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  1. @HessStation , @GATA is looking for you
  2. When you are on a dating app how do you deal with the lack of a muscular and ripped option for female body type filter?
  3. My strongest reads are you and crusher as scum and jc as town.. so unknown yet.. crushers posts post death arent that meaningful. Feel like hed be more pissy if really town .. the big fat baby
  4. Swear on bacon Wth with teh scene lol @GATA please tag jvill
  5. ^ Must be confused as to whether crusher is town or the opposing scum team
  6. hess or crusher for me today. Don't see much to add Crusher should swing
  7. CTM

    All Things Alcohol

    $10 and $30 I could manage, $20 and $30 would be a guess. I can tell really cheap wine and good wine ($200++) between $10 and $100 is largely indiscernible to me,
  8. I would probably call the covid tipline on the man for violating social distancing
  9. Vote crusher Since no traction on hesshole, his agreeing with hess's non existent observation with no ability to substantiate why he agreed pings
  10. Meetings all day will catch up later. 13 notification though lol @GATA
  11. 😂😂 😂😂 😂😂 I @GATA pour me another alcoholic drink
  12. Props for spinning this into some solid jest bashing I like your style
  13. You dont think we @GATA find another box safety first and foremost?
  14. I @GATAsee if we can get this to catch on in the main forum, @GATA loves the content there and would be certain to appreciate being tagged at particularly hot takes @GATA

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