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  1. Ahhh....it's just a realignment for $...of course. I remember when Nebraska and Colorado, and then Tx A&M and Mizzou, left the Big 12. Mostly over conference revenue sharing with the new mega-TV deals. TX and OK tried to run roughshod over the Big 12 with their own 'separate' TV deals...wasn't gonna work. Then there was the discussion as to who belonged where based on land-grant status or AAU standing LOL. It's ALL economics.
  2. Picking 5 is hard....but I'm not picking Mawae, Martin in the top 5 of the most 'popular' NYJ.. 1. Namath 2. Maynard 3. Chrebet 4. Hill 5. Klecko Honorable mentions Philbin, Grantham, Mawae, Martin, Gastineau, Salaam, Toon, Walker, Lyons
  3. LOL...really? If he plays here this year, it really WAS a $30 million dollar deal...ALL paid.
  4. Now, after reading more of this entire thread, I'm going to apologize for my take on your earlier reply. I misinterpreted what you were saying. Becton's injury had a BEST CASE of being back to play in 4-6 weeks...with no surgery etc. Surgery on his knee meant a few things: Some possible associated cartilage/ligament damage in the joint either from prior injury or the patella dislocation event itself; or enough laxity in the patella tendon after the dislocation that some method of 'tightening' the patella tendon was needed. When he had surgery, for whatever reason, this was a minimum 3 moth injury IMO.
  5. Not sure where to go with this. Hurt in September with a 6 month return etc? Umm...nevermind...youre not making sense. Assuming you meant 6 weeks for a patella dislocation regardless of weight? Umm...maybe? was there any other associated ligament/tendon/joint damage from the force of injury that caused the dislocation? Becton had surgery after the patella dislocation...why? Minor (if you can say that) patella dislocation without associated ligament/cartilage damage injury, surgery not needed. Listen...I have EXTREME doubts about Becton's ability to stay healthy, maintain his weight etc...I'm a skeptic. But as a physician, I'm just gonna say you, and I, have no idea as of yet. I'm choosing to stay positive lol.
  6. I was planning on heading to NY from FL that weekend for that game...would be there with my Dad and Brother, so we'd be in for 3
  7. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=oldsmobile+starfire+1978&t=h_&iax=images&ia=images&iai=http%3A%2F%2Fmomentcar.com%2Fimages%2F1978-starfire-1.jpg
  8. Just....Wow. I'm impressed with this 'kid'.
  9. Just....Wow. I'm impressed with this 'kid'.
  10. I hope they post Eisen’s tribute/soliloquy to the Jets and Joe Douglas that happened about 5 min ago on NFL Network. It was awesome and humorous;)!
  11. Here’s a few: http://www.espn.com/high-school/football/video/clip?id=33671096
  12. Why? Is the 2nd rd over yet? inwouldnt have traded either 4 or 10 for Deebo
  13. Hope so…but in todays NFL you cannot protext the field with DBs and no rush. now if the Jets get Cross at 10, I’ll be happy. Maybe it’ll be Johnson. Geesh…but I would not have gone CB at 4
  14. Can we stop with this ‘cleanest prospect’ stuff? a good edge or a chance at one if out makes the whole D better. Modern day NFL, one good CB? Not so much. whatever…CB at 4 in our situation IMO is a LOSer
  15. God damn it… if you a: cannot get after the guy in the pocket or b: protect the guy in the pocket…the game is OVER. gonna chuckle the first week Hill lights up the ‘extra Sauce’ for 200. The NFL has made DBs secondary.
  16. **** me…no Edge…no OL. a good Edge makes ALL of your DBs better. A great DB with no rush is a waste. not a fan of this pick, even tho he may be great.
  17. Personally? I’d take Ekwonu….but would understanD Thibs. Rather Ekey and then an edge at 10
  18. He ain't the odd man out necessarily, they could always return him to backup swing tackle status which he was signed to be at $9 mill/yr.... Then again, he'd garner a lot in trade I believe.
  19. Umm...maybe? How many games did Connor McDermott and Chuma Edge play last year? Screw 2023, I'm talking about 2022, not 2023. Why can't Icky play RG next year (if he can't beat out Fant/Becton at OT) and then swap out to OT the following year (2023) if truly neither Fant or Becton are still around? Feel better about next yrs OT's with Fant, Becton and say Icky than Fant, Becton, McDermott, Edoga et al. This season is all about Zach Wilson...yeah or nay going forward.
  20. Don't get this take...at all? Fant, as good as he has been in pass blocking, is not a top flight LT and was signed to a contract to be a 'backup' swing tackle at like $9 mill/yr...his best asset was his versatility to be an 'everyman'. After next season, are the NY Jets willing to dole out to him a LT contract at twice that (minimum) at age 31? On top of that, is anyone 'certain' about Becton? I'm not...but he's still a potential option, even if it's at RT. And how is using the #4 pick to take a LT to replace Fant an 'expensive' option? I suppose in draft capital, but a franchise LT is a $20 mill/yr on the open market.
  21. But is good insurance if Becton sh*ts the bed.
  22. And trading for Stafford as QB. I just feel the NFL draft needs to be positional value based as well as talent based...and the positional value is higher for DE, and even for WR...than for CB. And it's going to get worse as the NFL adapts. Always chuckle about sports using 'analytics' while evaluating players, yet little seems to be said about using analytics regarding the value of draft position in terms of positional value/cost. The NFL is devaluing DB's as 'impact players' IMO. Any good QB given enough time will beat your DB's OR quite probably throw a pass that will elicit a flag for PI etc. The Rams had Donald when they traded for Jalen Ramsey, then traded for Von Miller later. Sauce with our DL isn't going to be an impact player...build the DL/pass rush first. draft a #1 CB later.
  23. Jeebus...if the NYJ draft a CB at 4 or 10 who hasn't seen the field much the past 2 yrs I'd be apoplectic. Personally wouldn't want a CB at either 4 or 10, but want no part of Stingley at this time /juncture.
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