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  1. I've only gotten them here and I think it started yesterday but today it's been incessant.
  2. guess it's not just me @Maxman
  3. This is what happens on cell phone, along with the phone vibrating and announcing "congratulations"
  4. This probably doesn't belong on main board but some new ad network on this site is misbehaving rendering it all but unusable from my Android phone. A page opens up and starts talking "Congratulations.. " and activating the phone vibrate function. From there it won't easily let me use the back key to get back to JN as it keeps opening windows and dialog boxes. Even the desktop has a garish rotating ad on the bottom that covers part of the screen which I assume is related. Screenshot below, the ads rotate within themselves and new ads rotate in after a minute or so. Anyone else having this issue, this is the only site it's happenning on.
  5. It would be the most fun I've had during a SB ever, maybe bit of a hangover on Monday and then by Tuesday back to life with no real change
  6. The last 3 weeks is what I was expecting, with flashes of what we saw in week 1. If you take all 4 weeks and scramble them a bit to spread the good over 4 games, it matches pretty much what we all should've expected. A lot of the good stuff was just front loaded. I think what's clear is we need a HC/GM who are going to do everything they can to support this kids development as he is not a can't miss prospect. That is scheme, and talent. If we are picking top 5 and go defense again we should storm the castle
  7. Yeah, Rodgers was the most talented I'd had seen but this kid is on another level
  8. Classic let down coming east @1pm, particularly if they hold on here
  9. There was an NFL network analyst who broke down several times Sam missed shifts against the fins. I saw it in the Cleveland preview. Can't find the video though. Baker vs Tyrod is similiar though, the faced a similiar amount of blitzes (Baker saw more zone) but the pressure was much less on Baker because he was making decisions quicker than Tyrod. Not saying our line is good, but I think slightly below average is more accurate estimate than league worst.
  10. What is a fair assumption however is that our inexperianced QB is doing all of those things poorly making the line look worse than it is.
  11. Plus Darnold and what is looking like a top 5-10 pick
  12. That is from the mafia forum and it's the jif signal. I'm surprised hes not in the thread yet tbh
  13. All for naught if Mac doesnt go. As bad as Bowlea has been Mac is worse
  14. Don't know how many times I can say it but the guy has had 1 HS season and 2 college season as a starting QB, he just doesn't have the repetitions required to have baseline level of professional competence. He's a puncher, not a boxer
  15. Only to be embarrassed in the playoffs and have no shot at SB even with a strong team around him (2004). In a league dominated by poor play, shooting for mediocre allows you to occasionally sneak into the playoffs by playing conservatively and allowing other teams to beat themselves. It's the same philosophy that allowed Herm to sneak into the playoffs 3 times
  16. Cause penningtologists like to believe his poor arm and sh*tty play started after the shoulder injury and say so frequently. But the reality is that he was bad from the Oakland playoff game in 2002 through the entire next season with a fine shoulder. Overtime the constant refrain of Pennington would've been great if not for shoulder takes hold and you assume his poor 2003 + preseason injury must be shoulder related. Even though it was his non throwing hand wrist
  17. Nah, they are too big and ambitions too large. A threat to the entire country they are
  18. Amazon is evil (not for this) I cut Amazon out of my life as everyone should
  19. Ty. QB makes a huge difference in the appearance of pressure. Taylor held the ball too long despite open receivers and gave time for defense to get there, Mayfield made quick decisions and got rid of ball quickly before rush got there. There's your ball game. How much of this is Taylor being terrible vs Baker being good remains to be seen but to my eyes both were true.
  20. Our QB situation has been terrible since Namath. I agree that Sam is the best prospect we've had since then as well. But there's going to be a lot of ups and down, he needs a lot of work

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