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  1. Tentpole pictures are financed on loans and the juice is running on a whole slate of expensive sh*t. Everything is a loss at this point no matter what they do so it’s really just making the least worse decision at this point.
  2. It's not overly complicated stuff. Deshaun Watson puts up a career year in DYAR and DVOA yet the team is 4-12. Is it possible that Patrick Mahomes is as good as he is because of where he landed? Sure. But what's more likely? That or the possibility that the guy is just a really ******* good football player?
  3. Tons of stuff on this out there. Coaching matters and teammates matter. Nobody out there has ever argued otherwise and for some reason this seems to be the primary strawman fans defer to. Everything in statistics is posited on probability and what the most likely situation is. Time and time again, player after player, the most likely answer is a pretty simple one: If a guy is good, he'll eventually be good. If he's not, he won't be. Usually by the end of year 3.
  4. The vast majority of All Pros and Pro Bowlers come from the first two rounds, but yes the draft process is a sham. Teams whiff on quarterbacks a lot but that's a very easy to comprehend reason of supply and demand. Obviously the Justin Fields equivalent of a cornerback isn't a top 5 pick. Duh. Thanks everyone for that brilliant insight.
  5. The nerds have been hitting the head on these guys for a while. Forget minor updates to something like QBASE every year for a second: A prospect like Allen comes out the same probability every time, and he should. A guy like Mahomes comes out the same thing every time, and he should. Allen had a 1 in 3 chance of not busting. You don't take that at 3. Watson was about 10 points less. Mahomes was less than 50/50 at busting and something like a 1 in 4 shot he became upper tier. Nobody listened. Don't blame the media because you schlemiels are obsessed with Mel Kiper. Also worth noting: Sure, guys like Watson and Darnold were within each other's margins, and to the average layman that translates to eye test derp stuff. But if people can understand the basic logistics behind the odds of a coin flip, I'm not sure why understanding 50% odds for both those guys is so hard to comprehend either. Minimizing risk based on stratified criteria doesn't mean people don't know sh*t. Quite the opposite, actually.
  6. 50 pesos to the man that necros the Bradley McDouglad is better than Jamal Adams thread.
  7. I'd also like to point out that the above is a fantastic ******* joke, and if your job doesn't demand that you have to experience the excruciating pain of endless Zoom in order to get it, I am envious of you.
  8. Probably had one of those professional looking green screens to make it look like he was conducting the meeting from Fiji or some sh*t. Douglas playing chess while everyone else plays checkers.
  9. The Zoom call was different? Must have done some Breakout Room activities. Maybe even a poll.
  10. Most part 3's don't get a 4th when the movie bombs, we all just lucked out in that they were already making this one at the time. Take this for whatever but I live in LA and the word around town is that they're going to gage the international box office sales and take it from there. Supposedly they turned the Netflix deal down on purpose so they could take the loss and not have to deal with the bad press in case it bombs overseas.
  11. I liked the FG call. A TD on 4th and then a 2 pt conversion and then a stop against Tom Brady with a ton of time left is more unlikely than a FG then a stop and a TD. When you’re at home you chase the win and the latter option affords that. Packers just couldn’t execute. And even worse now we get the Jetnation Brady Cock and Ball Fondling Club telling us how great he is for yet another year. So we got that going for us.

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