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  1. Checking in to say no, no again. It's a dreadful idea
  2. Usually I'd be excited to start the whole fanboy trolling cycle anew but this one doesn't even feel sporting. Disaster.
  3. Would need to see topless photos before commenting @joewilly12
  4. I think this year was funky and hard to measure anything. The fact that Wilson was very average the year prior and exploded this year is concerning. I think he's an injury waiting to happen. Similiar to Pennington, just not sturdy looking fellas. He's also got the prior injury history I think a lot of his highlights are more concerning than exciting, lots of late throws, jump balls that his receivers who seemed to overmatch the defenders regularly, running backwards.. There are some great throws in there so he's got some talent for sure but lots to be concerned about as well. Simili
  5. There's plenty of exercises for that arm flab joes willy, lmk if you want links
  6. it's also contextual, if there's a lot of matching content on a page google may pop the ad
  7. Concerts are openning back up as well, but there does seem to be this background noise about variants, reinfections, etc that continues to linger. I don't think they are going to have choice but to open back up though as inflation is starting to get very ugly and we're only seeing the begginning of the wave.
  8. I think it's the worst possible outcome, we're the Jets and that how we do.. so 100%
  9. they need to reboot might mouse
  10. ^ spent enough time loitering around various locker rooms to know how this works
  11. I can't be the only one that chuckled at his show being called study ball?
  12. Also, this pick is going to be the worst pick since Jamal adamsn over watson and Mahommes
  13. Actually tall, thin and androgynous is PACs type and theres nothing wrong with it ok? Its 2021 man
  14. Omg! I @GATA get my head examind, how could I forget @GATA
  15. Apeapono, CTMapono, Pacapono, Hessapono, Crushapono.. all work.. you can just append apono to anything apparently
  16. When we draft him you should add apono to all of our names
  17. really such a great name, zach is twink gunior
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