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  1. maybe a bottle of Thorazine
  2. All we need is jif dressed up like lea and chained to you and we have the openning scene to jedi
  3. Hah, I just miss verbie. Anyone seen the human equiviliant of moldy white bread ?
  4. Leave verbal out of this
  5. Are we running another ? Did hess even mod a game last year ?
  6. Yes as opposed to you who pushed nonsensical theories about 2 fake claims and voted with obv scum. And then lectured the bot for shooting your furry bottom, and told her maybe shell do better next time We can all learn a thing or two about sportsmanship from you lol
  7. meh, 100% that's a mistake I'd have been far more likely to make as town than scum. When i fake reveal as scum I normally double check everything, i was super high and being a complete moron
  8. I'd have done the same fwiw.. ape came out of day looking very bad, honeslty don't know what was going through his head there Also I ate too much edibles and was really high when i typed innocent child in my reveal lmao
  9. one guy who couldn't complete passes in college works out for 1 season and we are back to this?
  10. The good news is 2 vetted townies pretty much control the board. At this point, this is quite literally, kdels, stark and myself. I'll vote for either one of them
  11. well this post didn't age well
  12. It's null. Scum fake claiming cop clear people with the intention of having us talk about it and they hope lead us astray. It's what we call a wifom. I'm sure spoot is fapping his little rodent prick off that it's become this much of a topic of conversation. The reason why ape's play is problematic is her 100% knows the above yet he's agreeing with you that scum wouldn't ID a team mate AND creating a fictional narrative to support that POV. It's gross gross gross I'll eat my shoe if ape isn't scum. Don't fall for it

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