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Status Updates posted by CTM

  1. what are we getting facebook type game updates in here?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. JiF


      You just harvested a cock in your mouth

    3. Sharrow


      A bountiful harvest I'm sure.

    4. JiF


      More than a mouthful.

  2. Salina Cruz, Mexico: Borders are closed to Jif since 2012

    1. The Crusher

      The Crusher

      What will his bastard children do with no PaPa?

    2. CTM


      unless jif's seamen has figured out to impregnate male's, i don't think it will be an issue

    3. JiF


      Salina Cruz loves me. We bonded.

  3. Fox News Special Report: Barack HUSSEIN Obama lets Bin Laden live for 9 years

    1. BaumerJet


      CTM, How could Obama keep him alive as President when he's only been President since January 2010?!!

      Unless that was a knock at Fox News - Then I get it...

    2. CTM


      100% knock at fox news :D

    3. BaumerJet


      Just what I thought!

  4. Crusher ate my status

    1. The Crusher

      The Crusher

      Would you rather I go hungry?

    2. THE ILK

      THE ILK

      Feed him Seymour!

  5. Crusher is thin

    1. JiF


      Not on my watch.

  6. nothing

    1. JiF


      thats because you are a loser

  7. Come play mafia in the new mafia forum or crusher will sit on you

  8. just realized he could insult turds like jif here for all to see

  9. When you say thin, are you talking paper thin??

  10. CTM

    Exclusivity is my gig and you don't make the cut anymore.. How do I unfriend somebody?

  11. CTM

    Glad to see you joined the acronym club! :D

  12. I was there at 10:06 with the obligatory fat joke :D

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