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  1. I must be sleep deprived as all hell because when I saw the thread title my first thought was of course the Jets would trade for a guy named Racism.
  2. I can actually answer this one: Most people don't realize this but Johnson also functions as a backup for several positions on the team. Believe it or not he has experience as both a punter and a long snapper and had some success in the past with both. And the reason you didn't know about that is because I made it up.
  3. I would assume so. It's been a long time since I read Messiah but I recall Duncan having a big role and everyone that works with Villaneuve loves the guy. Hard to imagine anyone that signed on to part 1 not committing to his long-term vision.
  4. I tried reading one of his prequel books a long time ago and it was just dreadful. Supposedly Villaneuve is actually doing three movies with Messiah being the 3rd.
  5. "Paul had one last glimpse of Idaho standing against a swarm of Harkonnen uniforms--his jerking, controlled staggers, the black goat hair with a red blossom of death in it. Then the door was closed and there came a snick as Kynes threw the bolts."
  6. I think the best service that Villaneuve added to the Dune franchise was doing Duncan justice. One of the big criticisms of the first Dune book is that Herbert does not explain enough how much of a respected fighter Duncan is. It isn't until the later books that they flesh out his legend more. Maybe it was casting Mamoa but the the way they portrayed him certainly felt like everything he was made out to be in Messiah and Children of Dune. Villaneuve could have gone the Peter Jackson route of explaining every little thing and had his characters explain what a Swordsman of Ginaz is, but instead
  7. Joke's on you, I don't really have any priorities.
  8. The most exciting thing to me from the last two years was today when Sam Darnold got benched because that made you look like a big poophead.
  9. It's fine we have like 5 months before we issue our report to the front office.
  10. I'm gonna be honest here I had no idea who Mike White was, that he was on the team, or even that they had a backup quarterback.
  11. I get that we are used to seeing the Pats have their way with the Jets but this is a different team and they really are not that good. No reason this game should be this one-sided given the situation the Jets are in and that has to be in some part a reflection of the coach's ability.
  12. Talent absolutely matters and the Jets have none but it's hard to ignore that this team was just as bad last year and still somewhat tried on gameday. This is really pathetic. At this point they'd be better hiring Jason Sudeikis to just come in and play Ted Lasso in the locker room.
  13. If Saleh can't even get this team up for a game against the Patriots when they are on the brink of a lost season then I'd say that's about all I need to see.
  14. Also re: this, I think this is the best work he's ever done. His soundtracks to Gladiator, Interstellar and The Dark Knight...etc are classics, but there was something about the music and the sandworms that seemed like nothing I had ever experienced in a movie theater before. As the entire theater shook during the first worm appearance, combined with the music and sound, with Gunny and Paul flying over it, that was a movie scene almost 50 years in the making and it's something I'll probably never forget experiencing for the first time.
  15. From what I have read/heard the sequel is happening. Box office isn't going to be the sole judge, also based on viewership on the Max app. Both are projected very high right now. Also worth noting that Villaneuve stated years ago that he would not have taken on the project if he did not have some assurances from WB that barring a disaster he'd be greenlit for Part II.
  16. Fournier seems like the type of stable scorer that the team can lean on when everyone else goes cold like they did against Atlanta. I was not a fan of letting Bullock go but he's clearly a huge upgrade.
  17. Re: Dune Going to be a huge difference in reactions between people that watch it at home vs those who go to a legit theater setting. Find the biggest and loudest theater possible for it, really. Can't stress enough how much of a stunner the entire thing is visually and in Dolby. I've read that damn book eighty billion times, and the whole time it felt like I was watching the book. Villaneuve is really something.
  18. It's an offense full of scorers but I think they are going to have to make a move or two for some distributors. Knicks are going to be an exciting team to watch when they are clicking but there are going to be some excruciating nights if they don't get a guy or two that can slow things down when they are not shooting well, which is what happened to them in the playoffs.
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