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  1. Robby Anderson arrested again OOF

    You must be like 15 yo... When a team invests in a player....time, money, education...it behooves them to identify in that player THINGS THEY LACK....you know, like maturity, understanding, and yes, even basic parenting lessons...that Robby apparently had little of. It ain’t ‘coddling’, it’s helping another human being be successful at life while being a good investment for your team as an asset. Who knows what ‘direction’ ornlife coaching the Jets gave Robby...but if they tried and this was the response, they should can his ass now...or else they should realize Robby is going to take some more effort to normalize his behavior

    Wait a minute....I mean, I agree...but... Just look at Hack for example. The NYJ draft a DEVELOPMENTAL QB to an OC in Gailey that was first old, not a long-term answer at OC, and honestly seemed like he couldn't care less about 'developing/incorporating' him into the O. They even admitted they ignored him for the season, and whatever he did learn on the O scheme with Gailey in charge was lost when Gailey 'retired'. Then they bring in another OC to install a 'new' scheme on offense which is a laborious process in and of itself, not exactly an environment for a new 2nd yr QB to develop in....then they fire the 2nd OC after a year. It really is laughable, and I'm not in this reply taking up for Hack who probably is done, but just speaking to the environment you're bringing young players into and figuring out who the GM needs to bring in as players in the draft to fit your philosophy. Baker Mayfield would have been a great DP for a WCO for example...maybe not so much for say a Haley scheme? Who knows at this point what the NYJ O is even going to look like? Anyway, there needs to be a general philosophy as to how to achieve success, and someone needs to drive it...not sure this is evident on the NYJ at this point (not that it ever was here).

    What a sh*tshow....it was reported earlier Bates wasn't interested in the job I thought, and he has no experience as OC. Not a fan of keeping the HC while continuously axing Coordinators. Never ends well. I understand the premise, that since they're going to change QB's might as well change the O philosophy and get someone in here that can teach a QB I guess? Haley has extensive Jets/Bowles ties, but not sure they're all positive...and Haley actually has more credibility IMO to be HC than Bowles at this point. Not sure Todd wants his potential replacement on the staff. Who knows. This is why you need a Head of Football Operations to oversee the management process...to establish a team philosophy and direction. Before Morton left/was fired, the GM would probably look for a potential WC QB...now...what?
  4. I was gonna message ya via the site when I saw it populating LOL...I was getting constant e-mails ;). Good job!
  5. Sure, by all means do that if you want Cousins...up to the price Macc feels Cousins is worth of course. But at a certain point if the bidding goes over your 'price point' for a player, not so sure it's 'collusion' to make another deal with a team still in the bidding for the player that is in what you feel is your teams 'best interest'. Hope that makes sense.
  6. It's pretty hard to prove collusion is all I'm saying...who knows if teams are already talking about parameters of swapping DP's for other DP's and taking on bad contracts as compensation? Teams negotiate with FA's separately..so as long as no 'talk' specifically occurs between teams regarding a specific FA as 'part of the deal' or what their offers to any FA will/would be, seems improbable to me that any 'collusion' could be proven.
  7. Well, I would call what HOU did 'trading a DP cheap'...while HOU wasn't seeking cap relief at the time that I recall to bid on a FA player per se, I don't see how the NFL can come down against any use by a team of available cap space as an 'asset' to use in any deal...especially after the HOU/CLE trade. For example, say DEN really wants Cousins, but realizes they need more cap space to configure a deal that WAS won't likely match. So could we take some less than desireable contracts off their roster for cap relief and say trade a later round DP in exchange for their #4? I'd have a hard time believing the NFL would nix such an offer...of course, that's just an example...but until the HOU/CLE deal I hadn't noticed any deals of this sort previously.
  8. While I tend to agree with you, it would be unprecedented in the NFL for a '1st' rd pick, I was genuinely surprised the NFL had little to say about the Osweiler/2nd rd dp to CLE deal for nothing else but a swap of compensatory picks with HOU. What's the difference other than the round of the DP? Say some team drafting ahead of us had a bad contract that was hamstringing the off-season maneuvers/FA wants...we couldn't trade one of our lower DP's for the other teams 1st rd DP coupled with the bad contract? Actually, I'm surprised this hasn't been done more often...or maybe I'm missing something? https://www.si.com/nfl/2017/03/09/brock-osweiler-trade-cleveland-browns-houston-texans
  9. Somehow in the back of my mind I would see Bellichick giving Hack a swing at it for a conditional 7th just to poke the NYJ in the eye another time
  10. I agree to a point...but if I'm guaranteeing a FA QB $60-70 mill, I'm going to protect that investment first. Take the best OT prospect that projects as a LT and don't leave your significant investment reliant on someone like Beachum and even Schell. You have a better chance of finding a dynamic RB in the 2nd round than you do of finding a long-term LT. But that's just me.
  11. Upgraded to 4.2.7

    On with Tapatalk...seems fine Max.
  12. Happy Anniversary Joe Namath!

    I was 9 and I guess severely impressionable lol. Namath and that team hooked me and I still am a fan 49 years later. In some ways I feel sorry for those fans that have never seen the Jets win a SB, it was glorious. I really thought 1998 was 'our' year too...that 2nd half against the Broncos near killed me.
  13. Rumor Chiefs to explore trading Alex Smith

    Why would the Chiefs trade for a guy about to be cut...he ain't worth his current deal as it stands, and by trading for him they'd assume it.
  14. Rumor Chiefs to explore trading Alex Smith

    Trading a 2nd rd DP in our position especially for 1 yr of Alex Smith would be criminal and unwise...anyone trading a 2nd rd DP for Smith is gonna extend him for a few years as a viable option as a starter. This I would not be a fan of.
  15. Rumor Chiefs to explore trading Alex Smith

    The two options, trading a low DP (5th or less, otherwise screw it) for Smith and drafting a QB at 6 are not mutually exclusive....especially if we STAY at 6 (which might be wise rather than giving up a lot of this draft and next with all the holes we have to fill) and draft someone that might need a year. Some of us think that it would be unwise to 'trade the farm' for Darnold and/or Rosen (but would take either if they fell to us) and say getting Smith and Allen at 6 might not be so bad. It's a damn sight better than McCown at least IMO.