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  1. I think in most situations the players are more important than the system, so I completely agree with you overall. However, Gase failed in Miami, some of that blame is on him. Hiring the previous OC without so much as talking to anyone else (nothing's been reported) is concerning in that he might of walked from that job with the attitude that his failures were all due to injuries or Tannenhill or whatever he might think, none of which is conducive to him getting better at his job.
  2. How did you manage to list that many Rans draft picks and miss Goff?
  3. I think that Darnold showed enough good stuff and Eli showed enough bad stuff that they'd take Darnold if they could do it again. Also, the scary thing is that Rosen was even worse than Allen this year. I'd still draft Rosen > Allen though
  4. Right which is my point. He wasn't successful in Miami on offense so instead of some introspection and maybe bringing someone in who can challenge him a bit, he sticks with the status quo. This would suggest he believes his approach on offense wasn't at fault.
  5. Not a great sign. Your offense wasnt good in Miami, bringing the hobbit here without interviewing others strongly suggests Gass hasn't learned anything in his 11 days of unemployment. Surprising 🙄
  6. Who is on Patricia's staff though
  7. CTM

    Rams are winning the Super Bowl

    I think Goff lays an egg, wouldve went with the Saints
  8. smash, considering the Pats had lost 4 of their last 5 road playoff games prior to Sunday, dating back to 2006, I'd say that those 2 regular season wins mean a whole lot. During that same period they were 14-3 @ home in the playoffs. 1-4 vs 14-3, almost like earning the #1 seed matters. I know you shut down when we talk numbers but these are the facts.
  9. yep and the gap between 11 win teams and 14 win teams is bigger still. We are close to being a few positive ball bounces away from meaningful football in December, but we are a long way off from being serious contenders
  10. CTM

    Rams are winning the Super Bowl

    Rams are the better team but Patriots are far more experienced. Curious to see if Goff implodes. I 1/2 expect him too. Last year it was easy to root for Eagles, I can't bring myself to root for Rams though. The McVay craze is obnoxious and a SB win will only make it worse

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