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  1. Turns out you waited long enough for that username to be valid again
  2. Hey that's fine. I think WIlson is a bust in the making. Atleast you are acknowleding that the 2 things are related. This means they didn't entertain trade downs because they got thier guy at 2. My preference was to trade back and grab whatever qb was left standing (hopefully fields)
  3. Thats entirely the point you derp. I'm reacting to the fact that this means they are indeed sold on Wilson. Yes so seems like the perfect year to draft a one hit wonder who apparently didn't even enter training camp as the starter + has injury history How silly of me, Douglass is a genuis
  4. Me too! But they dont do this without knowing what they are going to do
  5. It's a 2 next year yes? Typically valued as a 3, all for what? So zackyboy doesnt have to have a qb competition again? And you trying to argue that this trade has nothing to do with who he is marrying at 1.2 fapped your credibility out the window hours ago.
  6. It's not really Darnold vs Wilson. It's what ever the package the niners gave up + darnold + a little more for 1.2 vs Wilson + pocket lint
  7. You are to Douglas what pac is to mac.
  8. How is that better? Not the captain oh yeah well he wasnt even good enough to be the starting QB at BYU 8 months ago so haha on you ..
  9. What. Are you mad? You dont trade away your starting QB for pocket lint and not know exactly what you are planning to do at the position.
  10. I've been a Darnold doubter since pre draft, I am not a fan of this solely because I think drafting Wilson is going to be a colossal mistake. Is there some other way to interpret this than we are drafting Wilson?
  11. And pennington looked like an ugly 14 yo girl, that didnt stop you from worshipping her
  12. Same and keeping Darnold.gives you the flexibility to do that
  13. You say this like it's a positive, and as it pertains to next year vs this years pick it is, but at the same time we are the dummies taking a 1 year wonder with an injury history at 1.2 in a year in which in season and off season scouting has been diminished. I just don't see the wisdom of this at all, and this is coming from someone that has been lukewarm on Sam's prospects since before his draft.
  14. Tag me back in, i'm back home and ready to hunt scum. I feel lucky
  15. Draft day trade, Jets take Wilson, Niners take Fields and cough up a 2?
  16. I think we are well past seems and into "destined to be" territory. Hope i'm wrong, but haven't been yet when it comes to Jets QB's. With Darnold gone so is hope of moving back and trying to go after Fields which is really what's most grating
  17. Cool.. so wilson's up next?
  18. I'm pretty sure he markets supplements, i just don't know if Brookyln was serious. A lot of this sh*t is just white label stuff no different than what everyone else sells. The marketing hyperbole is mostly what changes. You or I could start a supplement company tomorrow. There's a ton of social media personalities marketing this stuff though, the latest is something called V-Shred who is being dragged by the online gurus but making a fortune nonetheless
  19. It's more complicated than just avoiding meat, I know plenty of unhealthy lethargic vegans. Becoming a vegan and existing on french fries, TVP fake hambiurgers with vegan cheese and oreas is not a healthy diet. Just like doing keto and eating all bacon and cheese like crusher, although you will lose a ton of weight.. At the end of the day it's really finding the commonality in most "healthy diets", be they vegan, mediterranean, keto , etc.. it's about a whole food diet loaded with veggies and a fair amount of healthy fats. Avoid processed foods we didn't evolve to eat. Also, try and
  20. Getting a mini haul to go from 2 to 3 and grab fields would be amazing
  21. Hes qanon, the cure is to tell everyone it's just a flu
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