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  1. For starters , I seem to remember us with the ball, timeouts and a chance to win at the end until Sam tried a little hero ball with disastrous results. Other stuff too of course
  2. Nuh uh.. He stunk on Thursday and much of the bad stuff that was on his college tape showed up. It is you that have the homer cap on my friend
  3. Why didn't you like him before the draft ? For me it was the turnovers and how raw he was as a passer. Also I don't trust gingers and USC QB's, as a rule
  4. Questioning is fine when you are watching the same type if stuff he dud last year at USC. coming to a conclusion is way premature
  5. And Screening Sam crushed those wr screens. When ask to throw beyond the LOS, not so much
  6. Hes on the practice squad to master blocking for the WR screen, seems the coaches believe its the only pass Darnold can throw with any accuracy so it's a prerequisite for a roster spot
  7. OP trying to convince himself more than us
  8. CTM

    Sad Mac Stat

    Guy should be first out of the door come season end
  9. Duh, but you are looking for reasons to support your pre draft opinion of Mayfield and manage to contradict yourself within 2 sentences (Mayfield fumbled on a sack / mayfield had "all the time in the world"). He had pressure quite a few times and other times the ball was out too quickly to get pressure. That was a very good debut, whether it holds up when teams get tape on him I dunno but you gotta give credit where its due for now.
  10. I know, ia gree with the premise, just saying we haven't done well with coaches on that side of the ball either
  11. I 100% agree, however it's not like we've had success with that approach either walton, coslet, kotite.. btw.. i tried to find a picture of Walton picking his nose and I couldn't. I seem to remember there being tshirts of that picture.

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