If they are your best players, but not worth the money based on cap that they demand/require to stay, then yes....you get rid of them or trade them. The trick is to draft players actually WORTH what they cost to retain.
  12. BS...now all of a sudden people are concerned about 'how we look'? LOL Get it right is the main thing, optics can't get worse. This is where Chris can go two ways....let Gase play acting GM, if he believes in him, while searching for someone to be a Head of Football Operations and let them figure this sh*t out LONG TERM, or he can look for a GM that hopefully can work with Gase. If I'm bringing someone like Manning in here it ain't as a GM...but as head of the football operation? I'd be interested.
  13. EIGHT OT's and TWO OC's went in the top 45 picks this year. If Macc was offered any trade deal that would have netted two picks in the top 45 for the number 3 pick (and perhaps some other later round or picks next yr) he should have taken the deal, even if he would have faced scrutiny for not getting back what he gave up last yr for Darnold. If Q doesn't pan out to be Aaron Donald, the pick was a waste in our situation....just like taking S's in the top 2 rds in 2017.
  14. As a resident of Jefferson City Missouri, they would fit right in here.
  15. Wish I shared your optimism....I mean, who's going to replace Leo when he walks lol?
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