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  1. I don’t know why I enjoyed this long explanation on why missing kicks is bad but I did
  2. UG’s strength of schedule balanced against last few weeks for Michigan. Especially the Ohio State win which was a shellacking.
  3. Pretty neat that they’re only losing .4 free agents next year.
  4. I bet his favorite Shakespeare play is Taming of the Minshrew
  5. I’m stoked for this Michigan game because Iowa is legit and it should be a great matchup, and I’m also excited about the UM DE for the Jets, which means he’ll likely be awesome and the Jets will win enough games to not get him.
  6. I guess you could say that the last time the Jets played him he really Minchewed them up.
  7. Overall I think this has been a weak year for most new music but I do think that a string of excellent jazz albums the last few months have rounded out the year quite well: BADBADNOTGOOD - Talk Memory Nate Smith - Kinfolk 2 Makaya McCraven - Deciphering the Message
  8. I'm sure this Jets optimism is going to work out wonderfully for you.
  9. This is the type of thing that makes you feel better when the guy just had a few bad reads. But after that shovel pass you could have told me he was playing against the Monstars today and it wouldn't help.
  10. I think this is the way the Jets have had to play since 2009, so we've all normalized it at this point. But yeah the sh*t is bonkers.
  11. I dunno, today felt an awful lot like some of those old Mangini games where even a win was a brutal slog to sit through. I’m really hoping that the team can string a few wins together and finish on a high note but can anyone say they enjoyed watching football today? That was gnarly.
  12. 100%. Book’s been out on this one forever. Sacks are a QB driven stat and Wilson is ******* horrible in this regard.
  13. It’s a level of bad for rookies that falls outside the normal boundaries of the first year being a wash, and even worse it’s hard to ignore how much he looks like Sanchez. Really uncanny.
  14. I wanna buy the dip but I already blew all my gains on steampunk NFTs.
  15. Oh wow what a totally new and recent dilemma I’m sure this will be the downfall of the league as we know it
  16. I think it’s more the fact that he traded a 6th rounder to get back the guy he already had because the 4th rounder sucked. Now he’s brought back the 4th rounder after the 6th round trade caught mono or covid or whatever the hell it even is with this team already
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