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  1. Oh good look it's another link I have to click on instead of OP just copying and pasting the article into the thread OH WAIT I HATE THAT.
  2. We’ll see what happens over time. The option was still dumb but right now who cares. This team is just fun to watch and it’s been a while.
  3. Chiefs sign Revis

    Revis - Only cares about money Adams - Only cares about his teammates You do the math pal.
  4. Hooooly bajeesus. Prove me the **** wrong about that contract Timmy. Pretty please with a cherry on top.
  5. Chiefs sign Revis

  6. With the way he takes over every single thread on the board every single day, I'm starting to wonder if Whofans is TX incarnate.
  7. Big Macc’s second round history certainly supports this claim.
  8. Are they? I don’t know. They may. On the other hand, they might not.
  9. Movies We've Seen Thread

    I find myself rewatching it as the years pass for inspiration every now and then. His outlook on how everything played out since the project failed is so perfect; its legacy, the other works that it led to, but more importantly just the satisfaction that he has in knowing he went after it his way. Just an awesome dude. The ending of Andy and Jim reminded me a lot of it.
  10. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Jim and Andy on Netflix. So good. Hands down my favorite documentary since Jadorowsky's Dune. Everyone thinks Jim Carrey went off the deep end the past few years. Turns out he's pretty ******* lucid.
  11. Russell Wilson

    Didn't want to hurt Sanchez's feelings. This franchise has a decade-running tradition through the last three front offices to where we hang on to lost causes at QB for way too long and/or refuse to ever draft or develop a safety net in case the guy they are counting on sucks. Sanchez, Petty, and now Hackenberg. In the time we have committed to those three jabronis about 10 other teams have found starters in places that we passed on them.
  12. Which is crazy considering only shills and idiots thought he was worth something and buying him out was ******* stupid. Weird.
  13. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Say what you want about BvS but it had its fans (myself included) and made money; and the Ultimate Edition clearly shows the studio cocked up a much better version of the movie. It looks like trying to turn JL into a Marvel movie served to do nothing more than alienate the people like me who enjoyed BvS that would have been stoked for Justice League. I’m actually leaning towards not seeing it in the theater just out of spite so I can contribute to its bombing. My entire life I waited for a JL movie and they blew it this bad. F’n A man.