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  1. You are scum or really bad at this game ..
  2. Yes jif I'm scum with zero pressure and I've decided to kamikaze to get JETs lynched. Makes a ton of sense
  3. All I know is jets visited hess last night, hess is alive so I'm not saying you killed anyone. Maybe you RB him? Dunno
  4. I'm giving you a liar, the correct play is to vet me by lynching jets Gata's little gotcha is basic bitch stuff. Dont be a basic bitch Where is ape when I need him ffs
  5. Never would figure you for basic bitch mafia You scum?
  6. My flip will prove what I'm saying is true, so while I'm sure you are enjoying the little competition here here is little end game for you
  7. Ok so walk this out for me. In your mind, I'm really scum. And I've outed myself to get a Mason lynched? Despite having no pressure on myself or him? Also knowing I'd have to defend the fact that I lied about having watches left. What is the strategy in that ?
  8. Because I was protecting a pr from a nk?
  9. Of course I hid that I had an additional watch lol
  10. I double checked with mod and double checked with gata that she didn't even believe masons to be a power role (presumably because no night actions) Either you are lying or some thing mucked with my results. Simplest answer is you are lying Plus we are getting late enough in the game that we cant just take your claims at face value
  11. No ctm is odd night watcher and JETS visited you last night Visiting doctors isnt normally a mason function
  12. Vote jets .. not really participating and too many factions in play to assume our masons arent arent one of them
  13. Nelson was ape? I know you revealed very earlier and remember you saying you werent a pr lol
  14. I havent been a diehard sports fan for awhile now but I'm definitly surprised as to the depth of my apathy about professional sports or really many of the things I used to care about. Some of that is finding new things, I have a much greater appreciation for the outdoors than I had 3 months ago, for instance. However I wouldnt be being completely honest if I omitted the fact that the stress of the uncertainly of all of this doesnt have me preoccupied with more important issues and at times feeling discouraged. Our #1 trait as a species is adaptation, but it doesn't mean change isnt stressful.
  15. And you are town masons, not a seperate faction ? @Spoot-Face does that make sense give their characters. That thier power would be masons ?
  16. @GATA - Did you guys character claim yet? I've been reading a bit of back story.
  17. Congrats dude! Nice of you to share your wee wee pads with the canine companion too
  18. So what is the delta between what the market beared for Robbie and what the Jets paid? Millions right? Is the above worth that? Nope.. Particularly considering if he didn't progress the Jets would've cut his ass The jets made out very well on their deal with Robbie. They decided against paying him market forcing him to uproot himself. That is their right, as is it's his right to feel bitter about that. i don't understand what the issue is here?
  19. He's saying the jets invested little him and he had a huge ROI via his performance as even a starting caliber player. Hes not wrong. He didn't owe the Jets anything, it was they who owed him. I'm happy he got paid

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