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  1. Does he need to be? He's played in 2 games so far. https://jetswire.usatoday.com/2020/08/01/cj-mosley-opt-out-contract-jets-salary-cap-impact/
  2. You ain't getting a handle on a freakin' virus...at least not this one, at this point.
  3. Yeah...OK. You want to take that vaccine? Still don't know of a successful vaccine for a Corona Virus...the SARS virus vaccine was never realized. May work, but hanging anyone's hat on the development of a vaccine to save the NFL season is far fetched.
  4. Justin Britt started 86 out of 87 games since being drafted, missing the last 8 games last year due to an ACL tear. That's brittle? He's not a good OT, though started there with the Seahawks...but can also play OG...played well enough as an OC to get all-pro mention and a 3 yr/$27 mill contract from the Seahawks. Know the guy from his college days at Mizzou...he's a pretty tough guy. Versatile enough that he might be right up JD's alley. Just sayin'
  5. McGovern is good...I agree. but McGovern also gets nicked up. Draft a OC that can also play OG...like Biadsz.
  6. Why do people continue to think in single dimension? It's evident that Douglas and Williams like VERSATILITY. They don't look at a guy and say 'he's a safety'. This kid is fast. can play multiiple positions and roles in the D backfield. I'm sure he'll play ST and he can return kicks. When we were down DBs last year, Williams adapted scheme and used 'plug and play' and made it work. How is it bad to give him a guy that can play multiple roles.
  7. Stop putting people in boxes. He can play nickel, dime and safety. Returns kicks to boot with excellent speed.
  8. Hell...if Becton needs some time to develop, he can play RT while Fast plays LT.
  9. Whatever...should have known better to offer a medical opinion on a football message board...after I was asked. Perhaps I'd value your opinion more if you'd present your side of things so it could be discussed rather than just taking pot shots Einstein.
  10. COVID-19 is a corona virus like SARS and MERS...did you get those also? Doubt it. Thankfully, COVID-19 while a lot more contagious than SARS and MERS is a lot less lethal. COVID-19 is contagious enough to spread the globe...but it's lethality? Not so much.
  11. Your loss. Perhaps you should hide in your closet.
  12. Really? Panic is bad, and often leads to stupid decisions. Look at the stock market. They reason they don't call the 'flu' a pandemic every year, is because it's not 'new'. COVID-19 is a 'new' SARS type virus, hence the designation of 'pandemic'. 'Pandemic' only means it's a new illness/virus with significant worldwide spread...has nothing to do with it's results.
  13. There are no sure 'cures' for viruses once contracted (some anti-virals meds may or may not work..don't know yet), perhaps a specific vaccine in the future. No one 'wants' a virus where people need to be quarantined. 14 days is most definitely overkill, but until this novel virus and it's infection pattern is delineated, it is wise to overshoot. My take? Other than the 'usual' precautions? If you are elderly, immunosuppressed, or have significant co-morbidities (COPD, arterial disease, renal disease etc), I'd avoid most community interactions till this passes and just stay close to home. If I had a relative in a 'confined' environment like a nursing facility that I could take in for awhile and care for, I'd seriously consider it. If I managed a nursing facility, I'd shut out all visitors for a month if I was able to. This virus kills the elderly and infirmed at rates much higher than the general population...efforts should be directed to protect them first and foremost. Young people seem to have minimal symptoms, so even if your kid has what appears to be a common cold, I wouldn't take them to see grandma and Grandpa this weekend. The virus is here and it's contagious..you aren't going to stop it spreading, hopefully you can limit it's spread is the best you can do. Another thing...the true reported 'death rate' or CFR (case fatality rate) will continue to decline as more people are tested and non-lethal cases are counted; it's easy to count 'dead people' (the numerator), not so easy to count the total number of people infected (the denominator). Half of all Americans do not get the flu shot and the flu does not have an inconsequential CFR...yet everyone seems to be losing their collective sh*t over the Wuhan virus, perhaps because it is 'novel' and unknown?
  14. https://slate.com/technology/2020/03/coronavirus-mortality-rate-lower-than-we-think.html
  15. Being that I'm a Doctor who works in a hospital, I can assure you I am not. I have however done pretty extensive research on data as it evolves.
  16. Wait for summer...if COVID-19 is like most viruses, there's a good chance it'll peter out. Next flu season? All bets are off.

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