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  1. Speaking of Tyson he smokes a lot of weed these days and is one calm mofo because of it. Might be worth a try.
  2. I think the default answer here would be Dave Weckl but so far as newish/er guys it’s Nate Smith and I don’t think it’s even much of a debate. I’m also partial to Kendrick Scott but I think it’s more for his compositions than his actual drumming. I also have no idea who does all the percussions for These New Puritans and I think it’s actually done by both guys, but to me their work on that end is so brilliant, especially on the one they put out this year.
  3. I’m sorry this upsets you so much. Perhaps you could try reflecting on all of the joy that these make-believe characters brought you in the past and find some solace in that.
  4. They’ve actually had a female Thor in the comics for quite some time. Jane has definitely been Thor but I think there was someone else at some point in time too. It’s weird watching people define these characters for themselves when the source materials say completely different. Some of the best works ever have been alternate takes on characters. Batman is Thomas Wayne, Superman crash-landed in Soviet Russia rather than America...etc. The only time this really ever seems to be a problem is when they make the alternate take a chick and for the most part the people that bitch seem to always be white dudes.
  5. I supposed it's cliche wannabe smart to recommend anything by Jared Diamond at this point, but I enjoyed his new one quite a bit. The chapter on Finland's war with Russia I found fascinating.
  6. Nas: Lost Tapes 2. It's pretty ******* great. The original Lost Tapes is a classic to me and NASIR was 100% absolute dogsh*t and his worst piece of work since Nastradamus, so it put a smile on my face that he put this new Lost Tapes out. When Nas kicks back and does his thing with narratives he's still unmatched.
  7. It's almost like everyone forgets that this scene exists
  8. It is AnchorMAN, not AnchorLADY and that is scientific fact!
  9. To be fair this is the guy whose schtick is telling everyone that books are for dumb people. Not sure why you’re all up in arms about him stepping it up a notch as that was kind of inevitable.
  10. It’s kinda weird how all our players are so awesome yet we draft so high every year.

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