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  2. I dunno man, they've literally been working with him on this since 2011. They science'd the sh*t out of this. A laser-guided pathway on a six-mile circuit at sea level with personal drafters...etc. It's a cool thing and maybe I'm just being a curmudgeon, but this sort of stuff only happens for the first time once.
  3. Everything he enters he wins, which isn’t supposed to happen in marathon running. Sub-2 has been the holy grail for a very long time in running. It was never a question of if it would happen but when and everyone was pretty sure Kipchoge would be the guy to do it in Berlin or Chicago after what he did last year (essentially shattered the record by a Secretariat-esque length). Nike kinda preempted that with this whole Vienna thing and while it’s pretty cool I can’t help but feel like we got jipped for marketing purposes.
  4. Essentially yeah. Worth noting that the dude who did it was already the GOAT, so this was pretty much like giving Babe Ruth an aluminum bat and favorable winds for an entire season and watching the fireworks.
  5. Probably way too biased as I am a huge Breaking Bad fan but I thought El Camino was brilliantly done. The ending so tense. Definitely one of the best scenes Gilligan has ever written. The one thing that always ate at me from the finale was the idea that Jesse had a happy ending. All the publicity around what happened with Walter, and Jesse is just going to drive away without any problems? No way. I'm glad they wrapped it all up. A fitting epilogue. The one thing that just sucks about it is the dude who played Todd. What a d-bag. Like come on dude, drop a few pounds. It's hard to suspend disbelief during some of those flashbacks because of how ridiculous he looks.
  6. I don't know how you judge anything and neither do you. The team's 1-4. That's bad. Other than that get a grip.
  7. if you really think about it weve pretty much clinched already
  8. I don't really understand why judging teams based on their records is pessimistic, but if this is the new angle the Thought Police are taking then Sic semper tyrannis, bitches.
  9. They had the same win percentage under him, so no.
  10. Here's some more detail on how they set it up https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2019/10/kipchoges-sub-two-hour-marathon-how-legitimate-it/599974/
  11. It's a crazy feat, but if you follow this stuff, it's a testament to what you can buy if you put all your resources to it. The entire event from the format to the rules was catered for the dude to accomplish this. That said, he broke his own record, so it's whatever for now. The whole thing just feels inorganic. All that said I don't think most people fully realize how fast you have to be running to do something like that. Get on a treadmill and crank it up to the highest speed. Now do that for a mile. Now try for two. Kipchoge ran not just faster than that, but a LOT faster than that, for 26.2 of those.
  12. You don't draft a nose tackle at 3 if he can't do these things immediately. Anything other than a QB, the greatest benefit of a pick that high is you're supposed to be getting an elite skill position player on the cheap for 4 years.
  13. 5 games. Football players play football.
  15. That’s all fine and dandy and also lovely to dream about but you don’t use the 3rd overall on guys that aren’t there yet.
  16. No, the ship is trying to sail. The problem is every time Adams so much as blows an impressive snot rocket on the sideline you get three to six threads from actual grown adult males along the lines of “Lol take that hateeerrrz.” And we gotta do this all over again.
  17. That’s Colonel Brian Burns to you pal
  18. I also have no idea how everyone including the Jets missed the boat so badly on Burns. Winovich too, but I get why with him. Burns checked out. One thing’s for sure, there were pass rushers abound in this draft and Macaggnan landed none of them.
  19. Good isn’t good enough for #3 overall. Pretty clear that if we were gonna draft ******* defense yet again one of the other guys clearly would have been a better choice.
  20. Fun fact about safeties: If you've got a MVP QB that hangs 50 points a game, an average safety gets you by just fine.

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