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  1. I'd go anywhere with you joe 👨‍❤️‍👨
  2. You have to realize by now that taking this so seriously is what encourages us to keep messing with you
  3. Apologies for getting your fake nationality wrong
  4. I have her right where I want her. It's a 12 step woo'ing process, we're on step 3
  5. I wonder how many noobs have slid into those DM's over the years. I imagine pac did back at JI
  6. Wait!? Does this mean Kelly hasn't been a hot early 20's swedish girl for the last 15+ years?
  7. Hes an online content curator specializing in pictures of topless men. Just wanted to make sure he didnt miss the submission.
  8. If we're going with boxing weight classes, that's aten vs crusher
  9. Sad that a good chunk of the internet knew this was coming and the GM didn't
  10. Yes of course. But 1) they would've went 14-2 or better and 2) it's a biggger drop off to go from #1 seed to no playoffs than from #1 seed to #1 seed
  11. 13-3 wouldve had them in the playoffs with a bye instead of missing the playoffs all together. So no. And that team against that schedule goes 14-2 minimum with Brady
  12. No but its what they did the year prior with the same team and starting QB Against a hard schedule, they won 11 against an easy one. Did I mention that ? It matters, a lot
  13. Gase gets knocked for this. Really weird the way people are digging thier heels in and taking sides basically over mac. Both of these things are true: 1) Mac did an abysmal job here and left Gase with a thin, talent poor roster that's a huge liability 2) Gase has done a terrible job up till now displaying a lot of the traits he was knocked for in Miami.
  14. Going from 16 wins to 11 is a massive fall off in performance, +/- 5 wins is the di fference between the playoffs and picking #7 in the draft for most teams The schedule was one if the hardest in the 16 win season and one of the easiest in the 11 win season. This post inadvertantly supports Gase

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