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  1. My favorite way to watch ! Thanks !!
  2. Is that a good show? Been meaning to watch it for years now but never got around to it
  3. The only angle I'm pie pipering is you as scum. You sound a bit panicked by it frankly. Come vote me now you sissy
  4. Hess is negotiating more town confusion
  5. So because I'm hesitant to lynch nyn I'm hedging bets? What exactly are you doing? You moved off while indicating you dont believe iher claim. Essentially the same thing with less words or explanation. You're accusing me of doing the same thing you are. You are gross. Further I've arrived at a firm position, I dont intend to vote Nyn today. Where do you stand exactly ?? I dont subscribe to cowboy mafia in most scenarios.I can appreciate JC's determination and singular focus as hes been town telling. That's doesnt mean I agree with him or think lynching nyn is a smart move so early in the game. The bottom line for me is that if nyn is scum it's likely the opposing team will kill her as she has no protection to block. It will sort it self out Today we have much better options, like you for instance.. - believe you faked ld claim at l2 and have not engaged at all with the claim or assertions of making it up - stark pinged and then quit, feel if he was town he wouldve atleast claimed - your play has kinda been all over the board and more unfocused than usual. Now you are fos'ing me for doing something you are doing. Imo you are a good bet for scum and a safe lynch
  6. Jif flipped as lawyer for 2 crews. Seems clear to me And we might not know if they can both shoot but it seems a safe bet. Regardless though, it was you who asserted she wont get shot if shes scum, it is I who said what about the second team. You made the assertion, I asked a question. The only one who speaks as if he KNOWS anything is you.
  7. if there are 2 teams why won't she get shot?
  8. nada and barely defended..
  9. I'm not. I'm on Hess now. I don't believe Nyn though and will likely move back if I can get traction here
  10. When you talk about a womens chest do you say boobs or pecs?
  11. Agreed, that's and the prior case as well as he kind of giving up don't ring true. Honestly the more i think about it, if she's scum and lying it's likely the other team will kill her. no?
  12. I'm not sure i agree with your logic, we don't even know if scum knew who jif was or if they could've found out he was working for both teams. Plus the LK and jif trains moved very quickly if memory serves. That being said, my gut is screaming hess is full of crap about his LD claim. He had to give it because he was run up early due to stark being scummy. Him lying about the role doesn't make him scum because he is the type of player who would lie as town but when you add in Starks play with Hess's play and the likelihood that he gave a fake claim under duress I feel that is our best bet today. Plus, if Nyn is legit, he was left unprotected 2 nights there was no kill. Seems like scum and potential third party would be keen to off a LD as top priority. Why is he alive, even if Nyn isn't telling the truth I'm still don't 100% believe Nyn but not convinced enough to lynch an uncountered doc vote hess
  13. I said nyn is suggesting. Not i am suggesting. I was clarifying what she is saying not saying it was absolute truth, The funny thing is I'm feeling as though Nyn is lying anyway, and I said so, so all of this is kind of moot for me Further, why the would someone from Stanfield crew fake claim a barksdale investigor? He'd put a huge bullseye on his back immediately. Wouldn't it be better for a stansfield scum to claim a stansfield investigator? suggest you have more coffee kdels can be anything right now. Nyn's flip would allow us to speculate on any of the other points. to me if kdels is scum he's likely barksdale imo though
  14. I see it now.. What makes you think I was assuming that? I honestly don't get your train of thought here. This is all based off of something we don't even know is true, nyn could be scum for all we know 1) Nyn is suggesting that a doc flip would clear kdels due to no nk 2) In order for that to be true scum would've had to shot at kdels and she blocked them 3) You said there's 2 crews. Which is true but I pointed out that stanfield wouldn't shoot at kdels. 4) Since stanfield wouldn't shoot at kdels, the only way Nyns original assertion in point 1 would be true would be Barksdale shooting kdels and nyn blocking. Standfield has nothing to do with anything here (which was my only point about stanfield)
  15. Yes but as a Barksdale only inv claim, stanfield crew would be keen to keep him alive.
  16. I honestly dont know what would happen if a bodyguard and a doc tatgetted the same person as scum. I guess its possible the bodyguard would die, maybe even probable. But I could also see tyevdoc protect overriding. Either way. Agree JC should give details
  17. Ugh.. Lying down as a town pr doesnt seem very nyn.. Really not sure what to make of you. Why hess protect n2?
  18. Its minimally helpful, jc would be dead I'd he picked right. However it could be felling for who wasnt targetted

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