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  1. Here is why I have a lot of hope for the Snyder cut of Justice League: 300 is awesome. And still awesome. Director's Cut of Watchmen is awesome and has aged incredibly well. Ultimate Edition of BvS is awesome. I'm sorry but it is. Full disclosure I'm also a huge Man of Steel fan, but IMO when Snyder gets to just release the actual ******* movie he was trying to make, he actually puts out some great stuff.
  2. Out of all the strange things about last season, the one that sticks out the most to me is that everyone seems to forget how good Griffin was until he went down. He's legit AF. If he stays healthy he might be their top guy this year.
  3. I feel like we get one of these articles about one of our midrounders every year.
  4. Jets fans every year: Yes, everything looked bad, and it was bad. But let’s sacrifice an entire year yet again to wait and see if the bad things really were bad. Maybe we were hallucinating.
  5. I wonder what will cost more: The StubHub markups for one playoff game sitting where ever the hell I damn well please in the stadium, or 10 years of sh*tty preseason tickets and a PSL.
  6. Uncut Gems is the most nerve-racking flick I have ever seen. I watched it before bed and what the **** why did I do that. Just 2 straight hours of the Helicopter sequence from Goodfellas.
  7. It's how UFC events have been going down and it's actually pretty cool. Hearing what all the coaches are yelling out and hearing every single little step, I dunno, it's a new way of enjoying sports and I have to say I have been a fan.
  8. Heads up to all: If you plan on AirBNB'ing wait until super close to the date to book. High rates of hosts going under out here and most are switching to full rentals (which we recently took full advantage of). High risk of your lodging getting canceled if you book over the summer.
  9. I live about 10 minutes from SoFi and was in Vegas right before Covid and saw the Raiders spot. Both are top notch and look incredible. LA’s Oculus is really going to be something else. I am not a big fan of sitting in the nose bleeds at a concert but with a screen like that it might be worth it.
  10. Quite a large gap between pay vs trade high picks AND pay. You know why the rest of the league caught on to that? Because the Jets showed everyone that it crashes a franchise.
  11. And let me tell you something, Kevin, if a reliable sample reflective of the population exists out there to be polling on this subject, it's the membership of JetNation. Color me convinced.
  12. Well I'm certainly not buying his immunity pills after watching this.
  13. Capone is a completely different take on the whole concept of a biopic and I have to say I respect the effort. I have a feeling it’ll become a cult flick down the line and that’s just fine with me. Also El-P on the soundtrack was an A+ decision.

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