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  1. RutgersJetFan

    Your 2018-2019 Knicks thread

    I caught some of Duke v Pitt the other night and it was my first time catching Zion. Man, he is something. There are years where the #1 is clear and years where it's not, and at the very least the Knicks chose a good year to be in the running for 1.
  2. RutgersJetFan

    JAMAL Takes him down!

    Plot Twist: Tom knows how to stiff arm people because he fists dudes.
  3. RutgersJetFan

    JAMAL Takes him down!

    Plot Twist: Tom Shane was inside that costume.
  4. Macaggnan taking Allen after the absolute dogsh*t he displayed on the field this year makes a looooooot of sense tho.
  5. RutgersJetFan

    Rapoport: Jets Expected to Add O\C Loggains

    No worries, with the right players, supporting staff, and if Woody starts acting right, he might actually call the good plays!
  6. Titans is legitimately awesome. I'm shocked. Tries a bit too hard to be edgy at times but man what a pleasant surprise.
  7. Yeah if you can't tell the difference between a crocodile and an alligator then you need to get the hell outta this forum.
  8. RutgersJetFan

    Would you support Replay on PI?

    Cejudo is kind of a hardo, but I respect him as a fighter and more importantly how he's been trying to push new training methods onto the masses. I agree that in fighting it's different because the lives of both fighters are in the hands of the refs and it's better to err on the safe side, but to a much smaller degree a similar argument can be made for NFL refs with respect to roughing calls and personal fouls re: head trauma. I don't think they're being selective so much as the NFL game just moves so fast. It's easy to sit and criticize when we see the replay on TV but when you're standing right in the middle of 24 giant dudes who run like cheetahs and jump like gazelles you are going to miss things. No excuses for what happened last night to the Saints, that one was as bad as it gets and if it were the Jets I would be pissed. That said no one play ever decides an entire game. Much like in fighting, when you leave things close you leave too much in the hands of things outside of your control (i.e. judges). Play better.
  9. RutgersJetFan

    Would you support Replay on PI?

    It was an early stoppage that was going to happen eventually anyways. My point is that refs in anything can't always be perfect. Things move fast, bad calls happen anywhere. From team sports where there's a billion guys across a large field to a small octagon where the ref is standing literally right in front of both guys. TJ was definitely a brat about it but that's always been his thing. I don't mind him complaining. To his credit the Cruz decision was a bad one so I'm sure that had an effect on his reaction this time around.
  10. As my main main the scholar and prophet Nate Diaz once said: "Go beat that mother****er's ass and don't be a bitch."

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