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  1. CTM

    John Harbaugh

    I kind of do too, but he'd give credibility to this sh*tball franchise similiar to Parcells. Would be hard to say no tbh I know we all want the younger offensive guy, but what are the chances that actually works out for this organization?
  2. CTM

    Baker Mayfield is Awesome

    You done owning Moe, Larry and Curly over here?
  3. They should fire Mac now to begin GM search. GM hires coach.
  4. I think I'll feel worse if Bowles goes and Mac is picking the new coach. That almost assured us of 3 to 4 more years of being bad. If Bowles stays, its 1 more year before they both go
  5. @JiF leads the league in the latter, everyone else competes for #2
  6. At least hes leading the league in something, can Bowles say that ?
  7. Alien probe sent to fox the games the for the cheatriots, no doubtc
  8. @Mogglez I'm away for the weekend so I cant respond thoroughly. I was drinking and antagonizing you a bit last night. No apologies necessary, wish I saw the rant lol Quickly, no system is perfect. Citing a handful of misses doesnt change my POV. Qbase does a lot better job than NFL GMs and the Mel Kipers of the world, the fact that guys like Josh Allen or Christian Hackenberg get drafted early is proof enough of that. So a poor Qbase doesnt condemn Darnold to failure (thier projections are stated as %'s after all), but it is enough evidence to counter the idea that Darnold was some generational type prospect. It's true he was talked about as one after the frosh rose bowl, but instead of upping his game, he turned it over 1.5 times a game as a soph.
  9. Oh? Nah.. its not fundamentally different than lady year which was way more productive
  10. Well... Considering you spam the forum with the complete hopelessness of the nyj qb situation with a fervor that only helen of boy could appreciate I would think you might factor it into your take
  11. Go look at the list of qbase winners vs losers then try and spray stupid all over the forum Re: bolded: if you are intent of being flagrantly innumerate, I wont bother responding. Good day

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