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  1. I'm gonna be honest, they were so bad last year and so difficult to pay attention to without gouging my eyes out that I didn't even know he was on the team. When everyone started mentioning him more, I thought it was a new nickname for Quinnen Williams that everyone came up with and I just assumed that they were the same guy. I didn't even know he was a totally different guy until like 2-3 weeks ago. I admit this to all of you now because I am a grown adult that owns up to his mistakes.
  2. Buck is God and I would legit believe anything he says at this point. I'm all in.
  3. Thank you. We’re fine now. Wife was floored by it for a few days and the baby had a few fever bouts which was not fun at night but relatively speaking compared to some of the other horror stories we’ve seen and heard about from other parents we’re very lucky.
  4. I’ve had it three times. Wife’s had it twice. Baby’s first time. LA has been an insane epicenter of this since Summer 2020. Lot of lower income communities got hit really hard by it.
  5. Hit my wife and kid like a truck the last two weeks. Insane how much more contagious this gets with each iteration. Get better bud.
  6. I liked Falcon and Winter Soldier a lot and thought it had some brilliant moments with its writing. And re: Star Wars, Rebels is fantastic. Not as good as Clone Wars but I don't get how any New Hope fan wouldn't enjoy it.
  7. oh wow and with a topic like sexual assault you know that really says something
  8. It looks horrible but I think it's safe to say middle-aged dudes are not the target for this one and Ms Marvel. For every Spiderman 3 and Doctor Strange 2 there's going to be one of these going forward. The more they can link the entire universe to the app and the parks the more Disney can entrench it. That only happens through diversifying for every single demographic that can possibly exist in a family. Look at what they've done in LA and Orlando with Star Wars.
  9. “Not a bear in sight. The bear patrol is working like a charm.”
  10. This. I almost bailed after Vick but Watson would have been it for me. The NFL is such a ******* joke.
  11. I tend to think we overrate resume gaps but this one has some 'splainin to do.
  12. They said she was due in May when they announced it. Probably any day at this point.
  13. So are we hiring Oliver Stone to direct the film version of this sh*t or what
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