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  1. This place continually proves wisdom of the crowds wrong. Jets win big
  2. Are you sure? I'm pretty sure that's your number, I've seen it numerous times at various rest stops
  3. That pretty much runs the gamut of taco quality. Hard to argue with your obviously well researched position
  4. I do like how much this upsets you. I need to reconsider my support
  5. Hard to believe how gifted Mac was at being terrible at his chosen profession
  6. I wish Paccanagan got the band back together, rented a plane for pac to jump out of with a pro Mac banner. And then his shute didnt open causing pac to crash to the ground proving Mac sucks... but luckily Pac landed on his head, which avoided major injury as his entire head is a solid block of calcium
  7. Theres big pimping and then theres gazebo rolling
  8. Guilty conscience much? I was talking about pacturd, he rolls gazebo style too
  9. Is there a potential bounty for a gazebo rich dude harassing someone for topless pics?

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