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  1. Gore averaged 10% more yards per carry.
  2. ^^ odds are better theres a steep Brady decline over a resurgence . The rest of the AFCE QB's are trash. I'm the furthest thing from a Darnold fanboy but I dont think its unreasonable to think Darnold is the better QB in the final 4, not a given for sure but not really outlandish
  3. CTM

    Steph Curry says moon landing is a hoax

    Yea dude, that's the math. In simple terms, the mass you are expelling vs the mass of the object being moved + the friction. The same arguement you are holding your hat on (space is a frictionless vacuum) is what make it possible to move be newton3 with limited fuel. I can assure you if you were sitting in a metal box on the ground and were able to expel a significant enough amount of mass ya'd move
  4. Do you ever stop thinking of food fatso
  5. Yeah, but I think the WR helps the neophyte QB so I'm going for the 2fer
  6. Brady is likely to take a big step back this year and Darnold a step forward. They are still miles apart but I wouldnt be shocked if by the end of the year Sam is playing better ball even if its primarily due to Brady's performance falling off a cliff. Manning went from 55/10 TD/INT all pro QB to 9/17 and done in 2 years time at 39. Father time is undefeated and Brady showed some chinks last year imo
  7. In 1996 he called us "long suffering jets fans" .. little did he know
  8. I dont think he had anything to do with it but I'm game if we are giving him credit. Ty jfc, ty!

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