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  1. They have gone through 8 zillion coaches and coordinators this century and none of the changes seem to make any bit of a difference for one obvious reason: the Jets field rosters full of tomato cans. The Jets can hire Nick Fury and it’s not going to make one iota of a difference until they start acquiring good football players. Maybe Gase sucks and maybe Bowles did too but what kind of shot do any of these guys have when the Jets draft maybe one halfway decent player per year and can’t for the life of them find a quarterback that plays at just an average level? Yes calling sh*tty plays on 4th down matters but it seems to reason that the quarterback not knowing that he shouldn’t jump in the air and throw the ball across his body matters a whole lot more.
  2. Obviously sh*t’s hard to gage on TV, but the fact that Becton was able to move laterally like that against Bosa is preposterous.
  3. I feel like SAR finally realizes that he's the jinx guy and he's trying to reverse the jinx that he already ruined the season with after he promised us the playoffs.
  4. Literally the same exact arguments here for Jets QB's for the last 15 years.
  5. You know, whatever he's got going on with him with respect to his physical mannerisms, that's really none of our business. Memes are one thing but insulting the guy is another. Trash him as a coach, whatever, but holy hell grow the **** up.
  6. This defense is getting tooled by a one legged Jimmy Garapolo and Jordan Reed. Fire everybody.
  7. Becton has had some super impressive moments. Bosa came in full throttle on that Darnold run and Becton knocked him way off course.
  8. I’m not sure I trust Darnold to handle that 3rd either, but ******* A that’s not a good message to send to the guy. You can’t do that. What a middle finger to Darnold that was.
  9. Becton is actually the one enjoyable thing to watch so far. A lot of work to do in the run game but it’s hard to ignore how well he’s moving in pass protection.
  10. Remember when everyone was saying this was probably gonna be like the Cowboys game last year oh wait that was like 6 minutes ago

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