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  1. My point is he may command more money than he's worth because of the position. Maybe he doesn't, and that would be great. But if he does this is not the type of player that you pay. If the market sets him at Fleener, that has to be a pass. That the Jets have cap room to spend does not give them license to spend it frivolously. A key component to building a sustainable team - defined as having rosters that can compete for the playoffs annually - is to have players on contracts that are cheaper than the results they give you on the field. The most surefire way to accomplish that aspect is to concentrate your cheap resources on the positions that can yield successful results; i.e. the positions that are easier to find than quarterbacks, blindside protectors, pass rushers, corners...etc. The consequence of not doing this is that you pay tight ends and use high picks on linebackers and safeties, cutting yourself off at the knees. With respect to skill positions that the Jets need, this is exactly where the Jets have gone wrong and it is why they are down on literally all of them. That's what you use high picks on because the draft is about playing the odds. Cheap OL come be found the mid-rounds, cheap safeties and tight ends come in the mid-rounds...etc. The odds of finding an average player at lower value positions in the 3rd through 5th/6th rounds are exponentially higher than finding a quarterback or a corner.
  2. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Between Remini's show, Haggis' New Yorker piece, and Going Clear, it's hard finding Scientology funny anymore. I used to love piling on them but after knowing all the f'd up crap they do to kids and families it just sucked all the joy out of it. The one exception is Battlefield Earth, it's just too good. It's like Left Behind. Kirk Cameron can eat a dick but that flick is just too, too amazing.
  3. No not at all. They’re competing in a test of strength. This is generally done at the beginning of a match to determine who has better grip strength; a prelude for the carnage that’s coming.
  4. Thank you for flattering me with your intentions to plagiarize. Please accept this gif of Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemania VI as a token of my appreciation.
  5. Since this is something good about a Jet, I will applaud this number. However, when they report a bad number, I will be very upset about PFF and call them fraudulent nerdgoblins.
  6. Movies We've Seen Thread

    That movie is a masterpiece.
  7. I'll bet they serve Artisan Iced Teas too.
  8. It’s one thing to use high picks on non-premium positions, it’s another to pay high salaries to non-premium positions, and then it’s a whole other stratosphere to do both of those things. It’s just a bad angle to be taking, especially for a team like the Jets that is lacking at literally every single skill position.
  9. ASJ's numbers are not bad but they are not amazing either. Solid, average to above-average tight end. He strikes me as a guy that is going to get paid based on perception and some serious hype, and I'm not sure that's a good idea considering the market is probably going to put his salary with guys like Fleener and the rest. If you can hit on a mid-rounder at that position you can notch similar production to what he's giving at probably 1/5th the price. I'm sure this will be taken as hatred, but it's really not. ASJ was a nice addition, but I think the fanbase and way more importantly this franchise are already vastly overvaluing his worth. We should not be paying players like this at lower value positions lots of money. It's a surefire way to crashland straight into ****sville.
  10. ^ Words straight from the Palpatine playbook.
  11. Maybe the GM whose name I can never spell right has also learned that smothering himself in peanut butter helps prevent sunburn and attract stray dogs. Who gives a sh*t. Wild speculation and these grand theories about everything serve no purpose. Record. Quarterback. That's all that matters. Everyone likes a winner and nobody likes a loser except for some bizarre reason Jets fans on the Internet. We are a losing franchise under this yokel and he has shown absolutely nothing that should lead you to the belief that he should be making anymore decisions with respect to quarterbacks, or linemen, or defensive players, or any draft picks or free agency contracts whatsoever.