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  1. Link? I don't know that I agree or disagree with the word "typically" fwiw, but you are advocating change so burden of proof and all. I think division winner should get special treatment and you live with cases like above rather than penalize a team for being in a strong division or being paired with a team that had a cupcake schedule
  2. If anyone was actually making either of those points you'd have yourself a nice little W there ruprhect
  3. Aww, it's ok senator Craig, its 2020, your true nature is accepted and nothing to be ashamed of. Embrace it!
  4. I see a hearty coalition of the stupid is forming. Good good. Psst.. afce has historically had decent defenses and crap offenses in aggregate over the last 2 decades , its your boy Belichick's defenses that have been the primary beneficiary
  5. meh, you could penalize a strong division that beat each other up and/or a faced other strong divisions
  6. JA does little to counter the narrative president has become synonymous with buffoon
  7. Yes but much like the plot of ex machina, she escaped the palatial prison I created for her and now strives to repeatedly act out her creator murder fantasy in these here mafia games while simultaneously attempting to understand the physical world and the carbon based douchebags that rule it.
  8. Don't mind me folks, just running some routine system maintenance While (Players.Posted=false) { Gatabot.ProdPlayers.Execute() }
  9. Lame. Don't they have better things to do than stop a guy just trying to get 157lbs of high?
  10. You have a little Parcells all over your face neck and chest
  11. Yes unless something in the new one changes it
  12. This loser mentality that sob noodle arm brought with him stinks up Florham Park to this day. He was taken six rounds ahead of Brady which in and of itself is a microcosm of the inequity of the last 2 decades.
  13. + he understands Dahnald has the skinny on them north jersey skanks, Florham pahk gunna be like a 1970's swinger party this season. giggity
  14. So it topped the previous favorite? "Hey guys, lets all go have a fap together. Whaddya think?"
  15. So 14 of 32 teams now make the playoffs? Lame
  16. who the fook said that ? he is a ginger tho so in a way perma Dalton
  17. no sperm i lifted it from him It's really unbelievable that the same people who are like "lol Dahnald even younger than Burrow hahaa", and "omg 3 offensive systems in 3 years just wait till he gets settled in".. or .. "he's only played the position a few years just wait till he gets more experience lolol" Are now presented with concrete statistical data that suggests Darnold is inexperienced and a bit slow in making decisions and they're like, "nah. I don't buy it" "has to be something wrong or made up. It's useless really" "Kraft / Goodell conspiracy!!" It's hilarity and I hope ya'll never change

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