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  1. Falk played most of the game when the Browns had already control. Darnold looked way better
  2. Yes! Curious what his DVOA will be. I was only half paying attention for much of second half
  3. I dont know what his stats ended up as but the kid was very clearly overmatched.
  4. All true. However Gase hasnt looked great, even considering the talent level. And he failed in Miami. It's legit to wonder if hes a stubborn meathead who needed to be humbled a bit before take 2.
  5. Yeah for sure, the trend isnt looking great and I'm more pessimistic about Gase now more than 2 weeks ago
  6. Jets (0-1) at Patriots (2-0) Opening line: Patriots, -17.5 points This is a monstrous point spread, but if the Patriots have proven one thing over the past few years, it's that they're almost always a safe bet when hosting a divisional opponent. In their past 20 homes games against an AFC East team, the Patriots have gone 9-1 straight-up and 7-2-1 ATS. The Patriots have actually been favored by 17 or more points against the Jets twice in the past three years and they covered both times. The Patriots have gone 4-1 ATS in their past five games where they were favored by 17 or more, including Sunday's 43-0 win over the Dolphins.
  7. Theres truth to the fact that injuries are a legit excuse in this situation. The team they largely inherited had poor overall talent and an even worse bench. Then they lost 2 or 3 of the handful of good players they had, you cant really expect much.
  8. Didn't they just lose thier QB for the season? I don't get it. Lose your aging FQB for season with no heir apparent on roster, already sitting at 0-2, and you trade away your #1 in potentially QB rich draft for a CB? .Sometimes it's hard to understand how they get these jobs.
  9. Who thinks T0m is busy trying to figure out how to blame Adams for that OBJ play
  10. Well it's likely his father is also an idiot, I thought maybe you had confirmation
  11. Yep, this game is two crap teams playing crap football, definitely walking away from this thinking less of the Browns. Which makes 2 weeks in row
  12. And he was acting as if the Jets had committed a penalty. The little douche doesn't look good, his ego might of gotten the better of him
  13. I'm pretty sure you've been saying that, a lot actually.
  14. Mahommes weaponzz >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dahnald's weapons
  15. Of course. Being right on the internets is at stake tho
  16. Because hes desperate to "prove" Mac was a bigger issue than Bowles. Major ilk points for this thread

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