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  1. greenwave81

    Young offensive minded coaches

    I would her someone like Mike Shanahan to be in a Coughlin-like role (i.e., head of football operations), and let him hire the HC.
  2. greenwave81

    We are at a knife edge

    The only problem I see in firing Bowles mid-season is who is going to be the DC? You can make Bates interim HC, but Rodgers is Bowles mini-me. Bowles should have been fired THIS PAST off season. Whatever. Bowles ain't the answer, and I doubt Mac is either.
  3. greenwave81

    MNF Thread: Steelers at Tampa

    LOL at Fitz...ahhh the memories...
  4. Might have something to do with not being able to sign him to a long-term (3-4 yr) deal. Rentals don't bring back actual value.
  5. So he misses one 12 yd out, doesn’t need to take notes, and these are what..not NFL worthy? SMDH Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  6. ****...Bowles better be reading these asshats the riot act at the half. They ain’t ‘that good’ to be doing this sh*t Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  7. Think we’re gonna see the Baker Mayfield show in the 2nd half. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. Don't remind me...I was in College at Tulane that year, was home for Christmas and took my Uncles tickets (they were a 'gift' lol) to attend the Jets losing to the Saints at Shea for the Saints only win that year. Hard to live down!
  9. Can ALWAYS use another JETS! hat...
  10. I picked him up today for my FF team and put in my flex position. Quincy is going to have a huge year if he stays healthy...Pumped!!
  11. Thats a low risk contract to assume on a 1 yr tryout for a low rd DP. Thanks
  12. Hell...I forgot McCown probably knows Gordon too. He'd be a perfect sounding board for the Jets to ask re: Gordon and his ability to be rehabilitated
  13. Something being lost here is that if Gordon is TRADED, then the team he is traded to assumes his present contract...which is not the case if he is being CUT. My original statements to bring him and/or kick the tires assumed he was being CUT. What kind of contract does Gordon have? I need to check that out...because if it's for any significant coin my opinion might be different for a trade scenario
  14. 'after demonstrating he's been toeing the line for the next 6-7 weeks in practice, meetings and life in general.' Never talked about relaxing at home. Maybe CLE cutting him, trading him will be his 'rock bottom'...who knows?
  15. Just sayin that SOMETIMES people need to get out a toxic situation...like a 6 yr history with one team if they haven't seen eye to eye for a awhile. Don't get me wrong, Gordon at his next stop (and he WILL have one) may be a tremendous fail. But we are in the perfect situation to give him an opportunity turn his career around. If he fails, it'll probably only cost a low round DP...and his talent if he turned things around is worth the risk.

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