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  1. Was pretty obvious last year too, shame because he was a good solider for the most part
  2. people seem to be losing interest. it's pretty dumb though. The conversations are usually "pink is sus", "no not me". Actually the level of play is pretty similiar to how Ape plays so maybe he'd like it.
  3. Winter is here this was always when the true risk to the season was. Dam bursting talk was a but silly in September, not so much now. The media isnt cooperating by contining to lie which will add to pressure fo take action.
  4. Gun to your head, which site you giving up for life JN or Pornhub?
  5. Damn way too young.. RIP
  6. On the positive side, his approval rating with feckless numales like @t0m just went up 5pts
  7. what are you supposed to do with that jw?
  8. word, like Martin These freaks of nature, which Becton clearly is, often have some durability issues
  9. In and of itself maybe not but moving across the country to a new city and new job will undoubtedly lead to certain lifestyle changes which can lead to more lifestyle changes that cumulatively offer respite from depression via moving you further down the depression spectrum on which we all reside. Ultimately it can be the spark which ignited change and is easily traceable. I'm offended that you are questioning/critisizing his lived experiance
  10. why are you assuming they had any to begin with?
  11. he pinged you on your couch then?
  12. Jamal can't do it all by himself bub
  13. he's working on his socially distanced tackling technique
  14. Preaching to the choir dude..Im aware of Ticketmaster's plans for people having papers essentially and that they are not unique. Amazon is the devil and the government is evil
  15. We have some many holes that even 20 picks wouldnt fill them. So what's the big deal about burning one? I dont get it. Shouldve burned 2 in fact

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