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  1. I'm excited. Because now we'll know that women can't do this ******* job either.
  2. RutgersJetFan

    Revis officially retires

    I was in Livingston last week. Everyone I encountered hated Darrelle Revis. For instance I met a woman that named her kid Mevi$, said he was fun when he was first born but now whenever he needs to get sh*t done in school he fakes a leg injury and reeeeeeally milks it. Even the local diner had a breakfast special called The Revis is a sh*tty Person Silver Dollar Pancakes, and they charged you more than the price listed on the menu after your meal was finished. And if my posts are why no one wants to play for the Jets, that's awesome. I'll happily trade a few players not signing here in exchange for knowledge of my powers.
  3. RutgersJetFan

    What an awful trade for the raptors...

    Pop is such a gangster. Oh, you wanted to go to LA? Enjoy Canada bitch.
  4. RutgersJetFan

    Revis officially retires

    People see it. They don't care and it's because he was a pretty sh*tty person and teammate. Reap what you sow.
  5. RutgersJetFan

    Revis officially retires

    I'd rank this a close second to Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame speech.
  6. https://www.fansedge.com/nike-new-york-jets-christian-hackenberg-green-game-jersey/p-2444760 Christian Hackenberg jerseys are almost sold out. I have to believe people are buying that for irony. Gotta say I'm a fan of that.
  7. I want a white Victor Green throwback. Make it happen Nike.
  8. RutgersJetFan

    Schefter: Jets Releasing Devin Smith

    Remember when some of us didn't think he was the best choice for a second rounder and we got labeled haters and whiners? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
  9. RutgersJetFan

    Lebron rumors

    Havlicek is one of the greatest of all time too.
  10. Wouldn’t pre-negotiating simply just be negotiating?
  11. It definitely seems like they learned their lesson judging by Skull Island. Kong was ******* sh*t up after like 10 minutes.
  12. Will we actually get to enjoy Godzilla in this one or will the first 90 minutes be about Aaron Taylor Johnson again?
  13. Holy quotation marks Batman.
  14. It appears that way, and I fully expect all of it to come crashing down horribly.