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  1. Yea, no. You dont have a clue what you are talking about but its really pointless to continue at this point. Maybe someone else will play
  2. A basketball would look significantly bigger than the sun if it was in front of my face, but if I backed up 1000 yards and zoomed it would be significantly smaller than that same sun That is why I would expect the earth to look small compared to the moon from the moons surface but much bigger if I backed up 31M miles and zoomed in on both. I really dont understand why this isnt obvious to you.
  3. Asked and answered numerous times I see no problem with two photos and its exactly what I would expect if I took the pictures myself
  4. Yea, hes making the same ridiculous point as you. The smiley was more interesting Old saying, 2 wrongs dont make a right
  5. So some knucklehead makes a photoshop with a laughing smiley and you felt this was strong enough evidence for an "I told you so" post ?
  6. I think it would cool if the two dominant conversations of the last 2 pages merged with Hack as pro Pennington conspiracy theorist Maybe Kraft / NFL conspiracy to deprieve the Jets of this generations Montana ? Or when they operated on Pennington they transplanted his shoulder into Brady. I dunno
  7. Joes willy be like, "im ready, let's go!"
  8. And why didnt you think of it ..
  9. Let's be honest here, you drink your own urine to avoid the 20 step walk to the bathroom
  10. Wow. sh*tty timing but its not worth being a cripple the rest of your life
  11. Nope, I'm single and ready to mingle. I'll wear my pink neckerchief so you can find me
  12. I said longer track record and I was including college as explained in several other posts
  13. Baker is a douche that I hope goes down in flames, Sam is actually likable and easy to root for. Unfortunately who I like better doesn't change the fact that one has played the position better for longer than the other
  14. Bad phrasing. He was fine for a rookie and probably better than I expected. He was bad compared to his peers, including non rookies.
  15. Very surprised you've distilled your argument down to homophobia
  16. None of that is the point. Sam had 1 good season at USC, 1 meh season and an overall bad rookie season. He played QB for 1 year in high school Baker was great for 3 years in college and had a good pro rookie season. He has had as many productive seasons of QB'ing as Darnold has had playing the position. All I said was Baker has a longer track record of playing the position well, this shouldn't be a controversial statement
  17. As you are a well established expert in this area, I'll defer to your judgement
  18. Baker was a rookie playing for a historically inept team and posted the 12th best DVOA in the league last year. Sam was 30th. At college Baker put up 3 seasons significantly better than Sam's best year (his first) while Sam regressed and had a very underwhelming second year. So yeah, Baker has a much longer track record of completing passes, not turning the ball over, running an offense on schedule and generally playing the position at high level. These are hard facts and you guys who cant accept them are a bit cartoonish. Sam may one day be a better QB, he certainly flashes elite ability and I can get down with the argument that his ceiling is higher than Bakers. But as of now his floor is much lower and that's why a bad game would be more concerning.
  19. Concerned either way but more concerned if it was Sam. Fact is that Baker has a longer track record of playing well, making a bad game more likely to be just a bad game.
  20. Most doctors are some combination of apathetic, lazy or stupid. Get it done regardless as routine screening. As you said, it's extremely treatable if caught early, not so much if you are getting symptoms.
  21. Haha, growing up at the Jersey shore I have mutual friends with the Jersey Shore cast and have seen them around a few times. This post made me wonder if those douches had tried to TM their names and it turns out the situation and snooki have. Brady apparently has reached elite levels of douchery
  22. His measurables had him as a moderate risk if memory serves, he wasn't a stiff like Gholston but not an elite athlete either.

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