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  1. I cant help myself I @GATA tag @GATA
  2. Crusher, hess, nyn based on play but think we should let that play out. Ape The only town read I have is you
  3. Well the good news is that by now you voted just about everyone. You can easily bump at end game to prove you caught them all. Ape will be so proud
  4. I know right. huge FOS to all dice voters
  5. Well considering there will be no nfl this year per you I'll take that bet.
  6. The graph above indicated that 35% were occupied by COVID, not sure how that is "mostly" What makes you so sure 84% is so concerning? I distinctly remember when COVID started most of those dire every hospital in the country will be overrun my May threads indicated something like 70% utilization normally. Intuitively that makes sense as hospitals would prefer to utilize their space as productively as possible, and it's a lot more productive to put a new MRI machine in than it is to have 70% of your beds empty. Also a ton of concerning stats about low hospitals / population ratios in US. All of which would suggest that hospitals normally run at near capacity. Further, the people running non profit hospitals, who would stand to gain by getting federal and neighboring states to pitch in, didn't seem all that concerned in early July I think the only poopchute here is your mouth https://www.woodlandsonline.com/npps/story.cfm?nppage=67046 I guess this is fake news and a conspiracy too huh? Trump jr
  7. Ur not the boss of me Unvote Vote dice
  8. Dice isn't going to be here right? Think we should lynch hess its safer but I'll hammer dice
  9. I wanted dice to swing? Where?
  10. The screen cap says 16% of ICU beds open, they may run at that level normally (hospitals don't have a habit of having massive amounts of unused beds) It says 7 hospitals have full ICU, out of 187 total. That is what 4%. I don't think that is aptly described as " a major problem that is completely overwhelming our hospitals" And Georgia seems to be declining as well. Amazing that some people don't see this as good news https://www.ajc.com/news/coronavirus-georgia-covid-dashboard/jvoLBozRtBSVSNQDDAuZxH/
  11. My area I don't think has ever had more than like 7 cases per 100k but haven't been able to go the gym for 5 months and counting..
  12. flailing but not really pinging, just bad ideas...
  13. Yes some areas spend more for sure. That wasn't the point. My point was we haven't defunded education in aggregate, in fact in aggregate we spend more than other countries and spend more in relative and absolute dollars than we did 50 years ago
  14. per student, i need to upgrade your linguistic comprehension sub routines. and you think it's changed that much in 3 years?
  15. I still think Hess and I have the right idea but will consolidate if need be
  16. Yes but defunded (or deprioritized) culturally, from a money perspective we spend more than ever and more than the vast majority of countries who get better outcomes.
  17. Yes but this is political now, the goal posts are different depending on who the subject and speaker are

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