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  1. Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    Goign to see them on Jam cruise in January, they used to be talked about as the up and coming band on the jam scene but Spafford seems to have gotten more popular. Looking forward to catching them
  2. The rational isn't likely to be a difference of political opinion though, for better or worse a decent portion of the country and I suspect a disproportionate amount of NFL fans (customers) don't want the guy on their team (certainly a portion of which for racist reasons). But Jerry Jones would probably hire a pedo if he thought it would help him win a SB. I still know people who won't watch the Jets because they signed Vick the animal abuser. The NFL is a big business and the players are part of the product, all involved would be better off leaving the politics out it. I haven't stayed on top of the story because I don't care either way, but originally I heard he was looking for a starters job and starters money. With waning skills + a customer turn off it's not really a surprise to me that an owner wouldn't want to cough up a big check.
  3. Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    jake cinninger* (assuming that was auto correct?) and he's too choppy/ showy for me
  4. Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    What did you think of Trey and the 30 min mountain jam?
  5. Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    Just saw Corea / Gadd band at the blue note. To old timers that have for the most kept thier chops flanked by some great younger players. One of the better shows Ive seen in awhile, not sure where the tour is taking them but if you are a jazz fan it's worth checking out
  6. Demographics, millenials less interested in sports (partially because they've grown up with so many content options) so they aren't replacing the boomers. Gen X has kids and more important things(never as attached, also more options growing up). Add in the political crap now and it will decline rapidly
  7. Aliens - New sign up

    sure, i'll check in daily
  8. Aliens - New sign up

    pm's deleted, sorry all
  9. Aliens - New sign up

    when are we starting? Labor day weekend not gna be good for participation.. if it's next week, I'm in!
  10. Aliens - New sign up

    get a job commie
  11. Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    Saw Roger Waters in philly on Friday. Fantastic show. He's coming to north jersey and nyc in a few weeks highly recommend ya'll go
  12. Cops Mafia

  13. Cops Mafia

    That actually would've been fun, sorry to have missed it
  14. Cops Mafia