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  1. Loudon County does not **** around with this stuff. If they charged you with felony strangulation odds are you did it.
  2. Odds Woody has been day trading on tech stocks with the savings = 100%.
  3. Woody and Chris have banked how much from seasons where they kept the team tens of millions under the cap and hiring coaches cheap? It's gotta be north of $50-60 million.
  4. If there is no season, anyone even fathoming drafting a quarterback in 2021 needs their ******* head examined. Experience is by far the most necessary component for a prospect and a recent year of play if 100% required for drafting a QB high. Two seasons as a starter is usually fine but if we're talking giving up multiple assets to move up and draft someone that did not play their junior and senior seasons that would be the Jetsiest thing ever done.
  5. Owning a NFL franchise is basically owning a bottomless ATM. There is zero incentive to put a good product on the field.
  6. Sunday Ticket is available via streaming on mostly any device now; AppleTV, Roku, Fire...etc. No service switch needed at all and you don't even need DirectTV anymore. Been this way for a few years. Fun tip as well, if you have a kid or friend in college, register under their email and you can get it for half price.
  7. Roster is tomato cans up and down. There isn't one guy on the roster you can look at and say he's one of the best in the league; the two guys that you could say that about are not playing. I get that Adams had to go but this isn't a good team on paper and if there is a season I'm not hyped for it very much. Reminds me of right after Bowles' second year when they went 5-11 and they looked at the roster and said "yep let's just try this all over again," and people on this board applauded it. It's nice that the line has better players, but the rest of the team looks either the same or worse than last year. If we do play I think it's safe to say we're hitting 10 years of no playoffs. It's another year of the Jets as an organization asking the fans to accept another year of not contending because of all the assets we've stocked for the following offseason. That's the story of this team for 7 or 8 out of the last 10 Augusts.
  8. RutgersJetFan


    Google Khabib Los Angeles Homeless. He's notorious in fight circles for doing sh*t like that btw. All those guys walk around bullying people constantly (see: 10 of them cornering Artem). And the sh*t him and his crew say about women is abhorrent. Amazing fighters but not nice guys at all.
  9. Kinda weird tbh. I had gotten so used to the Wiki-Doctorates dominating convos that I stopped browsing. Now that it's music and movies and Jet Engine's sexy selfies I'm surfing again. Max had it right all along with this sh*t.
  10. Silver lining is Gimenez. Holy cow is that kid for real. I am an Amed fan but they are going to have to move him elsewhere because Giminez is a whiz with his glove. Clearly their best infielder.
  11. Military infrastructure embedded within civilian areas.
  12. 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate. And yeah seriously, if there was one country that really could have done without yet another catastrophe it is Lebanon. Awful.
  13. Looks like Sperm’s “dumb ratio” : “smart ratio” is 0:1 on the day.
  14. It’s super early where I’m at but this reads to me like you’re saying he made 20 smart moves for every 1 dumb move and I don’t think that’s quite correct.
  15. It would appear that Mosley is a private dude and doesn't feel he owes strangers on the internet an explanation of his family life. This appears to be angering the hardo wannabe-doctor crowd, which is a bit entertaining to watch tbh. It's honestly making me a fan of the guy.
  16. The fact that nobody can give anywhere near a clear answer to this can't be good.
  17. If you’re not happy with my offer you could just respond directly, you didn’t have to be such a dick about it.
  18. I’m also a firm believer in if I say it then it won’t happen, so you’re welcome everyone.
  19. Crazy random thought I just completely had out of my own original ideas, but if we traded for JuJu Smith and signed Logan Ryan, the Jets would instantly see impact on both sides of the ball.

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