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  1. RutgersJetFan

    What happened to New Jack City?

    You mean the MeOff Boys?
  2. RutgersJetFan

    Your 2018-2019 Knicks thread

    It honestly looks like the Knicks have a roster of guys who would be decent 3rd or 4th options on a lot of good teams, or productive bench players. No reason we can't flip some of these guys for future assets. Would like to see them hang on to Dotson though, think he's a future starter.
  3. RutgersJetFan

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    To be fair there are like 6 of those guys and they were all vetted as loony birds a loooooong time ago.
  4. RutgersJetFan

    ESPN-NYJ 73% chance at Top 5 pick?

    Well maybe you should stop treating objects like women, man.
  6. I actually haven't seen any of the Harry Potter or Hunger Games movies.
  7. Dude if this honestly makes you livid perhaps it’s time to take a break.
  8. Have you had enough? Because I don't think you have. None of us really have, or probably ever will. You're stuck, accept it.
  9. That doesn't sound like a very good negotiation tactic.
  10. The Jacksonville Jaguars played football against the Jets, and because of this, they are no longer good at playing football.
  11. Yeah but when he yells about fatigue and cowards it'll be AWESOME.
  12. I like Joe Lombardi. Those insurance commercials where he talks about his grandfather have me sold. Other than that I honestly know nothing about him.
  13. RutgersJetFan

    It starts with talent

    What we really need, Lionel Richie, is someone to take charge of this ship. A Commodore, if you will.
  14. RutgersJetFan

    It starts with talent

    The whole franchise seems like a brick house, Lionel Richie.

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