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  1. Well I've never done this till covid lockdowns and it's been a pretty bad idea. I'm pretty relaxed about my covid risk but I'm also not willing to go suck face with some tinder slag either And that's a great system lol
  2. Why aren't you voting pac is the better question. The dude has gained 3 lbs since this morning panic eating ... for the love of god harpoon teh fat **** now so he can go back to thinking about getting to exercising on his elliptical tomorrow or monday the latest
  3. @gatabot I take back the previous insult, please decode those numbers for me and transmit meaning post haste
  4. Lol I'm in knoxville and just ate and had drinks in a restaurant for the first time in months No strippys tho my tinder is buzzing a lot
  5. Damn. Im not a religious man but I'll be sending you positive vibes. Any idea how you contracted?
  6. Gfy I dont drink Jim beam, how dare you
  7. I tried to chart out that complex web of friends of friends ex's and I'm pretty sure shes referring to Jif
  8. i imagine there will be a sub opp gb, ape seems close to emo already
  9. What kind of fart sniffer would reveal details from PMs, the P stands for private!

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