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  1. [X] Op doesn't understand that his draft position will greatly impact upcoming contract negotiation
  2. Lol, yes hearts and minds was tongue in cheek And again, the draft position is going to drive the starting point for the next contract negotiation. That is the issue.
  3. Particularly this player who is adept at self marketing and social media and these things influence pro bowl voters and ownership come contract time. He's likely going to want a record setting contract for S and the Jets shouldn't pay it unless he puts some clear distance between himself and the next tier of safeties, which he hasn't as of yet.
  4. This is a battle for hearts and minds of the fans come contract time given our lunkhead ownership propensity to bow to the will of frorthing at the mouth fans
  5. There is nothing to dig in about. Anything I've said since day 1 holds true today. And when Jamal wants a receord setting contract for safety things like what it means to be PFF's 4th best safety, and where his peers were found by other teams are pretty damn important to consider. I'm sorry that it hurts the homers butt to think of these things but they are important to building a winning organization Jamal is a good player. I don't care for his ego or antics, but he's a good player. This can be true at the same time as acknowleding he was over drafted, is overpaid and will want to be even more overpaid come contract time.
  6. Because they aren't 2 different questions. We are talking about 1) allocation of draft capital 2) allocation of salary cap. Because Jamal Adams is going to want a premium at contract re-up time based largely on his draft position. If you think he's not, remember that Jamal's base is a 22M contract based on being drafted #6. Marcus Maye's base is 4M (drafted same year, similiar position and 1 round later) , meaning even if thier on field performance was exactly the same Jamal is going to be significantly more expensive to sign based on a much higher starting point and a much more "celebrity" (both of which are driven by his high draft slot)
  7. Which players are ahead of him and what was their draft slot? I don't think him being the 4th best safety is anything to crow about, is it? It's year 3 and he's one of highest drafted safeties of all time @1.6
  8. Yep. Don't get it. I wonder if CN has any buyers remorse for reaching the furthest to get some McVeigh genuis
  9. I was just messing around talking about music since your original post said you made a new thread to avoid the music talk in the other thread
  10. Jif vs T0m is like watching two choades argue about whose dick is smaller and them both winning
  11. That's great. I'm jealous lol Chick is playing in Philly on 10/27, not sure if he has ny dates set
  12. That is a shame and yes it was for Chicks retirement residency. Victor Wooten was on bass and Lenny White on drums
  13. Nice. Saw McGlaughlin recently at the Blue note with Chick in a fusion mashup called Return to Mahvishnu. He can still play wonderfully
  14. So hateful. Do you even jet fan?
  15. Yes, I've been trying to get in his inner circle for years and finally spotted an opening. Good catch. Now please delete your post before he sees it and catches on
  16. Sure. I mean so is QBR and DVOA. But each have different merits and some or more accurate than others.
  17. Beating one of the better Pats teams in 2010 on our way to back to back championship games. Blowing out Manning in the playoffs in 2002
  18. The game thread had numerous guys make public declarations of wanting to felate Darnold all of which recieved positive rep. Theres another thread active now entitled "Darnold is God". Expecting rationality or objectivity on this forum, about this player, during this week is not reasonable. Let them enjoy it. My only concern is that they are tempting fate which has a long established history of taking a dump squarely on the chest of this franchise and its fans. But even if that scenario unfolds, atleast we'll get front row seats to an epic emotional meltdown and well earned comeuppance.
  19. So killing the ape prevented us from winning the game? worth it

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