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  1. I'm sure we'd all like to keep both on reasonable contracts...but then you go on to say for Anderson, you may have to pay the man a 'premium'? The issue isn't the players per se, but the amount they'll command on a new contract....and, Anderson isn't worth a 'premium' at this point IMO.
  2. The Browns are idiots. If they couldn't get Lincoln Riley... They shoulda hired Mike Leach who instead is now HC at Mississippi State. If anyone can run an Air Raid offense, it's Mayfield who did so to perfection at Oklahoma under Riley. Where did Riley learn his version of the Air Raid O?...Oh, at Texas Tech under Mike Leach. Mike Leach was Kingsbury and Riley before Kingsbury and Riley.
  3. As a HC he spent like 10 yrs at Texas Tech with great success, before being fired over treatment of a player...it was controversial. He then went into broadcasting etc for like 2-3 yrs before being hired by Washington State where he's been for the last 8 seasons. But yeah...other than that, he moves around a lot.
  4. When it happens during the NEXT offseason, after continued superb play next season itself, I'd be a fan. Not now.
  5. Personally? I'd make Jamal play next season under his present deal and prove himself again. Break the bank if the situation is right, and his play supports it...AFTER his rookie deal is done. Or, if like the NHL, he is willing to take a deal like the one listed to 'improve' his rookie deal by renegotiating his present rookie contract to give up a year or two of FA for more guaranteed $, that's fine too. But I wouldn't give him a new record breaking deal while he still has another yr on his rookie contract and the NYJ option for another year on the franchise tag. We'll see
  6. If Jamal Adams would take a deal like this right now, that'd be great....but he won't. He'd laugh at it. A deal like that could be cut or traded in 2 years with little problem. I have no animus towards Jamal, he's a damn good player...but I'm of the opinion that spending megabucks on a S when the team has so many holes right now isn't good business. But for that deal for Jamal? Sign me up. But he ain't taking that.
  7. Nonsense. Fully half the time Tannehill played for Gase he was injured.
  8. Weren't they together in Buffalo before uniting again here?
  9. Half the Bills starters were out? LMAO...half of our 'starters' were out too...like for most of the season. Darnold is just fine thank you. And your opinion about Gase may or may not be true...you have little justification for your surety.
  10. Say what? Do you even watch the freaking games? We lost Enunwa, our '#1/#2' in game 1. We lost Mosely in game #1. Darnold was 'diagnosed' with Mono after game 1, but most certainly was affected by it during game 1. we lost our backup QB early in game 2. So lets see...lose your QB1 and then QB2, #1 Wr and #1 D player by week #2...and we had a better team 'earlier'? LMAO. We had a better 'team' when we peeled off/ditched Trumaine, traded Leo, signed Griffen, traded for Lewis etc. This team had EVERY reason to mail it in at 1-7...but they didn't.
  11. And yet you seem so disappointed every year. Hmmm
  12. And the Boomers took the brunt of the casualties in the Vietnam War, the war in which casualties were like 10X the amount in Iraq/Afghanistan..combined. I'm a Boomer that is still active in the US Navy and serve along with the Millennials to this day. The military Millennials aren't soft, which is probably why they 'volunteered' for service. Bringing military service into this discussion was pretty stupid to begin with, but both Boomers and Millennials have served in LONG ASS wars is all I'm trying to say lol.
  13. Umm...NFL play by the Steelers D? What's your caption?
  14. Every team changes some roster positions from year to year. Patriots included. Certain key players in the LR, expectations based on records, and the CS make a legacy/culture.
  15. Nonsense. If they had lost this game, everyone would be complaining they're not 'building anything'.
  16. A beat up Steelers team? WTF? What, we ain't just as beat up?
  17. they ain't who he is being judged against by at this point, but rather comparing his hire to theirs. Much better pedigree...will it matter? I hope
  18. Its an annual tradition...we win these games we bitch about draft position. We lose these games, we bitch about needing to fire the coach. Good times.
  19. Yeah...sorta. Good 'teams' win games with 2nd and 3rd string QBs, marginal to bad teams often don't...especially those with horrifically bad OLs and no WRs. But you keep dreaming on that one.
  20. Re: this, while I agree the process was not 'usual', at least the two had worked together before, unlike the Macc/Bowles and Rex/Idzik tandems, and both agreed to their jobs. If Douglas hated Gase, I am certain he would have said 'no thanks'. This, plus the fact that Douglas negotiated for himself a 6 yr deal, gives the leverage to Douglas to outlast/replace Gase if need be...and if his own job depends on it, I have faith he will. Now, we have no idea as to how successful Douglas will be at drafting/siging FA's/assembling a team, but regardless whatever process was involved in getting him here, ON PAPER, and ON CREDENTIALS/EXPERIENCE he is a world-class hire when compared to the likes of the career scout Macc and the number cruncher Idzik. We have no options other than to give the guy a chance which he deserves BTW. Would people feel different if we had fired Macc with Bowles and ended up with Douglas and then he had hired Gase? Just some thoughts.

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