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  1. Here's a thought: Why not do what Detroit did and exploit some cap space? The fact that the Jets can take on the Mercellus and Johnson contracts seems like something the Jets can offer that Carolina and Miami can't.
  2. Man, this is gonna be bad if he goes to Miami. So bad.
  3. The vaunted Raiders model. Surely something we all hope the Jets emulate.
  4. Your posts are called reaching. Nobody thinks the Jets only need one tackle. Get ahold of yourself man.
  5. So worth noting on this, I am 99% positive I had Covid twice. I had Covid hands in Feb/March and a weird cold. At that time Covid hands/toes was still relatively new so there was not a ton of research on it. About a month later it comes out that Covid hands and toes are a thing, so I took an antibody test which came up negative but at that time the antibody tests weren’t as reliable. Fast forward 9 months and I tested positive with Covid (presumably again), and had the same symptoms, hands and toes and all. My skin was exactly the same as it had been 9 months prior and that has liter
  6. The old watch threads were way better. Get those going again.
  7. The Sorrento is the family car which gets beat up a lot. Zero care into it. I have been thinking about upgrading the Sorrento to a Telluride or Sub Ascent but I have two big dogs and they just beat the hell out of the thing, I'm not sure it's worth it to spend $40k or continue up with lease payments for something that's definitely going to get thrashed. I have a newish Crosstrek which I take better care of and serves adventure purposes awesome, but I own it because Subarus retain their value well. BMW's are amazing machines though for sure.
  8. 10 years 100k miles pal. Eat my dust.
  9. One thing we can definitely say about football in the age of Covid is that it has made the offseason infinitely insufferable than it already is.
  10. All of these guys are ******* morons. I don't care what the situation is, what you are saying to me, or even if I think I'll win, I am not getting in a fight in a men's bathroom. I don't want to roll around in piss and regret. That said football players thinking they can beat up grapplers and then finding out very quickly that they can't is becoming my favorite past-time in America.
  11. I think it's more the idea that the Jets have a tremendous amount of draft capital for the next two years and it is probably their greatest opportunity to build a complete team on the cheap. Which they've never done. Those people have a point. On the other hand, the Jets are dumb and draft like sh*t. The above scenario is built on they assumption that that they'll get everything right on those picks. Which they have never done. People who point that aspect out also have a point.
  12. The problem is there is absolutely zero precedent to go off of. Yes, QB's have been traded before but there is usually an injury involved in the mix here or some other weird factor. None of that exists on this one. We know that giving up the entire farm for a higher pick comes with a lot of risks, but this isn't a pick, and Watson is this elite guy that isn't even in his prime yet. The whole thing is so odd. I have no idea what the fair compensation is and more importantly I really have no clue if it's worth it. Trade for him and it leaves zero margin for error. Don't trade for him and it coul
  13. That's a fun one. In this scenario if Douglas can somehow flip Darnold for a '21 or '22 1st (not completely unrealistic), then Douglas trades away a first, Jamal Adams, Darnold, and two thirds for Watson.
  14. I really don't care about any of these guys but I am still looking forward to complaining when the Jets don't get them.
  15. They were millimeters within wins multiple times. The team was playing their asses off leading up to the LA game. It was obvious they were going to luck into a win with the way they were playing at least to oh I dunno anyone that’s been watching the Jets for the last 25 years
  16. It’s weird how this issue gets treated so binary. The Jets can use the #2 pick on a QB and also use their other draft picks and cap space to acquire players. The problem isn’t using the #2 pick on a quarterback, it’s using the other assets to acquire players that are good, which the Jets suck at.
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