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  1. You were lecturing me about how numbers work just a few weeks ago. Surely you can figure it out yourself given your expertise.
  2. Murray was a year 1 QB and Darnold was a year 2 QB. That's the difference. On average year 1 stats are a wash, year 2 isn't.
  3. And perhaps draft more good football players to replace them. Yes.
  4. Drafting good football players. I dunno may be worth a shot.
  5. Which begs the question: What would a joewilly franchise look like? My first assumption is that team lunches would now be comprised of various Campbells soup flavors.
  6. A 3 billion dollar franchise literally rests on his shoulders. I think the standards you people set should be a little higher.
  7. I'm psyched for that Reeves reveal. Rumors seem to be that's the theme music which is pretty badass. 2nd rumor is the gun that makes up the signal is the gun that killed his parents.
  8. Nonsense. We don't even have straws anymore, thanks to you hippies.
  9. The difference is you can still play with herpes. (Or so I hear). I hate to say it but Old Man Yelling at Cloud actually has a point here. Intentional or not Darnold cost the team at least 5 games. Hard to say it's excusable due to commonality when he's the only guy this has happened to. Pretty stupid sh*t to have wreck a season if we're all being honest.
  10. Hey it's stupid reasoning but it's also the truth. To hit on a guy in the draft you need good analytics and massive amounts of luck. The Jets mind trends in neither.
  11. I'd be afraid to draft any Saban guy at this point. Jets have bombed spectacularly on every single one them.
  12. Get outta here. He’s gonna look at the highest salary and ask for more than that in a contract negotiation? That’s crazy. What a piece of sh*t. He doesn’t deserve to live.
  13. Or even worse, imagine if we gave him $30 million a year. That would be even dumber.
  14. This is exactly the type of contract that the Jets would have handed out in the past. I have no idea what to make of Douglas but this is an excellent sign. Let him walk and take the comp pick.
  15. Yes, tweets about contracts are triggering to me, but Adams is the one that's being a bitch.
  16. Barring a serious injury it probably happens. Guy's marketed himself fairly well.

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