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  1. Asked and answered. Agree it was anti town behavior but it's consistent with his evolution through the game aggressive > stubborn >frustrated >dejected I believe he is most likely to be town out of everyone besides me town > scum CTM > Jc > Barry> Lizzie > Hess> Nyn > AVM You guys think JC is scum then vote him!
  2. His refusal to back off Nyn originally also made me think stubborn town. Then him throwing the towel yesterday made me think frustrated town. I'd expect him not to cooperate tbh
  3. Agreed. however he had said earlier he wasn't using it on any of us and actively questioned kdels from the get go. Nyn is more confusing to me ..
  4. I didn't ? I thought i did @GATA
  5. I think AVM and/or Nyn are far more likely. If both JC and I are alive tomorrow I might reassess.. I'm not looking to widen the net at this point to include anyone. I'm not on lizzie or Barry either.
  6. Best town read atm JC has grown increasingly obstinate all game. I read that as frustrated town. He outwardly refused to protect anyone earlier in the game. Again,my take away was frustrated town. Not sure he'd be that flamboyantly GFY as scum To me players who actions are too helpful and too townie are suspect. Someone who started out aggressively shaking trees and than outwardly devolved into EAD town makes me think town.
  7. No he wouldn't. I think he's likely legit real life busy.
  8. rE: Nyn, she's an uncountered doc. And.. i have a hard time believing her claim or that she didn't vote kdels. I voted her originally The 2 bolded statements contradict one another. If everyone gets to scum hunt then me writing someone off as townie isn't indicative of anything. Also, i'm not writing anyone off, but why would I lynch my best town read when i think there are better options?
  9. JC isn't really a protection, it's a sacrifice :). Not ok with eitehr of them not considering protecting him though
  10. I'm pretty sure you are known to not go the jif route and always self protect.. The proper play is to rando between you and another PR
  11. My strongest town read are you and JC. I am town. For me that means it's likely 3/4 of Hess, Nyn, Lizzie and AVM are scum. To me , AVM is a no brainer of that bunch,
  12. I mean hes openly claimed for days that he wasnt protecting anyone lol
  13. Vote avm Willing to let nyn thing playout a bit more..
  14. I could go Avm or nyn, avm looks like sure fire scum at this point
  15. Could be I guess but probably smarter to RB nk target or nyn, rather than blindly .. More likely crews arent mirrored than that imo
  16. Hold.. kdels got a result in crusher n3.. means at the least Barksdale wasnt role blocking kdels
  17. When did kdels claim.If Barksdale has a RB like crusher kdels shouldve died at first chance. But if he claimed after N3 then last night was first chance , I feel like it was day 2 tho
  18. ^ this is exactly where I am at. To be honest why did kdels just die tho. Crusher was stanfield and had a role block. He had no reason to kill kdels, in fact wouldve prefered alive. So last night Barksdale killed However if theres a RB on Barksdale too qnd nyn is doc why not kill kdels immediately by RB Nyn? The idea that there is a barksdale RB make it seem like kdels wouldve been dead at the first opportunity.
  19. Avm, hess or nyn today for me.. doubt I'll vote anyone else
  20. I'm leaning here too, protecting kdels seems like a no brainer given spoot flip @Nynaeve - thought proeess please ?
  21. And if scum teams are mirrored, the opposing scum team would know about the BPV. But they also have a RB apparently, with a new mod hard to say if RB would over ride BPV
  22. Its null, could go either way.. still town read jc tho

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