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  1. CBS sports mock draft page has 4 of 6 mocks with Allen going #1 overall, and 5 of 6 as the first QB taken. It's stunning how little these guys have evolved
  2. I've not followed the team closely the last few years, but Mac just strikes me as an old school scout caveman who secretly despises math nerds and is desperate to prove the old methods work. It's not necessarily that Hackenberg resembles Allen physicaly or in play style, but the fact that Mac grabbed a guy early who the numbers said should've been a day 2 pick at best says a lot. (also drafting interior defenders early every year)
  3. Right, that or don't throw away picks on a wing and a prayer. I secretly worry that Allen is his guy too.
  4. Mine was dread. But to your point I do understand the excitement, it meant we were going QB and all the Minkah trolling was proved to be just that. The other upside is Rosen making it to 3 is far more likely than 6. My current hope is the bills jump to 2 and take Allen.
  5. But the giants aren't taking a QB, i've seen it suggested they assured Mac they wouldn't
  6. My initial reaction to this was we are going to end up with Allen and the more I think about it the more it seems likely. Even if we pass on Allen, getting Mayfield at 3 seems like a consolation prize and a waste of 3 2's, I'd have been fine/happy with him at 6 but now at 3 I hate it. F'ing Jets
  7. There's a few of us that don't like the trade but most seem very positive about it. Hope they are right
  8. Come on man lol. You think Ballard told Mac "I don't want to go down to 12 so you don't have to worry the Bills" OR do you think he played up the Bills offer to get more out of Mac. What Ballard says now doesn't mean jack in terms of how he interacted with Mac.
  9. Scenario #2 should have "Fire Mac and take " prepended to both options
  10. To me it means they didn't want the Bills to get ahead of them and they are hoping the Giants take the RB. Ultimately however I think it's clear that the top priority was the gaurentee of getting A QB at 3 over the risk of getting no QB at 6. 4D chess on Macs part for sure
  11. Of course it' possible, I'm just not sure it's likely.
  12. Oh? The version where the giants answered Macs inquiry honestly and won't change thier mind in the next month and also won't trade out. Got it Can I have some of the glue you're sniffing?
  13. In what version of reality is that a certainty? And can you provide directions
  14. For some reason? How about for every reason?
  15. Brees and Wilson also didnt cost #6 and 3 2's