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  1. I think thats fair but the flip side is the injury potential. Not only does he have a banged up shoulder but he looks a littlle slight for sundays
  2. I still like Fields but was hoping it would be in a trade down scenario. No clue on Lance haven't looked into it much
  3. Yep, and this kid isn't in near the talent of Mahommes. I really don't see it at all. And I know Qbase is higher on him than Darnold but it's hard to put a ton of stock on this season given covid. Had he been a 3 year performer I'd be more willing to be more trusting of the numbers I'm kind of waiting for Allen Funt to jump out from behind one of these threads
  4. Fair, but I don't think we should support being cheap as fans
  5. This was dangerous to the receiver, not in terms of INT. It was actually bhind where his momentum was taking him, his momentum was taking him past the safety. A properly placecd ball (@jif) and its a bigger play + no big hit on the WR imo
  6. Ah yes, appreciate the effort for sure and great work!. Just came away with a very different conclusion.
  7. Why is that a concern, dont we have plenty of cap space ?
  8. Same.. fields is the best of the lot to me. I didnt want to draft Lawrence which is why I was ok with those late season wins. But I'd be 100x more comfortable with him than Wilson, so careful what you wish for
  9. I honestly thought this was a critical thread at first lol I guess the point is he doesnt throw it up for grabs? But later there was a few gifs listed as great passes that were actually very dangerous throws into coverage. I'm not seeing what others are seeing
  10. He nearly got his receiver killed . Throw was inaccurate and shouldve led the receiver away from the safety not up in the air extended with a huge x on his back. Nitpicky maybe but this is being presented as a highlight
  11. Sex workers are not sex trafficing, they include the porn stars and nude models you are so fond of. If anything things like only fans and cam sites allow the women to have greater control of thier business than ever before in a much safer climate.
  12. Cam sites directly participate in sex trafficing? This coming from the guy who almost got the site taken down due to a mega soft porn image thread that's pretty amusing lol
  13. Huh? I thought we had plenty of cap spaces 2 years running? Good grief is @bitonti right all along?
  14. I remember being ok with those wins as I too think Lawrence is over rated. Wilson @ 2 feels significantly less likely to work out though
  15. My nephew did as well, 11 years old and won 2400.. probably a bad thing, just made a gambler for life
  16. Bolded + limited ability to scout / eval= more risk than a normal year.
  17. I'm ready to move on from Darnold, this isn't about Darnold to me. If this same trade was attached to pre rapey Deshaun I'd be doing cartwheels. Just feels like the wrong year to take a flyer on a 1 year wonder with injury history. Someone said Jets medical staff could't even do an eval?
  18. There are no rules, there does however exist decades of draft history and player performance which can be used to make projections. Those projections suggest Wilson is a somewhat risky pick with an injury history. You can accept that risk and go with what you believe .. Sure. thats fine. However we are doing so in a year in which our ability to evaluate him has been compromised due to COVID, making the risky, even more risky. I think the current climate would better lend itself to a guy with more of a track record
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