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  1. Darnold buys them both 2019 season..
  2. You think I wouldn't have voted before deadline?
  3. Smash as SK has run through my brain a few times reading his posts
  4. Yeah I know, we dropped the ball
  5. I'm saying hes dumb and you were opportunistic.. If you are scum
  6. Ape is dead and clearly not a part of a team, so not sure what you are talking about. What Im trying to say is that Ape promising to hammer 80 publiclly allowed you to put at L-1 and essentially end the day, without the spotlight of being the hammer. If you are scum that was awfully helpful on his part
  7. I didn't, although I was thinking the choice was going to be Allen VS Rosen or Mayfield at which point I was thinking they'd go Allen
  8. I think it became clear Mayfield was their target, although I agree the spectre of Allen was worrying given Mac Whether Mayfield or Darnold was on top of their board I don't know, but they were clearly happy that Darnold got past the giants so they must of had him rated significantly higher than Rosen or Allen (whether that is a good thing is debatable)
  9. it means u have dumb brains and u r a nerd so u lose 2x, nerd with dumb brains
  10. I explained my Nolder vote yesterday and he basically did the same thing at day end
  11. He was at l-3 with brick lurking.. I dont blame him for the timing of the counter I just would've tried to be more consistant in the interaction with lk, I get that he didn't want to come on too strong but there should be a middle ground. Also the way he countered and his thinking could've been explained better, side barring into a long convo about why you were the next lynch was a distraction and made him seem erratic, it's ultimately what did him in