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  1. If Hamilton is the best player in the draft, how come we don't hear about how he's gonna be drafted before we pick at #4 anyway?
  2. No way the NY Jets at this point are trading away 'prime' picks AND giving Adams a contract to make him the highest paid NFL WR LOL.
  3. Don't know if it'll happen lol...but his LB coach in college at UCLA was Jeff Ulbrich, and his first LB coach in the NFL was Saleh. If Saleh and Ulbrich think he is worth it and has gas left in the tank. I'm sure they're in JD's ear about now.
  4. 76 - George Fant 6'5" 322 Western Kentucky (T) (expires 2025) ?? I thought he signed a 3 yrs deal in 2023.
  5. Not only that, but we have no idea what the NYJ CS's opinion of Becton is at this point. They watched him ALL last year in his quest to get back on the field after watching him all pre-season. The new regime may not have very high hopes for Mekhi. While I sincerely doubt the Jets will draft an OT in the first round this year, I would completely understand if they do....because a 30+ yo LT in the final year of his deal and a young questionable draft pick coming off a missed season due to an injury is no sure solution at OT.
  6. Not buying that at all. Moses ain't coming back on a back up OT deal, Fant is 30 and in his final year of his contract, and Becton is a big freaking question mark. I might buy this reasoning if Moses is resigned before the draft, but I do not see that happening...at which point the Jets DO need another quality OT.
  7. Everyone keeps saying this, but....most of the teams with $30 million cap space ain't close to going to the SB. It's usually up to the player...is it the team environment/prospects at less $, or is it about maximizing income on my next deal? It will be interesting
  8. Excellent. I would never begrudge anyone doing anything in their own best financial interest despite what it might mean to me just a member of a free to me NYJ website. I've never had the pleasure to meet you, but I appreciate you just the same. Thank you for the site. Regards...Ray
  9. Not rocket science... Becton has been disappointing, and Fant is in his last year of his deal. They'll draft an OT. If the stars align, and Becton returns/plays and improves and Fant returns to last years form, you play the new guy at LG for a year as insurance to step in for Becton if he disappoints, or for Fant if he prices himself out, or god forbid one of them gets injured again.
  10. Yes it does. Berrios can play this position too, if Moore gets moved to the outside...and Crowder doesn't play STs. If the NYJ and Berrios cannot come to a new deal etc, perhaps it would work? Nothing against JC, he was a good/great signing...one of McCagnan's few. But don't see a place for him on next years roster at the $$ he's gonna want.
  11. Actually, although I’ve heard that also and believed it, looking at wiki etc I believe that on September 23 2001, the NYJ beat the NEP at Foxboro 10-3. And the Pats won the SB in January 2002.
  12. Ahhh…I suppose I’m old and somewhat deaf lol. I did see SB III ;)!
  13. They just said no QB taken at #1 overall has ever been to the SB….they must not have included the AFL draft of 1965 ;)!
  14. Not sure why anyone uses GoFundMe, when they apparently have control over the dispensing of funds to the designee based their criteria. I chipped in $50 btw. I applaud those trucker guys.
  15. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/aaron-rodgers-contract-details-packers/oszcukxe7v1k1lgs83rlflow5 It'll be interesting to see what the GBP do here....Rodgers is already under contract, but even considering the dead cap hit if traded, would save the GBP $20 mill against next years cap if they trade him. Franchise tagging Adams for the year would be less than $30 mill, and I would think they'd want him around if they went with Love at QB? They are in cap hell though...an even the franchise tag for Adams may not be doable.
  16. Eberflus coached at Toledo with Gary Pinkel before they both headed to Missouri...they had a lot of success at Mizzou. From there he went to CLE, then DAL, then IND. I was always impressed with his D at Mizzou...2007 and 2008 were banner years for Mizzou winning the Big12 North before they headed to the SEC.
  17. If Hamilton is a ‘generational talent’ why is he going 4 th to us? Do others not see his ‘generational talent’ too? here’s an idea…if he’s all that, ‘ generational talent’ and all, then obtain a ‘generational talents’ worth of DPs and trade back. The time to take a generational talent S at 4 overall is when you some semblance of a pass rush, WRs and a stout OL already.
  18. Yeah…g*d forbid we have another T other than Becton (big question mark), Fant (30 injured, and on last year of deal) and Moses a UFA. Now if we sign Moses pre-draft I might agree, but I would bet Moses goes else where
  19. If 10's of millions of dollars isn't motivation, nothing will be.
  20. Mims's contract had a guaranteed minimum of just under $3 million and a total value of just over $5 million.
  21. I'd take the best Edge OR WR at 4, whatever the draft gives you, and then Lindebaum at 10 or trade down a few spots and then take him. Lindebaum allows McGovern to move to RG and your OL is Fant/AVT/Lindebaum/McG/Becton (or flip becton and fant). Then in Round 2 you take the best Edge Or WR (whatever you didn't get in the first rd) and the best D player that you want (CB, S, LB)
  22. I was 9 and watched the game with my Dad....that was the season when I idolized JWN and became a Jets fan. Good times, but a LONG time ago.
  23. Don't cut McGovern...if you draft Lindebaum, which I am in favor of, McGovern is a better OG than OC and can play at RG. And PFF is trash...the first half of the season I saw free runners every ******* game...that's the #11 OL? LMAO.
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