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  1. RutgersJetFan

    The Johnson family back story - whoa

    They’re pretty much the Lannisters.
  2. RutgersJetFan


    They report to Bran he was spotted flying East. Pretty clear he’s taking Dany to Essos. I’m surprised you didn’t pick up on that given your self-declared literary adroitness.
  3. RutgersJetFan


    Count me in on Team Underwhelmed. How was that closure? Jon getting reunited with Ghost got me tho.
  4. RutgersJetFan

    Leo not apart of the Jets plans?

    :buttons Navajo patterned Patagonia fleece: Whatever man.
  5. RutgersJetFan

    Leo not apart of the Jets plans?

    :sips kombucha: So, this thread is going well.
  6. RutgersJetFan

    Leo not apart of the Jets plans?

    I think the whole 3-4/4-3 thing is kind of a myth anyways. Teams that swing one way or the other only do so by like 5-10%. Almost everyone plays the same mixed bag now. Football players play football and if the Jets can't find a way to make sure the 6th and 3rd overall picks of the draft are used at the same time that's more common sense stuff than anything Wiki-scheme related.
  7. RutgersJetFan

    Leo not apart of the Jets plans?

    Thank you, Underpants Gnome.
  8. RutgersJetFan

    Leo not apart of the Jets plans?

    The Quinnen pick is only worth it if they're hanging on to Leo. If they just used the #3 overall pick to replace the #6 overall pick who was used to replace another 1st round pick...well friends, that's what us in the business call a cycle.
  9. RutgersJetFan


    If it’s such a nonviolent art how come we viciously killed this thread?
  10. RutgersJetFan

    Are you still looking forward to the season?

    I'm looking forward to seeing what Darnold can do with a few upgrades, sure. This was never going to be a playoff season anyways. All that matters is what happens with him.
  11. RutgersJetFan

    Robert Pattinson to Play The Batman in Matt Reeves’ Film

    I actually loathe what DC has become. Wonder Woman and Aquaman were top notch horrible imitation Marvel garbage. Man of Steel and BvS aren't perfect movies but for ****'s sake at least they tried something different. The only reasons I'm holding out on hope for what they can do with Batman are Joker looks incredible and Matt Reeves is one of the few auteurs that studios tend to let be and make his movies.
  12. RutgersJetFan

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    Having Sonny do the Sollozo hit would have been weird but at least understandable. Giving Fredo free reign to not only do the hit but also giving him freedom to handle the gun and his trip to Sicily is madness.

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