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  1. A 6'5 defensive tackle knocked your hat off your head and you stood there trying to have a discussion? Shoot a double or run away man.
  2. The rules are a part of it but it’s equally the fact that a bunch of stats nerds looked at decades worth of numbers and realized there really isn’t all that much of a difference between a 3 and a mid-range, and the negligible difference that is there makes settling for 2 stupid. That’s really the genesis of it all. The hand checking rules were changed way before the Warriors came along.
  3. You can transition to a good overhook from Chris Rock jokes. If that fails switch to Dave Chappelle and go for double unders.
  4. I laughed at this retort but it also reminded me of my current reality and good god make it stop
  5. Amen to that. If they can get McGill back sooner than later, Bassit-McGill-Cookie-Peterson isn’t ideal but it’s also not god awful to get them into mid July.
  6. It seems like they’re trying to avoid it if possible until Megill gets back. If the offense can keep this up for another week I wonder if they hold off. I’d like to see the guy called up already it’s been like 6 years. Even if it’s just for a few innings work in a start or two. I wonder if any of us ever fathomed being this thankful that they got Cookie in the Lindor deal.
  7. New Mexico is poor, this is true. But not even an offer from UNM or one of the smaller schools out there? I find that hard to fathom.
  8. Hands down completely and no level change against an upright opponent. Missed opportunity for the low single and likely taking the back after.
  9. Full disclaimer here I am a huge Breaking Bad and Saul fan. I'm seen both series multiple times. I've been rewatching some early BB episodes while having to do some traveling for work, and I finally realized a really huge plot hole. Walt does not have a PhD, and the story seems to be that he doesn't finish his graduate program after his falling out with Gretchen and Elliot, and that's why he has to settle for being a high school teacher. But, here's the thing; Walt's research while in graduate school contributed to a Nobel Prize, and then he went on to be a co-founder for an enormously successful multibillion dollar company. There is absolutely no way in hell, with those two things on his CV, that universities wouldn't have been jumping at the chance to hire him. That's an insane demonstration for landing both funding and well-published research. He would have been recruited the second Gray Matter became so successful and likely even before that. Now you can definitely say that Walt's ego is what never let him chase any of that, but GIlligan never portrayed him that way on that specific character trait. It was always a portrayal of Walter as taking what job he could get prior to meth.
  10. Lotta chatter about Szapucki this week.
  11. Lol the Bjorn One Air is so 2020. Get a load of this ******* nerd everyone.
  12. My personal favorite of all time. This dude is so inspiring
  13. You mean like where Tom spins stories about how grand juries and lawyers work, despite not being a lawyer, having no education in law, and zero experience with grand juries? That kinda moron?
  14. My favorite part of that show is how every single case goes to trial.
  15. I'm gonna be honest, they were so bad last year and so difficult to pay attention to without gouging my eyes out that I didn't even know he was on the team. When everyone started mentioning him more, I thought it was a new nickname for Quinnen Williams that everyone came up with and I just assumed that they were the same guy. I didn't even know he was a totally different guy until like 2-3 weeks ago. I admit this to all of you now because I am a grown adult that owns up to his mistakes.
  16. Buck is God and I would legit believe anything he says at this point. I'm all in.
  17. Thank you. We’re fine now. Wife was floored by it for a few days and the baby had a few fever bouts which was not fun at night but relatively speaking compared to some of the other horror stories we’ve seen and heard about from other parents we’re very lucky.
  18. I’ve had it three times. Wife’s had it twice. Baby’s first time. LA has been an insane epicenter of this since Summer 2020. Lot of lower income communities got hit really hard by it.
  19. Hit my wife and kid like a truck the last two weeks. Insane how much more contagious this gets with each iteration. Get better bud.
  20. I liked Falcon and Winter Soldier a lot and thought it had some brilliant moments with its writing. And re: Star Wars, Rebels is fantastic. Not as good as Clone Wars but I don't get how any New Hope fan wouldn't enjoy it.
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