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  1. “Not a bear in sight. The bear patrol is working like a charm.”
  2. This. I almost bailed after Vick but Watson would have been it for me. The NFL is such a ******* joke.
  3. I tend to think we overrate resume gaps but this one has some 'splainin to do.
  4. They said she was due in May when they announced it. Probably any day at this point.
  5. So are we hiring Oliver Stone to direct the film version of this sh*t or what
  6. To completely plagiarize from Reddick, if Giannis was teleported into a 1980s NBA game they would look at him like he was a wizard.
  7. Sometimes I wonder how the Fast and Furious movies have been such a successful franchise but then stuff like this happens and all of a sudden it makes a lot of sense.
  8. I feel like this post was plagiarized from the Jetsconfidential guy when he wouldn’t let the Brooks Bollinger thing go
  9. I don’t think there is any key to unlock Wilson and I also think we vastly overrate coaching. Wilson’s good or he isn’t and Saleh nor the coaches are going to change that.
  10. I still have no clue what to make of Saleh, but, his coordinators aren’t old enough and he’s soft because he can’t convince Becton to bail on his pregnant girlfriend? These are the hills you’re prepared to die on? This is starting to make me miss your romance novelizations of grand jury hearings.
  11. It’s actually not. He had that and the guy got killed in a freak accident like a month out of the season starting.
  12. It’s really weird because I love The Right Stuff but he’s always Earl from Tremors to me.
  13. Yeah I think we’re all over the ******* homework assignments at this point.
  15. I make a living doing math and if this is a zero joke then yep that's pretty accurate for me.
  16. You know what's awesome about the turn this board has taken where every single new thread is a video to watch or podcast to listen to oh wait ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IS AWESOME ABOUT IT
  17. Probably because this is one of those instances where everyone thinks they are outsmarting Vegas but they really aren't because nobody does
  18. Isn’t this just season tickets without having to pay for a PSL?
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