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  1. Kenrick Ellis Quinnen Williams Kris Jenkins Rex Ryan
  2. Sunshine is actually a beast in real life so that kinda works against your argument.
  3. I don't know how anyone else can explain the Castillo move, some of the play choices, or the fact that Gase is still employed. 100% in on the tank and he is pulling it off spectacularly. This is the type of situation that the Jets usually **** up gloriously but holy hell I don't wanna jinx anything they just might get it finally. Gase is the man.
  4. Gase sending the orders into Mims to get that Perriman gain back. Chess, folks.
  5. For two weeks they have been throwing games without looking like they are throwing games. How is this not brilliance? Gase 4eva
  6. What Tyson and Jones did is what old martial artists all over the planet do. Plenty of masters-age competitions for Judo, Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, Jiu Jitsu...etc. I honestly have no idea how anyone can think paying to watch it is a good idea but I think people equate this stuff the wrong way. As in the "it's sad this is what boxing has become" sh*t. Outside of Badou Jack that event last night wasn't boxing and boxing itself is actually in a great place right now. It'll be interesting to see where the buys come from because Tyson himself last night said he thinks Jake Paul got all of them paid. Older guys fighting and competing is fine so long as they do it against each other. It's when we stick these guys in the ring with 25 year-olds when it becomes problematic.
  7. He's fighting YouTube stars and celebrities. Who gives a sh*t if he drops his right.
  8. Him and his brother present themselves as colossal jackbags on purpose but they work their asses off in the gym and everyone always respects that. Logan Paul has super legit grappling as well. I honestly think he would fair well in lower level MMA fights (local level stuff), but again there is no point, they are already making a ton of money doing what they are doing now. Prize fighting is a tough business. These guys seem to have found a loophole for making some serious money with it and people within the fight game don't hate them as much as everyone outside of it, reason being they are able to draw casual non-fans into paying for events. Say what you want about their characters but they bring legit fighters onto their cards and help make them money in a business where it is not easy for a lot of these guys to get paid well.
  9. He runs a BBQ restaurant in Birmingham now. It’s pretty ******* good which obviously isn’t surprising at all.
  10. Jake Paul is a legit tough dude. He has shown his face at MMA and boxing gyms and taken his licks. I doubt he ever does anything serious with it as he’s getting paid just fine doing this bullsh*t but the guy is respected in the gym.
  11. Kudos to everyone that paid $50 to watch a YouTube star beat up a washed up NBA player half his size and two 50 year olds fight to an exhibition draw. Next time just give me $25 and I’ll kick you in the balls.
  12. I have no idea if Douglas is any good and the Jets probably shouldn't fire him yet, but the dude put an 0-10 football team on the field this year and Jets fans are supposed to accept yet another season built on the selling point of they'll figure it out the following year. Same story the franchise has sold the base for 10 years and this is literally the worst team they have fielded in that time. Unacceptable.
  13. My main problem with Glenn is that from time to time he tries to write optimistic things about the Jets and I just hate that.
  14. is it ever ok to evaluate the jets based on wins and losses asking for a friend
  15. Watson is so good. I think Houston might legit have as bad a roster as the Jets and the only difference is him. How the **** do you trade a guy like Hopkins when the rest of the team is this bad.
  16. The crazy conspiracies you’ve been making up for like 20 years actually turned out to be true. How about them apples?
  17. Oh so now we can’t even heckle kids at rec basketball games. ******* cancel culture strikes again.
  18. I think I speak for the Doug Jolley fans on this forum when I tell you that you can go straight to hell Scott

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