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  1. This is the type of spot were the pats would hang a 10+ play drive taking over 5 minutes, scoring a TD and effectively ending the game. 3 and out here will be ng
  2. Right lol, I figured i was tuning in to just in time to catch the Cowboys taking the lead.
  3. haha wow. I just turned the game on. First 3 plays I saw were the third and fourth down stop and the Darnold TD.
  4. The most ferocious jazz pianist since I dunno, Art Tatum?
  5. I'll be indisposed for the evening, going to see Hiromi at the Annenberg center in philly..
  6. I got it wrong last time so let's run
  7. Well they've banged a ton and jif definitely skews female on the gender spectrum, im thinking its thier demon off spring
  8. Lol, you tree dwelling ninjer. Mine was better tho
  9. As much af I'd like to impale a giants anus with your diminutive body, I concur. Run
  10. Cool. I guess theres the whole internet bragging rights aspect but only potzers like T0m care deeply about such things. Sad.

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