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  1. I'm down for 1 more. Last game had a pretty entertaining ending thanks to hess and the setup
  2. Just not true. At that point in the game I thought there was a SK and 2 scum I needed to kill. I was definitly focused in lynching barksdale and was most confident in avm
  3. Word .. young jif was very sinewy, now you can hardly call him a twink anymore
  4. I did think avm was scum, I was wavering a bit on nyn until avm flip.
  5. You @GATA let the game go past N3 and give scum a chance @GATA
  6. wow.. nice mechanic but what about if like hess said "what do you think nyn".. would nyn have been removed?
  7. yes he almost had me like 5x.. i felt bad at the end cause he was that close.
  8. i was aware you had one but I thought i had 2 shots. which I don't believe you could've blocked 2x Didn't really put much thought into it as I wasn't going shoot you anyway
  9. It was brilliant and stopped my doing the same. Great game, always fun to play with you. Having to get town to lynch Nyn while arguing with barry that you were standfield and not letting you onto the fact that I knew you were lying had me stepping on my feet a few times. Barry was like a inch away from catching me about 5 times. If any town besides Lizzie was alive I think town wins this one.
  10. @jvill 51 if Barry was 3rd party and we cam into today with barry, me hess what would you have done? I know it's moot but kind of curious
  11. Sup, Langosta roja y luego Netflix y relájate, sí, por favor?
  12. AVM was my big **** up, once he flipped town I was almost positive it was Nyn. And I couldn't lynch or vote hess even though I knew he was barksdale because I didn't want him to know I knew he was barksdale. The reward for finding omar was an exra nk.. I read it wrong and didn't realize it could only be used on you
  13. I'm happy that worked out, even though it didn't really matter @HessStation why not go after LK on that day if you thought he was scum. I was worried you'd do that to me. If you had said haha i had 1 more LD and lk is scum we probably rapid lynch him
  14. Thank you JV, great game. Ended with everyone a chance to win. Thanks @GATA for timely and sometimes correct vote counts
  15. @Barry McCockinner - sorry man, i was playing to a three way tie at end game. Really thought you were third party, so me you and hess at end game i'm assuming would've been a tie @HessStation - same. Wasn't going to NK you tonight also, I was going to claim Stanfield yesterday, Hess beat me too it. Tip of the cap
  16. you did lol and then had a temper tantrum because Barry didn't comply in a timely fashion

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