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  1. I was kind of disapointed that you didn't make it about yourself somehow in the next sentence
  2. Dude, you said that we shoudl stop hating JA and instead focus our hatred on current players. What you said was quite clear. You were advocating we hate current players instead of former ones, and asking us to do it shirtless. Admittedly the latter wasn't explicit but the subtext was there
  3. So you'd rather we hate on current players than former players? Some fan you are
  4. I wasnt aware there was a version of sucking T0m would be unhappy with
  5. @Jetsfan80's are satin, embroidered with his initials and carefully laundered at the finest organic dry cleaners.After which they are folded with military precision and stored in a hermetically sealed humidor imported from Geneva that had beeen owned previously by the royal family itself
  6. Taking the yellow bellied noodle arm in rd 1 when the Pat's got Brady in rd 6 of the same draft is the defining moment of fail for this century of NYJ
  7. Also you @GATA remember to always tag @GATA
  8. CTM

    Goat Yoga

    No givebacks. T0m's @GATA figure this out for himself
  9. CTM

    Goat Yoga

    Ya @GATA keep it 4 life. It's not a big deal tho. Runs excluvisely on alcoholic drinks and red lobster cheezy biscuits. Only downside is frequent bouts of murderous rage, but easily distracted by either of the above. Just keep well stocked
  10. CTM

    Goat Yoga

    Probably ovulating. That pic reminds me of spoot and pac anytime a new poster with a female avatar enters the mafia forum
  11. CTM

    Goat Yoga

    I always suspected T0m was a power bottom

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