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  1. I think Fields is the superior prospect and the Jets can control that. They seem intent on making what I belive is an extremely poor decision. Having the Pat's get the better QB later in the draft is just icing on the sh*t cake
  2. ok so speculation then, i understand you have some sources and wasn't sure if that's the rumor mill. I think Fields in NE will be bad for the yets
  3. why do you think NE? That would be terrible
  4. I don't get it. This seems like it's so obviously going to be a disaster. I wasn't a big Darnold guy but atleast there was some things you could point to with him in order to be optimistic. I don't see much with Wilson. Even his highlight videos are laced with under throws, atleast the ones I've seen. Kind of blows my mind that he's going #2
  5. He got rid of Mac so he actually helped us big picture
  6. CTM

    The QB Thread

    I can't decide if this is more accurate than We will regret drafting Zach Wilson close call
  7. I dont get it, since last season . Dont see this generational tag and glad we werent going to he in a position to draft him until Wilson rose
  8. 100% Fields and I'd maneuver to take him over Lawrence if we were #1 (and gain some picks in process)
  9. Jets draft Wilson aheard of Pats who grab Fields. I'm sure that will work out famously
  10. It's like the gubment war on drugs.. policy failure to try and clamp down. Costs are too high, in your case communication and trust, and efficacy is low.. kid may be more compelled to to try it, but now lie and sneak to do it You should feel lucky the kid came to you.
  11. Got it. It reads like some.metric of projected draft positions of offensive teammates
  12. I dont trust any twatter with math in his username
  13. I cant wait tbh, I already started and hes not even drafted yet
  14. It just says cast, I know QBase uses or used teammates who would be drafted early as supporting cast. They also adjust for defenses faced 2 different things. You are sayig this combines it and calls it supporting cast?
  15. ehh, not to get political but dc corruption + and the food business kinda did that all these years. High fructose corn syrup is right up there with dirtsticks https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-diet-farm-subsidies/foods-from-subsidized-commodities-tied-to-obesity-idUSKCN0ZL2ER
  16. I saw a few of them. I don't think he's very high on him. Truthfully I don't know what his track record is and can give **** all but he certainly points out some sigificant issues
  17. I see that fishermans ruler your mom got to back in the 80's to address other , uhh, deficiences is still paying dividends
  18. he has a video titled "zach wilson, what am i missing" and released an aprils fools video where he ranked Wilson #1 At the end of the day these are kids so most decent folk are going to talk about positives for any of these guys
  19. You are going to go full Paccagnan when/if/when WIlson busts, aren't you
  20. look at Archie Bunker over here, it's 2021 dude
  21. WHere is level of competition on here?
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