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  1. I'm happy that worked out, even though it didn't really matter @HessStation why not go after LK on that day if you thought he was scum. I was worried you'd do that to me. If you had said haha i had 1 more LD and lk is scum we probably rapid lynch him
  2. Thank you JV, great game. Ended with everyone a chance to win. Thanks @GATA for timely and sometimes correct vote counts
  3. @Barry McCockinner - sorry man, i was playing to a three way tie at end game. Really thought you were third party, so me you and hess at end game i'm assuming would've been a tie @HessStation - same. Wasn't going to NK you tonight also, I was going to claim Stanfield yesterday, Hess beat me too it. Tip of the cap
  4. you did lol and then had a temper tantrum because Barry didn't comply in a timely fashion
  5. i'm hoping my initial read was right and you are standfield
  6. ugh lol.. literally the onyl thing I didn't want to do today my bad gg LK you douche
  7. eh, i mean he claimed the scum role that he needed to claim at the time. We'll see i guess I think I'm most worried I might of gave the game to LK now that it's too late are yoiu 3rd party?
  8. ahh.. I'm not 100% convinced on that but i might of just gave the game t lizzie? mf'er
  9. fine.. better than rando unvote vote hess
  10. Doing the tuck. For modesty sake I'm sure sure
  11. If you have night actions left no lynch might be preferable to random
  12. How you can compare that fat slob rhianna with this perfect specimen of feminine beauty I have no idea.
  13. I'm town dude. Not worth arguing it anymore
  14. Cool, I havent factored out how that will all play out. I'm rooting for you or barry though
  15. For weeks? Wanst day 2 back in july lol
  16. Up to barry again. I'm town, I'm not going to self vote or defend against 2 scum at this point Either this goes random or gg

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