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  1. His information is that crusher peen tastes like bacon
  2. You know what, I dont really care.. eff that butthole twink Unvote Vote jif
  3. Half heartedly at the moment, how about you?
  4. Are you about to do something terrible?
  5. Speed lynching lizard ding seems stupid and really represnts everything that wrong with mafia lately Vote lizzie
  6. His only instinct is to eat, and make room for more eating. His physiology has adapted to extract oxygen from ingested food and route it to his lungs
  7. I posted in another thread how Seattles super bowl odds didn't change with the JA acquisition. I agree on that point. I dont think Darnold is viewed as even a replacement level player yet by anyone who deals in statistics and isnt homer
  8. Darnold has statistically been a bottom 2-3 QB for 2 years. Why do you think non Jets fans would downgrade the teams prospects if he was repalced with a JAG. With Fales fine, but with Dalton/Winston? it's likely out win total improve a bit
  9. Ehh.. you think the world views Darnold as that much better than Flacco this year ? We might drop from 6.5 to 5.5 but not 3 and certainly not 1
  10. You're a cock x 4 sorry
  11. this reads you like you know his flip and are pre explaining your vote. if hess turns up dead as anything other than LD you should die quickly
  12. I am town I am not scum I am not third party

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