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  1. It's amazing that in 2019 these announcers aren't aware of the historically bad run of offenses the Pats have faced. They should atleast add some context before talking them up like they are the 85 bears
  2. Incorrect. His second year as a starter he completed 68% of his passes (in 2005), made the playoffs, the pro bowl and was #2 in QB rating
  3. Palmer was great before he blew out his knee against Pitts
  4. They also have played the worst 3 offenses in football in 4 of thier games, and the rest were against bottom third offenses
  5. This looks to be true. Had Antonio Brown stuck the pats would've been a shoe in for SB
  6. well when it works it's all the more immpressive that he threw it off his back foot
  7. Sure, but that isn't going to be decided tonight anymore then it was last week and we were inudated with threads about how much better Sam was then every young QB besides Lamar
  8. More bad /, multi int games.
  9. He does a lot and a lot of people marvel over it but it's bad for him to do it even when it works out. This is why we needed to surround him with talent on O because he has a ton of bad habits he's not going to learn to break with a weak unit around him
  10. These told you so threads are lame after a good game and even worse after a bad one. Anyone who takes the green goggles off knows Sam has a lot of work to do, there will be more games like this one and more games like last week as well. Level out your reactions until he starts to build a trend in either direction
  11. Not really. Small sample. Right now he's not as good as you thought he was yesterday and he's not as bad as you think he is right now.
  12. lmao.. they get away with the clock running out only for that to happen. This ******* franchise haha
  13. True. But it was pretty big thing when I was young so it being milked like a cow on the worst factory farm imaginable isn't great to witness.
  14. I think 1/2 the forum did, must be syncingn up
  15. Someone named Charlie Puth singing "And you thought the Star Wars promo was bad"
  16. Hay.. the saga will end but the story will live forever
  17. Feel kinda bad that I have no interest in seeing the latest star wars.

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