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  1. Never really thought about it tbh but it's interesting too ponder. I know you weren't asking, but top of mind would probably be being unfavorably compared to some classic rock stuff from 2 decades prior. MTV also heralded a new age of commercialism and celebrity in music which I imagine crotchety opinion setters didn't like . Plus a lot of 80's stuff was synth driven which borrowed from the much maligned at the time disco phase. (which I also kind of like these days)
  2. You used to call jam bands your musical guilty pleasure right? I'm there with 80's pop the last few years, grew up hating the music of that decade and now I love it
  3. No I dont lol, but Herring can play the guitar. I never liked them even when I was into jam band music. The last 5 years is so the only jam band stuff I listen to is the Dead. Went to my first phish show in years last month and never bothered to going in. Would you really call Sleater-Kinney poo music though ?
  4. Just watched some Kaki King, the AV stuff. Will watch more.
  5. Don't know Kaki King, I'm sure she's great, but the idea that the best guitarist not named Hendrix and best drummer of all time both come from the much smaller pool of female players seems likely to be more a you thing than a reality thing. Which is why I was pressing your buttons about grading on an XX curve. To that point, my favorite pianist currently is Hiromi. I'm seeing her again this fall after her spring tour got cancelled due to a parasite. She also happens to be one of the more fierce players I can think of, no curve applied. Linked below and psst, her drummer is one of the many "better" than the cow you are pimping, if such a thing as "better/best" can actually be quantified. Which it can of course provided you are a teenager or just baiting. All trolling aside, I like Sleater-Kinney. They are a good band. I found them through Portlandia and don't remember the earlier thread you linked. I'm sure I listended back then but they must not of grabbed me, it took being a fan of the show to give them a harder look. While it's not a genre I'm very familiar with they sound pretty original to me which is one of the more admirable things in my mind. They can also play their instruments which seems to be a rarity these days. I can't say I spin them often but I've listened enough to look into going to see them live several times. It's a shame they broke up and to your point, I don't think they'd be the same with a lesser drummer. What is happenning to their fall tour?
  6. I liked the band better when Fred Armisen was a member. Drummer is A+ though, on the XX curve.
  7. this thread makes the typical hollwood reboot look fresh and innovative. lockdumpban
  8. Nag away imo, its 2 months away so people are probably procrastinating. I think we'd all rather forums members be there and nobody wants to see you stuck with a 10k bill. @Jetsfan80is a good nag, maybe he'll do it if you let him start a PM based 1/2 naked lady chain which would be outside the watchful eye of the googlebot
  9. Afraid of your idea of a dating game, frankly I think we all are
  10. Maybe tag the people who said they'd come but havent ordered ?
  11. I dont think pac is much of a danger to you unless you were deep fat fried, glazed or wrapped in bacon

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