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  1. We only watch and critique attack on titan
  2. Ead u fapping little monkey @GATAcan eat one 2 if she supports this grotesque assessment
  3. I'm glad you are feeling better and hopefully kicked your sugar addiction. You may even pre diabetic though, which could be part of your issues But how dare you reach out to a shrink and a nutritionist to get a second opinion on my advice. I'd like to tear PACs flabby arm off his body and beat you with it
  4. Haha true, and in those 120 days and 100000s of words, not a single mind will change
  5. I know! I can hardly wait !!
  6. Since watching OBrien, toon, walker and McNeil I like the approach for sure but the reality is if Wilson flames out he takes the regime with him
  7. Probably because most that dont like him think hes raw and needs to cook a little more before even having a chance at succeeding. Not great qualities for 1.2 and these exact reasons are why you sit him too. Related.
  8. all of this is true but i just can't see it with jif gunior
  9. Yeah **** these aholes coming here with their friendly hellos and we really like your qb crap. I wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire tbh
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