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  1. Yeah **** these aholes coming here with their friendly hellos and we really like your qb crap. I wouldn't piss on them if they were on fire tbh
  2. I like how upsetting something like this will be to T0m. Maybe our best pick ever in that regard. Kids growing on me
  3. Thank goodness this ordeal is finally over, the jersey number anxiety was just too much to deal with after this past year
  4. he's right. DC nitwits are nuking the currency because we are broke. Salaried people are ****ed already
  5. The furry bozo you quoted who can hardly string together 3 sentences without contradicting himself
  6. The only insurrection in human history where the invaders politely stayed within guide ropes and stopped to take selfies
  7. Yep it seems so obvious that this is going to be a disaster I can't understand how Saleh and JD don't see it. This seems like a Woody or Chris Johnson type of move.
  8. ^ Said every first date of your life fool
  9. Wilson may do the unthinkable and be more controversial than the noodle arm. Buy and hold JN shares
  10. No, but only because he ate that with the ring dings on the waddle back to the car
  11. I don't see it with zachapono is the issue, like even a little. I think it's going to be JD's fatal mistake. Darnold and him are equiviliant type risks imo, but he former would've come with whatever ransom we got for 1.2 or just stay put and take the Pitts or Chase,
  12. Definitly like that they are supporting the young QB unlike that bonehead Mac, but I can't help feeling they traded away aQB for pocket lint to draft a similiar type question mark. Darnold + trade back feels like a far superior outcome, and I say this as a long time Darnold doubter
  13. Seems like more a speed guy, cool. + Glad it's offense.
  14. what do you think of the team that drafted you Elijah?
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