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  1. Lol, I was triggered by the misapplication of statistics. Making his criteria so flexible greatly increased the odds of his impossible to happen coincidence to something not that far off a coin flip. The fact that his conclusion was equally nonsensical was gravy
  2. I do admire them for this, they've worked within the structure of capitalism to create a better product that people can feel good about patronizing and will pay more for consensually. Far superior to government overlords dictating
  3. I like cities and I cant stand that area or the times square area of NY. I get it. To echo others, stay somewhere a bit more chill and grab an uber if you have a bad knee. The tood / bar options will be better and the rates cheaper
  4. So the fact that his first regular season game was a loss vs the Bears and his last game was a preseason loss to the Bears is proof of conspiracy because it cant happen naturally? First off, to get to this coincidence you used different criteria. His first game was a preseason win against STL, yet you ignored preseason here to focus on regular season. When picking his last game, you included preseason. In reality, his first and last game was either STL/ CHI ( including preaseason) or Chicago / KC restricting to non preseason or Chicago / TEN looking at only regular season, no playoffs But more interestingly, let's say you are right. Why? Why would the league bother engineering this coincidence. To what end?
  5. Agreed completely. At the end of fhe day its still a sh*tty fast food burger
  6. Aggressive. Get after the QB, pass the ball. Up tempo offense. Go for it on 4th downs. Attack Bend but dont break, any drive that ends in a kick is a good one, play not lose Pennington yellow ball sucks. It sucks to watch and has the habit of keeping you never good enough to win anything and never bad enough to get access to elite players at the top of the draft. Its purgatory..
  7. Great show but couldnt stand the Jesse character. Whiny, entitled, annoying little ****. No interest in seeing a show centered on him.
  8. To soon, I had just gotten used to you as the gay guy and now this.
  9. There wouldn't be anything left for the rest of us
  10. Pac is the only broken clock that isn't even right twice a day
  11. I think we'd find him equally unsuccessful at beating people up. Maybe T0m, but his T is so low I'm not even sure he qualifies
  12. What have you ever been right about? You started at JI arguing that Pennington was better than Brady, and it's only gone downhill since
  13. I think you asses your own intellect with beer goggles on. Didnt you once tell me you thought you were like House?
  14. And you fancy yourself Will Hunting in this little fantasy?
  15. If I'm ever ready I let you know.
  16. We already have ours and his name is @Pactyvm
  17. Nope. My eyes tell me the picture is accurate. That was my first answer which you didnt like because it lacked evidence or something. I just find it bizzare that you are trying to claim thier photo as evidence for your side of the debate because it requires an assumption that you know more about this stuff than even a single scientist at NASA which clearly isnt true
  18. NASA is filled with highly trained experts and multiple layers of bureaucracy before anything is released and your evidence is one of thier photos, which apparently a glaring superobvious error that only you, hack and some kid with photoshop have figured out ? (And none of the PhD's at nasa noticed this super obvious error) And you believe this to be evidence for your side of the debate ? Incredible indeed.
  19. I dunno, what proofs or supporting points do you have outside of your assumed expectations?
  20. Yea, no. You dont have a clue what you are talking about but its really pointless to continue at this point. Maybe someone else will play
  21. A basketball would look significantly bigger than the sun if it was in front of my face, but if I backed up 1000 yards and zoomed it would be significantly smaller than that same sun That is why I would expect the earth to look small compared to the moon from the moons surface but much bigger if I backed up 31M miles and zoomed in on both. I really dont understand why this isnt obvious to you.
  22. Asked and answered numerous times I see no problem with two photos and its exactly what I would expect if I took the pictures myself
  23. Yea, hes making the same ridiculous point as you. The smiley was more interesting Old saying, 2 wrongs dont make a right
  24. So some knucklehead makes a photoshop with a laughing smiley and you felt this was strong enough evidence for an "I told you so" post ?

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