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  1. Yeah...draft an ALA QB coming off 2 ankle surgeries in the past 2 years...that'll work. Starr, Namath and Stabler have been the ONLY quality NFL QBs to come out of Alabama, and at least I am old enough to have seen each of them play football...but I'm 60 now and that was a LONG time ago.
  2. Part of the reason he rolls out so 'far and deep' is because the edge rusher beats his man off the line every time. At least that's what I'm seeing.
  3. I'd gladly pay the man at a #2 WR rate...because that's what he is. Not so sure he'll take it tho
  4. No coach would look good with the rag bag of a roster. Gase may indeed suck...but not sure you can assess that with how this season has gone.
  5. I'd cut Ficken tomorrow and start bringing in FA's to evaluate going in to next season. This is ridiculous.
  6. This TEAM has so many more needs than a new QB at this juncture...ans as you said, replacing Sam at this point would be pointless until the OL and serviceable WRs are obtained.
  7. The Epic Failure of 2019 was trying to develop an young QB, signing a HOF RB and then taking a DT at 3 and not improving the OL which has been a disaster for both Bell and Darnold.
  8. And I believe I saw a quote from Gase where he said he told Sam that exact thing after that play. The pass was inadvisable as it was a low percentage play with a LOT of defenders around to picket off say with a deflection, even though it was completed....but man, what touch.
  9. Yeah because it's all Harrison. Kalil, who is what he is at this point, had Osmele and Winters next to him...not so now. Not going to argue that Kalil was a mistake or not, because he probably was...but he's a former multi-yr all-pro, so I'll give JD some slack. But random isolated 'observations' such as the above are logically inane. Even if you trusted Harrison from the get go, we still had no backup OC, so I understand the push for the chance on Kalil.
  10. WOW. Ya Know, if it was a few 'good weeks' at the start fo the season, I MIGHT understand this. But for Gase to put together a 'few good weeks' in his first season here AFTER that disastrous 1-7 start means a LOT to me as a NYJ fan. At 1-7 and the way things were going, this team had every reason to mail it in...but they're not....by a long shot. At a lot of positions, you have 2nd or 3rd stringers performing. If I had posted what our starting lineup last week consisted of at week 12, in preseason, and said we'd be on a 3 game winning streak, no one would have believed it. Yet Gase is a bad HC. Sorry, not seeing that right now.
  11. Play calling always looks better when successful...like when the QB has more than 2 seconds to do something. All of a sudden the HC is a genius and the QB doesn't suck. You can call the best game in the world, but if the QB doesn't have a bit of time to execute, it don't matter. I'm always amazed at football fans that seemingly can pinpoint the exact problem an offense may be having...as if every item, such as the play call, and QB decision making under duress, can be isolated in a black and white manner so fault can be assigned. Keep a QB upright and not in fear for his life, and everyone looks a world better.
  12. BS. Adams is here with a team option thru 2021. Next season/offseason is Jamal re-signing time...unless he'll take a not top-of-the-line deal right now when he's cost controlled for another two seasons. Poole and DT should be re-signed for acceptable money if they're amenable. DT is just the guy you want here during the rebuild, if he will take less than WR 1/2 money. Even if he ain't in the top three, he's a great asset as an older player that can step in when needed. Poole's been great, but overpaying for slot CB would be another mistake. Beachum ideally would be a year to year deal...as a starter or a backup piece. If he gets a multiyear deal elsewhere, hope he has a great life.
  13. Haven't we seen enough at this point to know that a WR is largely irrelevant until you can protect the QB? With a good OL, even marginal WR's can look pretty dang good.

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