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  1. Agreed. The 'Johnson family' has more money than some small independent nations....if any or all of them want to take up for whatever cause of their own volition, I applaud them. I do. Tell the New Yorker mag, or the NYT...revel in it. But it is NEVER good business to use your business for social/political causes.
  2. Professional sports teams, especially one with the spotty history of the NYJ should stick to Sports, and avoid social causes. Never knew it was up to sports teams (businesses) to support anything other than their own business.
  3. My favorite movie, which could NEVER be made today lol
  4. I'll forgive you absolutely nothing my friend. As a Physician, I am a firm believer that the patient is the ultimate arbiter of the care they receive. Abortion, vaccines...don't matter to me. Not so sure why you want absolution from me, saying I'm a supposed member of a 'certain socio-political subgroup'? Whatever Dude..so be it.
  5. I agree, sorry I commented re: the vaccine, but I'm also similarly sick of hearing about Jet Nut's take too. I'm also tired noticing that the comment that gets the 'stick to the topic at hand' admonition is to the reply and not the original asinine post. We should be so lucky to have Zach turn out to be a similar 'typical dumb jock' as Rodgers.
  6. So, the original article is actually titled (and you can see it without an Athletic 'subscription'): " NFL Quarterback Tiers 2022: Allen, Herbert and Burrow Make Tier 1 Debuts" and, you title/headline your thread: "NFL head coaches and general managers don’t think much of Zach Wilson" Editorialize much? There were actually commendatory comments about Wilson's 'talents' and lack of a team around him in the article. Pretty sure Josh Allen would have been similarly rated after his rookie season...just sayin'.
  7. WOW...just, wow. Now we all need a reason to not get an experimental vaccine? Even though as a healthy 30's y.o. male his risk of serious complications or death from this virus was almost 0? Simple fact...hind sight now indicates the vaccine was probably a good idea for potentially susceptible individuals at higher risk for serious complications and/or death....but since it DID NOT prevent infection (and therefore transmission), a lot of people got a vaccine they may or may not have needed and for which no long-term risk studies were able to be done. Honestly it isn't even a damn vaccine..it's more a prophylactic medication to prevent death amongst those more susceptible. Football thread so I'll leave it there. Just hate seeing people judge others for medical decisions they make as they have NO F*CKING idea what is best for them.
  8. Honestly, I know we all have high hopes of Becton being the long-term LT, but he just looks like a RT. And Fant looks like a LT LOL.
  9. other than the facts that Manning played in Indianapolis and was drafted in 1998 well before 'social media' was even a thing, I suppose you're correct?
  10. Then talk to your friend and say she's bad karma or whatever...tell him why she's a head case or why you dumped her. he's your ******* best friend...you can't have that convo with him? Really? And If you can't, then once again, he ain't your friend....or, you dumped her 'just because' you had a better offer, and you just deal with it because everyone's an adult. This ain't hard...and it's even less hard for a early 20's yo who isn't even married.
  11. If you are truly 'over her', who the **** cares if she's around when you're hanging out with your best friend? Is he happy with her? Is she happy with him? If so...? And if she can turn your best friend against you, he wasn't worth being your best friend to begin with...find another.
  12. Who cares? Wouldn't be the first time some ditched ex-GF ends up with her ex-BF's best friend. And if that's Zach's Mom's BFF that he's hitting? I can understand that lol/
  13. Ahhh....it's just a realignment for $...of course. I remember when Nebraska and Colorado, and then Tx A&M and Mizzou, left the Big 12. Mostly over conference revenue sharing with the new mega-TV deals. TX and OK tried to run roughshod over the Big 12 with their own 'separate' TV deals...wasn't gonna work. Then there was the discussion as to who belonged where based on land-grant status or AAU standing LOL. It's ALL economics.
  14. Picking 5 is hard....but I'm not picking Mawae, Martin in the top 5 of the most 'popular' NYJ.. 1. Namath 2. Maynard 3. Chrebet 4. Hill 5. Klecko Honorable mentions Philbin, Grantham, Mawae, Martin, Gastineau, Salaam, Toon, Walker, Lyons
  15. LOL...really? If he plays here this year, it really WAS a $30 million dollar deal...ALL paid.
  16. Now, after reading more of this entire thread, I'm going to apologize for my take on your earlier reply. I misinterpreted what you were saying. Becton's injury had a BEST CASE of being back to play in 4-6 weeks...with no surgery etc. Surgery on his knee meant a few things: Some possible associated cartilage/ligament damage in the joint either from prior injury or the patella dislocation event itself; or enough laxity in the patella tendon after the dislocation that some method of 'tightening' the patella tendon was needed. When he had surgery, for whatever reason, this was a minimum 3 moth injury IMO.
  17. Not sure where to go with this. Hurt in September with a 6 month return etc? Umm...nevermind...youre not making sense. Assuming you meant 6 weeks for a patella dislocation regardless of weight? Umm...maybe? was there any other associated ligament/tendon/joint damage from the force of injury that caused the dislocation? Becton had surgery after the patella dislocation...why? Minor (if you can say that) patella dislocation without associated ligament/cartilage damage injury, surgery not needed. Listen...I have EXTREME doubts about Becton's ability to stay healthy, maintain his weight etc...I'm a skeptic. But as a physician, I'm just gonna say you, and I, have no idea as of yet. I'm choosing to stay positive lol.
  18. I was planning on heading to NY from FL that weekend for that game...would be there with my Dad and Brother, so we'd be in for 3
  19. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=oldsmobile+starfire+1978&t=h_&iax=images&ia=images&iai=http%3A%2F%2Fmomentcar.com%2Fimages%2F1978-starfire-1.jpg
  20. Just....Wow. I'm impressed with this 'kid'.
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