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  1. You guys can talk and hope and wish all you want, but JD at least and most probably Saleh, get until the end of the 23-24 season at minimum. JD has earned that with this past draft class...and most NFL teams don't dump new HC's in less than 3 years. Believe it or not, JD was a well-respected hire amongst NFL 'people', and firing him after 2 draft classes would be a pretty toxic event amongst the individuals that might consider the Jets GM position. I still have faith in Douglas, Hogan and Savage to figure this all out. Saleh? Not so sure....but it's his baby to develop. Guess we'll see.
  2. The Radio control operator of the flying lawnmower drone that dove into the crowd at Shea I think in like '79 that killed a spectator.
  3. Exactly. Hess made Bellichick probably the top paid DC with the understanding he's take over when Parcells moved on....unfortunately, Hess then died. Bellichick is a cheat and traitor...no surprise, I know
  4. greenwave81


    Best. thread. ever!
  5. The simple fact that an otherwise healthy 21 y.o needs to answer any questions about 'vaccination status' is ridiculous and absurd. If I was him I'd probably skip the vax too. And that's coming from a fully vaxxed and 'bolstered' 60 yo MD.
  6. Silly me. I thought after Cuomo was outed his replacement had to be better. I was wrong. Glad I now live in FL, you folks up there have fun with the uber-lords.
  7. Ridiculous thread at this point anyway. Neither Douglas or Saleh are going anywhere anytime soon. Anyway.... Becton, Hall and Mann in 2020 AVT, Moore, Carter I and II all look like keepers. Echols? Pinnock? Don't know yet. Sherwood and Nasrildeen are changing positions at the NFL level...may come along in time, but expecting much this year was a stretch. Of course the elephant in the room is Wilson. Honestly, if Wilson can figure it out I'd say this past draft was a huge success and it was the first draft where Douglas had ample opportunity to assemble his own scouting staff. But it all depends on Wilson starting to put it together somewhat before the end of the season. Is the book out on Douglas yet? Nah...I'm of the opinion that Macc set this franchise back at least 5 yrs and had no concept of team building. Saleh while disappointing so far, is a rookie HC too. I understand the frustration (hell, I'm 62 y.o. and '69 is a distant memory) but firing the GM (and 'his' picked HC) at this point just perpetuates the problem of the continuing revolving door in the FO. Douglas will be retained til at least year 5 of his 6 yr deal, and Saleh will get at least 2-3 seasons unless the team he coaches revolts.
  8. Even the Refs are piling on now. This team is hard to watch. Undisciplined, little talent and poorly coached to boot.
  9. Just got in and looked at the injury play...and this is not too far off from what I would assume. I would HOPE he didn't tear the UCL, or TJ surgery is in WHite's future...hopefully it's just a UCL sprain/strain.
  10. As a Physician who has been fully vaccinated, and recently 'boostered', all I will say is that all this BS about mandatory vaccinations is just that...pure BULLSHI*T. Do I recommend that most adults get the vaccine? Yup. Especially for those of advanced age (me) and those with potential pre-existing conditions (again, me). But for all other healthy adults? It's their own f*cking decision. The vaccine is available. Take it if you want, or don't. I've been vaccinated, and don't care if you are or are not. If I still need to care whether or not you are vaccinated, why did I get the vaccine in the first place? Yes, the vaccine is protective against severe disease and death if contracted...but I do know of individuals who were fully vaccinated and were in the ICU, and know of one who died. It is what it is. Simple fact is, this virus has an overall survival rate of greater than 99.5% if contracted, higher for healthy individuals. The vaccine CAN have 'adverse' side effects...at what rates? still being determined. And vaccinating kids aged 5-11? With what we know now about the vaccine and pediatric death rates? Sheer lunacy. Glad my kids are 30+ yrs old and I'm not faced with the problem of justifying why I would refuse the vaccine for my kids. Whatever...but the sturm and drang over the vaccine...just live your life and let others live theirs.
  11. If he said that I’m disappointed. play better
  12. And Quincy Williams form tackled Matt Ryan and got called for RTP. Tackle football..I agree. difference is…Jets.
  13. Yes he did…. but I wish someone would tell me why that was not roughing the passer, when Quincy Williams roughing the passer was called against ATL?
  14. 62 years old, and I was hooked after watching JWN win SB III. 9-10 y.o.'s are pretty impressionable lol. Still invested in the NY Jets, wouldn't have it any other way. NY Ranger fan too...and still have great memories of 1994. Just waiting for the NYJ to give me that 1994 feeling once again...which will make it all worth it!
  15. Well, not sure who thought playing predominantly a zone coverage scheme against a seasoned NFL QB was a good idea….especially since their top 2 WR are not playing.
  16. That ******* BS roughing the passer call had the capacity to totally change the complexion of this game. That was a textbook hit on the QB. instead of being off the field quickly, led to D being on field for a prolonged time Did their ‘Referree in the booth’ comment on that call? Wonder why not
  17. The ‘message’ is not for Van Roten to deliver to the press…especially not when his own play has been downright awful. bad look all around
  18. BS…look at the clip again. his FIRST comment is about Zach…order of criticism means things. Most people begin a criticism of someone or something with the most egregious thing at the front before their believed less important issues. if he started the talk with ‘WE as an OL SUCK and can’t hold a block for more than 1.5 seconds or keep free runners from killing him’ before criticizing Wilson…I might understand the people saying it was out of context.
  19. Colbert played last week also...unless there are 2 Colberts lol
  20. Also, depends on if the dislocated knee cap (patella) is an isolated event or if there was other ligament/cartilage injury that occurred simultaneously. I thought it was weird that I heard some say he needed surgery...I'm not sure if the surgery is to strengthen the ligaments holding the knee cap in place (a MPFL surgery) or just a more routine cartilage tear procedure with conservative management of the patella dislocation. Guess we'll see...
  21. Depends on if this the first time it has happened, or more. Usually (though not sure for a 350#+ NFL player) first dislocations are managed with conservatively with a brace for like 4-5 weeks. If it's surgery time? Probably more like 8-12 weeks IMO. Note: While I am a Physician, I am NOT an Orthopedist lol
  22. rookie QB in first start under heavy rush is shaky in first half, improves in second half. I’ll sugar coat that all the time.
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