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  1. Awww klacko he has your jowls!
  2. Belichick is smart but slimey. He seems to be failing without Brady and rather sucking it up he's going to trade away chips and act like this was the plan all along. BS
  3. Punchers can win some fights if the matchup is good and they are confident. When the matchup is bad or the confidence wanes they do not have the technical skill to fall back on
  4. Yeah I got you but responded more because I generally don't buy this idea that hey just get build an all pro team around a fan favorite jag and you can win SB's, like Trent Dilfer
  5. 15-20 is probably a tad high, the amount of people that can do it well enough to win a SB is typically 5-10, maybe even lower all other things being equal
  6. Oy that's a read 12 yo's make in madden in thier sleep .
  7. Sacks/ pressures are more of a QB stat than people want to acknowledge
  8. I mean, I'd love to see all 3 of them play like all pros and we go 8-2 down the stretch. It's far preferrable to losing out, and then getting back on the QB merry go round again. It's just not likely unforuntately
  9. Sure, all i;m saying is this idea that we get the #1 pick and Darnold, Mims and Becton all play good football these last 10 games is likely mutually exclusive. One or the other, you're wishing for your cake and to eat it too. I've got news for you tho, Crusher already at all the cakes
  10. 100% If Darnold plays well we won't be 1-15, nevermind Mims and becton
  11. Teams with Qb, wr1 and Lt playing good football generally dont go 1-15
  12. To jests fans of course. I'm sure he'll lose a ton of sleep knowing we are unhappy with him
  13. Difficult? Look at the roster and it's easily apparent
  14. I don't remember being suprised, mouth breathers like Pac sure but I feel like it was widely speculated this was going to happen
  15. huh? wasn't it well known that he was trading JA,
  16. I mean one could argue you've given quadrillions of sperm atleast thier first birthday over the years
  17. Happy Birthday Sperm! Kind of amaing that thanks to you I've probably typed that previously unthinkable sentance out numerous times over the last decade
  18. it looks like a football too

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