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  1. hell yeah now that woody johnson is back at the helm it's nothing but good times from here on out
  2. You know the Knicks are pretty awesome right now if y’all are this bored.
  3. What a game. Felt like I was watching the 90s. Roughnecks.
  4. I'm actually really stoked on Wilson but I'm even more excited about hating him right after the pick is made.
  5. I don't think Kawhi is happening. I can't see him vibing at all with Thibs. I think the Knicks will be conservative this offseason and mind the philosophy of Thibs which means prioritizing Noel and Burks, and beginning extension talks with Randle. I'm honestly hoping they just bring the team back and add someone like Ball into the mix. Hard to imagine them not being confident in building around Randle and Barrett for the next few years.
  6. you guys been sendin your notes to douglas or what
  7. I surfed Wallstreetbets last week when I was bored and one of the users summed it up best; someone asked about a few things they should consider buying and some guy wrote back “if you’re looking for advice on here you shouldn’t be buying anything.”
  8. Now link the threads where you wrote several pages about how Geno Smith and Hackenberg were awesome.
  9. Just bring this whole squad back next year plz. Most lovable team ever.
  10. LaMelo cleared to resume around next week. Knicks need this Charlotte win bad. I want no part of this bizarre play-in.
  11. Hard pass on Teven Jenkens. Teven. What a soft ******* name. Makes me think of Guys Named Todd.
  12. Complete opposite of deGrom, it's cool to watch. Looks like 2019 form at this point which would be amazing. If he can keep this up, once Cookie and Thor get back this is going to be a crazy tough rotation to deal with.
  13. I'm super happy for him, hopefully he can finally stay healthy. Maybe the Mets could have hung onto him a little longer but they would have had to move him at some point and it would have been a huge gamble to see if he could stay on the mound for half the season to up his value. Just too many other guys to pay.
  14. What a game. It’s hard not to have fun watching this team. Completely selfless and it starts with Randle. Him passing off a clear shot to Bullock in OT because Reggie had the hot hand is so indicative of everything he’s brought. 6 in a row. Jesus.
  15. Can't wait to hear all the hot takes about why the DB or 3-technique we take at 23 is finally the right defensive player we need.
  16. I'm not crazy excited for anyone to be our QB because this team is run by pooheads and nobody ever works out. And I'm a giant dildo for continuously thinking someone will.
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