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  1. Ahh nice. There is some canuck douche transplant here that was sh*tting on dry rub but the locals told me to hit it. So glad I listened . What's in yours ?
  2. I'm in memphis and just got done eating a ton of BBQ. Covid had me choose outdoor seating so what plus eating 1lb of BBQ had soem serious meat sweat happening. But memphis dry rub is goood
  3. What T@gabot, about to get some authentic memphis bbq.. power down
  4. I cant imagine it's worse than Sheera, the old female heman show that was recently remade with lgbtq representation as a focus. My kid is currently obsessed with it and building quite a tic tock following doing cosplay of the show.. Last I heard she was over a million views. What a world lol She used to enjoy playing games with me before she was a jerk teenager, maybe this is something we can enjoy together. I just cant get into Sheera, I've tried.
  5. The cognitive dissonance required to craft a post defending the "big boss", while accusing me of defending the "big boss" ruling party is stunning. The fact that your big boss leads all the other big bosses is kill rate by about 10-20× and also enjoys the full protection of several dangerous mini bosses like the cable news cyclops and the print mediadusa, as well as a horde of NPC online shamers make him quite possibly the most OP boss in video game history. Tlou 1 was grand though., looking for ward to tlou2. My daughter should appreciate the theme as shes all about that representation
  6. I'm creating a game called Saving Broadway, essentially you have to kill a bunch of senior citizens and then all your buddies make a lot of money in exchange for "campaign donations"..totally woke, you'll love it Re tlou2, sounds great, will pick it up. Do you have ps4 pro or the regular version?
  7. Spoot is totes the kind of dickhead vermin that would role jvill up knowing this was coming
  8. Must be tough getting asked out for so much fine dining.. My heart aches for you
  9. sh*t on a stick, I thought I was in the ok to talk politics space I give up
  10. It's not because of the sports league, it's because NYC had access to the same information as the nba plus more.. the sport league looked at the situation in Italy, saw it in seattle and said woah, time to pull the plug. NYC was always going to be the hot spot in USA and needed to shut down first. Not after the NBA, not after california. First. Many citizens were smart enough to avoid NYC in early March, NYC wasnt blindsided by this, they refused to risk thier economies knowing full well the risk
  11. I think you take it at face value in early game and see what happens, yes
  12. And seriously, cancel it. Large groups of people are the most dangerous thing to do. It's a game played and coached by millionaires for the profit of billionaires. They can afford it

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