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  1. I didn't ruin @GATA's programming @GATA bathing her circuits in alcoholic drinks every weekend did that @GATA
  2. I meant if they could screw a player over this covid thing.. havent really been following
  3. They signed the deal. I'm sure if they could somehow screw the players they would
  4. It's a T0m Shane psych-ops account
  5. How so? Is the point that because the bulk of his pay was a roster bonus that he made most of his money for year already and it cost him comparatively little to sit out? If so good on him, I might share your disapproval if he was campaigning for nobody to play after his good fortune but he doesnt seem to be
  6. Can someone explain to me why anyone cares if a player decides to sit out? I dont get it. I actually agree its being overly cautious but if the guy isnt comfortable playing we should respect that
  7. Animated gifs load separately and are heavier than html. As I was scrolling down the image might not have loaded if the bandwidth wasnt great. I see it now. I didnt see it then
  8. Haha.. just checked it was a couple of posts above but I didnt see it originally. I was on mobile when I saw his death scene so it might not of loaded
  9. Who knows with hess. That being said yiu poking holes in him and the guy he cleared is town like. I feel better about you
  10. 2 factions make sense from a flavor perspective + omar as sk or vig. If theres a third party its omar. Omar killed with shotgun if memory serves so I imagine that was his day kill With looking like 2 factions, 0 nk's night 1 is curious + jif "working" for both of them is an interesting dynamic. Some kind of double agent like JETS 2 games ago?
  11. I'm clearly not helping town lol
  12. Meh, not a lot of game play from anyone yet 8ball. In most games this season ive not really engaged till day 3/4 Jif has given us something to react to though now. I think its hollow
  13. Yeah no, pushing lynchs is actually advocating for a lynch, like you are doing to me right now. I have no idea why jif was being run up initially and honestly thought it would fun to blind lynch him. I made no case and no push. Now that hes claiming some kind of role but refusing to disclose I havs an actual reason to vote him. Care to weigh in on jif fatness, or are you satisfied making sh*t up about me while jif twerks all over the thread ?
  14. Weird reference, having issues ape man ?
  15. You already made that point and it's irrelevant. Your ape brains are dumb
  16. That's fine, but I should think it was obvious that calling everyone stupid and then doing the very thing I called stupid was not serious
  17. Pushing lynches? You mean by not vocally not caring if we lynch jif and basically being like whatevs? That's not pushing a lynch, if anything its train hoping You are starting to get me interested in you though. Keep talking
  18. Seriously lol? That joke was pretty low bar yet still went over your head ?
  19. You gave me some bogus sh*t of not being assertive as scum which is just made up. What were the others?
  20. Yes and eating more. Gyms still closed in NJ, for 4 months now.. I have like 5 cases within 100 sq miles and infection rate is like 2 per 100k in my county.. it's beyond stupid. Also ******* annoying that the idiot governor here is being fellated by the the biased media despite our death toll in NJ being the highest in the country. If everyone did such a good job as him there'd be a lot more dead and a lot less small businesses. Anyway, this keeps up I'm going to be as fat at @Pac by xmas
  21. Couple of scum tells? This should be good, what are the bacobrain

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