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  1. This is the only reasonable plan. If they stink next year Gase goes and you poke around at the QB's, but doing anything now is silly and will do more harm than good.
  2. I tend to take the con side more often because I find the drumbeat of praise more over the top and more consistant than the detractors (outside of a few trolls) I like Darnold overall. He seems like a solid kid and I prefer his aggressive approach to the game over a conservative yellow-bellied approach like Pennington. That being said, people like to tout his inexperience as a plus, like there is nowhere to go but up, but I look at it a little differently. Hes under live fire now, and to me his play quickly degrades at times because he lacks that mechanical foundation of play that comes from 10's of thousands of repetitions of 3 and 5 step drops and deliver. Its mundane, it's boring but its it's effective and what consistantly productive / winning Qb's can do in thier sleep. It creates a more reliable floor of play. I keep saying hes a puncher more than a boxer, and I'd take him everyday of the week over a Brady or Brees in a game of pickup beach football because he has a ton of ability you just cant teach, but on Sunday, running a sophisicated pro offense against a sophisticated pro defense, he is a liability at times.
  3. Darnoltology , 2x in a week his play has been referred to as a "miracle" Fwiw. I thought he played well last night, better than I expected given the disparate talent.
  4. If QW is 12% then Oliver is 17%, (I'm not sure if we are going by tiop of head or miiddle of head), In any event 12->17 is a 42% increase which is massive.
  5. Sounds great, Ive had similiar but with ham added
  6. Oh no, why? Was it verbal? If so I don't blame you
  7. Of course but so does context. Sam is 22, Gase was hired into dysfunction and quickly excised the biggest organizational weakness. Making any definitive conclusion on either based on ownerships idiot decision to allow Mac another offseason to continue his work on sabotaging this teams present in future under the hallmark of "you are what your record says you are" is unwise and unfair. This isnt to say I'm an enthusiastic supporter of either, I have serious concerns about both but they get next year to show clear progress or atleast one of them goes.(gase)
  8. My only agenda here is that I think you and your ilk think we have the 2016 Bell and we dont
  9. Yes well it's hard to keep track of your ever evolving and frequently contradictory opinions
  10. The crux of the spying was against the Rams offense no, which would ebenfit the defense. As does the thing Barry posted above highlighted in red. Sounds like your boy Belichick is really a hack DC whoe cheated his was to an bend but don't break defense that was good enough when paired with the GOAT QB who he lucked into Glad we are on the same page!
  11. @namenamenumber You realize they probably win like 10% of time irl
  12. Probably right after mangini tattled, they lost a first rd pick, everyone was watching them closely and yuckos like you predicated the Pats would falter only to watch Brady lead one of the greatest offensive seasons in the history of the game.

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