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  1. PFF Scouting Reports: Quarterbacks.

    Well the 2019 season would be year 2...and if Allen was picked, and played in 2019 with even a hint of success, it would buy Macc a job til at least 2020. Now Bowles is an entirely different situation...I think he’s gone regardless after this year unless we break .500.
  2. PFF Scouting Reports: Quarterbacks.

    Great post...thx I agree with the description of the ‘NFL GM Group think’ philosophy..it’s little different than the professional money managers choice of the stodgy established company to include in a stock portfolio...it’s one that most make because it limits the criticism if the investment fails...after all, how can you criticize a choice most peers would make in the same situation? Which is sort of why I think that the one choice that has the potential to get Macc fired quickest is actually Mayfield (if he flops of course) as Mayfield is not a prototypical top 5 QB choice at 6 feet tall. If you take Mayfield at 3, you better hope he’s real good or they’ll be no shortage of people laying on criticism for taking a 6 ft QB that high in the draft whatever his stats were. Picking Rosen or Darnold and having them flop would get shrugged off as ‘oh well, not every prototypical QB pick’ pans out. Picking Allen buys you probably at least 2-3 yrs to see what you have in a guy that needs ‘development’...and he’s got the prototypical measurements and promise of a top 5 pick. But Mayfield would be an ‘out of the box’ pick for an NFL GM...so if he’s the pick, he better pan out.
  3. Third overall pick is...

    Everyone says Rosen is too smart or independent, and they worry that he's gonna tug on Woody's cape? LOL. Rosen is a millennial is all...I have a son like that
  4. Third overall pick is...

    Kneeling is a BIG issue for a NFL QB in the league who is drawing a salary and representing a billion dollar NFL franchise...some college kid getting pictured with a F Trump hat isn't.
  5. Just a show of hands...

    Mayfield is more likely going to be more like Chase Daniel...another Big12 QB from a spread offense who was too short and too immobile to be a starting NFL QB IMO...but I am not a NFL scout. Guess we'll see.
  6. Third overall pick is...

    Again with the F Trump hat? LMAO. Any football team not drafting a potential player based on a difference of political opinion, is insane. And Woody ain't that concerned about a young kid with a hat...it ain't like he was disrespecting a nation with a kneel for the anthem etc. I'm sure there are not an insignificant number of NY Jets that don't care for Trump. It ain't an issue.
  7. Where would you draft this QB ?

    Hmm..trying to figure this out. Facetious? I'm of the opinion that putting 'too much' stock in a QB's completion percentage in college has too many of variables to just take them at face value...both on the upside AND on the downside. So too is comparing completion percentages across generations as the game changes. so?
  8. Where would you draft this QB ?

    Namath's knee problems began at ALA during his senior season, and had his first knee operation by Dr. Nicholas in NY prior to him playing for the NYJ in 1965. Nicholas said after the operation in 1965 that "Namath has the knees of a 70 y.o. man". Namath was a tremendous athlete before the knee injuries...back then, when a cartilage was 'torn' like Namath had in '65 they didn't just shave out the small tear..they opened the knee and removed the majority of the cartilage as arthroscopy wasn't even invented yet (I'm missing my medial meniscus removed in '77 lol). As an athlete, Namath was a shell of his former self before getting to the NYJ. How he even played some weekends was always a wonder to me. I still remember Ike Lassiter breaking Namath's cheekbone in Oakland in 1967 and Namath suiting up and playing the following week LOL.
  9. Dan Patrick "Inside Info"

    I love when people presume what motivates people. It’s asinine, short sighted and quite honestly ridiculous. If your concern re: his concussions is what his ‘well to do’ parents will suggest, how do you know they already haven’t expressed those suggestions to him and he already told them ‘I don’t care, i know the risks and I want to do this’? Would less well to do parents be less likely to care for their sons health and say nothing? I’m a Doctor so I guess my son comes from a well-to-do family too...but I’m pretty sure he wants to make his own life. Pretty sure he ain’t counting on me to support him and while he would listen to what I had to say about something I’m sure he’d still make up his own mind. Guess we can’t draft anyone whose parents are ‘well to do’ (whatever that means) even if they deserve it based on their play, or anyone intelligent enough that they might realize that playing football may be hazardous to their health? Funny, don’t see too many millionaires who are in the middle of their NFL careers hanging it up despite an occasional concussion. Are there some? Yup. But you have no idea what motivates Rosen...it’s up to the NYJ to figure that out I suppose. But ‘assuming’ like your doing here has no basis in facts that I’ve heard at all.
  10. Where would you draft this QB ?

    You must be pretty young? When Namath played , DBs could actually ‘play’ football without being flagged for just looking at a WR cross-ways. Completion percentages were less because WRs could basically get mugged without a flag. QBs stood in the pocket waiting for a receiver to get open and often got the sh*t kicked out of them with no flags either. Different game, had little to do with complexity and more to do with the rules IMO
  11. Bold Prediction

    I thought I remember hearing the price for 1 was too steep and the NYG weren't interested when the NYJ mad the trade with IND.
  12. Bold Prediction

    If the NYJ traded from 6 to 3 including 2 #2 DPs for a damn RB, I for now will go apoplectic. That's worse than taking 2 S in the first 2 rounds last year.
  13. Rosen-Allen-Rosen-Mayfield-5-8 and Bowles.