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  1. Personally like the Daytona more than the Sub. Paul Newman's Daytona is one of my favorites.
  2. I actually felt bad about it because this one was from in your office and I felt responsible for it. So far as the Hall, who knows. Those guys won't vote Klecko in, so screw them.
  3. If you ask me the reason the Jets have lost so many games this decade it's because they haven't been scoring more points than their opponents. Joe's on the right track with that one.
  4. Yes, worth noting: 1. I wanted Darnold and was happy the Jets lucked into him. I still think you make that pick 10 times out of 10. 2. Greenbean is focusing on the conventional numbers, isolated within one situation. I guess if you want to classify raw numbers as data then that's fine but people who actually track data don't use those numbers for anything more than compiling other numbers that actually say things. DVOA and DYAR are the greatest examples of this. Even more importantly, extrapolating one raw number and interpreting it as the aggregate is problematic for so many reasons. Reality is Darnold's numbers from Sunday didn't move the needle at all. I'm not saying this to be mean and I apologize in advance if it comes off that way, but people who actually know about data and statistics never discuss numbers like Greenbean is discussing them except when explaining how not to discuss numbers. ^Also just a heads up, Greenbean is a nice dude and seems knowledgable otherwise and eloquent and his beard is fantastic. Honestly not saying this to be a dick.
  5. I realize that not everyone is big on data, however it's worth noting that when hope and promise do not translate into any sort of data, that's bad.
  6. Well at least we beat out working for Dan Snyder. So we got that going for us, which is nice.
  7. There may be but if there is I am not sure of it. My experience is you have to search each library individually, but if someone knows an easier way by all means please let me know. If I recall correctly you have to be in NY to get an NY card, but not residing, so if you live in Long Island you should be able to sign up for a digital card for any of the libraries throughout NY easily. A common thing with digital cards is you just enter your number and the library checks if you are physically standing, in that moment, in the county, if so then you're good. They don't verify your residence. Next time you're in the city sign up for a digital card on Overdrive and you'll get access forever. Same with Brooklyn, Queens...etc. Not every library does things this way. Some you can get digital cards for without even having to be there. Some you have to have a residence for. It depends. But they are all on the same app and literally every library that offers digital stuff in the country is on there, so it's almost endless. Overdrive is the bomb. Audible and Audiobooks subscriptions are great but tbh I would say at least 75% of the time I can find what I want for free on Overdrive. Ditto for eBooks, though I'm not a big eBook guy.
  8. Thread title should be changed to: Is your integrity worth sacrificing because you want your favorite football team to win more games?
  9. Just a FYI but you don't need to physically go to the library for this. Download Overdrive to your tablet or phone and it will plug you into every library in America and their eBook/audiobook collection. Some you need a residence for a digital library card, but many you don't. Lotta popular stuff on there and you'll even have access to new releases; sometimes not immediately but you can get on the waiting list for, and it's all 100% free.
  10. Not who. What. Better shouldn't be the priority, impact should be. A first round pick used to draft a skill position. The Jets should be focusing on probabilities that can most impact wins. From a quantitative standpoint wins are most impacted by skill positions. It's worth taking a risk on the loss of impact from Adams if it can land them a receiver, blindside tackle, edge...etc.
  11. The Jets can use Bell and Adams to acquire more valuable assets. The Jets cannot use Gase to acquire more valuable assets. Doesn't really need much more depth than that.
  12. I am finally caught up on the Mandalorian and come ON. Jawas, the Cantina, sandpeople...this show is everything I have always wanted out of Star Wars since Return of the Jedi. SWOOP BIKES, FINALLY. I hope they keep all of this going. Every episode is like the homage scenes from Rogue One on crack. I am in the minority on this board of enjoying the new trilogy, but man, this show has me really sad that they didn’t bring Favreau on instead of Abrams to helm the movies. No non-Lucas person has gotten Star Wars this well since Timothy Zahn.

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