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  1. Sofi cost $5 billion. Which, if you live in LA, you know that is pretty consistent considering $1,000 gets you a 3-season tent under the 405.
  2. Yes all we need is a different play caller and that will finally fix everything. Again.
  3. I still have his jersey. Believe it or not I have been holding on to it because I always thought it would be fun to wear kinda in an ironic way at some point. Are we there yet? I truly have no idea.
  4. Subscribing through AT&T’s streaming app through Roku or AppleTV isn’t quasi-legal. It’s legal.
  5. The Jets have made holding on to statistically inconsistent and abysmal quarterbacks for way too long their business for over 10 years. We held on to Hackenberg for an actual extra ******* year. What the Jets should do and what they will do are almost always two very different things.
  6. Good thing for the Jets that they are ripe with assets.
  7. Is this surprising? We had several posters on this site that attached themselves to Hackenberg.
  8. Or every single year this decade.
  9. Something is amiss because the vloggers told me he would be Adams 2.0 and those guys are never wrong
  10. People quote you and you’re known as Dickhead McGoo
  11. Meanwhile McFarland is raving about how Adams was the best player on the field today and clearly established himself as the best safety in football, but yeah totally could not have used that guy at all today.
  12. Maye had by far the best game of his career and a bottom half offense with quite literally one of the worst quarterbacks in the league still hung 27 which might as well have been 33 with 300+ coming through the air. This season is ****ed and the defense especially. Jets are officially one of the favorites for the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. Trading Adams might be something that eventually had to happen due to the situation deteriorating to the point that it did, but today was fairly clear with respect to how much that guy impacted a game. Respect to Maye playing his balls off but he's not Adams. Also Quinnen Williams, sweet lord baby Jesus talk about an all-time bust.
  13. I hate to go there but you have officially crossed into Tyson Chandler territory with this sh*t already.
  14. Josh Allen just put up 3 bills but yes Marcus Maye is the same thing.
  15. So happy this entire offseason was dedicated to seasons 2-3 years from now. Woot woot.
  16. If only the numbers could have predicted this.

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