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  1. Yep. Beyond dumb. WE ended up with what is looking like another bust DT and maybe skunked the entire draft, an over the hill RB, and an extremely overpaid MLB who has played like 1/2 a game in 2 years. We went an entire offseason and acquired 1 piece, a slot receiver.. and people wonder why we suck DISASTER
  2. ^^ bravo.. couldn't have said it better. The problem is Idzik/Mac first and foremost. Remains to be seen if Douglass can undo the damage but it's an absolute sin they let Mac run last years offseason. One of th emost inexplicable moves I've seen a franchise make. The Johnsons are the issue really
  3. Those games didn't count though because reasons. This one did For now anyway. Until the narrative changes to COVID caused limited TC being inherently more challenging to offensive chemistry and even more challenging for a young QB with many new parts. Did i mention how young he is? He's young you know. Like really young
  4. One where the coach stops calling senseless plays like run out of bounds behind LOS, take a delay of game and over throw the receiver obv
  5. Well if he makes it through the week without catching an STD you'd have to admit he's not made that mistake again
  6. You misspelled mike mcagannnan .. I might of as well but **** that guy and his sh*tty last name
  7. The over reactions to both good and bad performances never get old. Quality stuff
  8. Too wholesome, I'd guess his home is more a mix between a meth house a kink dungeon
  9. He'll likely do just enough for the believers to maintain faith but not enough for the doubters to stop doubting. QB rating in high 80's and the debate will rage on
  10. THe goat is well past his prime. Darnold needs to be much better than BRady was last year to justify the investment
  11. CTM

    Goat Yoga

    I think I see pubes. Someone get 80 a box of Kleenex stat
  12. CTM

    Goat Yoga

    Well you are the tagging expert tagabot @GATA
  13. I was kind of disapointed that you didn't make it about yourself somehow in the next sentence
  14. Dude, you said that we shoudl stop hating JA and instead focus our hatred on current players. What you said was quite clear. You were advocating we hate current players instead of former ones, and asking us to do it shirtless. Admittedly the latter wasn't explicit but the subtext was there
  15. So you'd rather we hate on current players than former players? Some fan you are

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