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  1. They’re paying to see Paul, not Williams or Gore. They pump the PPV with circus show fights on their undercards. Works well for them too.
  2. Last Jake Paul PPV had 500k buys, which is pretty ******* insane. He has built a pretty successful brand for himself.
  3. I believe his story is he was an AAU state wrestling champ when he was younger before deciding to focus on basketball.
  4. I certainly get how absurd all of this is but worth noting that Williams is a huge MMA fan, owns a big stake in one of the best MMA gyms in Texas, and trains regularly. Legit grappler. No idea how his striking is but he's been talking about competing in martial arts since he was a player.
  5. So far mostly everyone that wants to see Jake Paul get knocked out.
  6. Delroy Lindo is my favorite actor ever:
  7. 100%. What's it been, 130% return on FAANG over the last 18 months? I'm at a weird crossroads right now with MSFT since it erupted which ballooned it to 20% of my portfolio. Scary place to be and the book says to trim the position but I don't want to miss on the run if/when it splits. Given the value of the company I don't think I have much to worry about but the risk fairy is yelling at me to trim it.
  8. Can't echo this enough. Super safe investing and they provide a gateway into learning about the stocks within the funds. IMO depending on how much you're putting in VOO can be the better buy over SPY. Trend lines are almost identical and the expense ratio is half a point cheaper. I'm with you on QQQ though it's been killing it this year.
  9. I really don't know what to tell you. The crypto people seem to have a rolodex of platitudes that they defer to whenever anyone wants to reasonably discuss fundamentals. If you're going to sit here and type with a straight face that 12 years of a trendline is the same as 126 years then what's the point? Best of luck with it all and I hope you make more money.
  10. Because I'm a greedy moron. P.S. My wife said the same thing.
  11. NVIDIA and AMD mid and long-term. AirBNB and SOFI long term. I was a firm believer in Square and PayPal but my patience is wearing thin.
  12. Here's the DJIA since 1895. Buy, hold, and never try to time it. Warren Buffet said it best: Since 1776 the US economy has always moved forward.
  13. Bet on the S&P 500 long term. Stick to the S&P 500 long term. Don't stray and don't sell. Start with that and you'll be fine.
  14. I got in at 10 and sold at 50, lost my mind in between, then took it and put what I earned in AMD which quite frankly I wish I would have just done in the first place. Money is nice but that AMC run had me glued to my phone during a vacation to Hawaii and completely ruined the first half of it. Just not worth it. I can't imagine how anyone keeps their sanity with half this sh*t being glued to whatever Elon Musk feels like tweeting about during the week. I look at what crypto is doing to people that have never invested in anything and it legit looks more like addiction than it does any semblanc
  15. I made a killing on AMC but holy crap was it not worth it given the stress. I don’t know how you nutjobs deal with this sh*t.
  16. How come when a defensive player sucks, he sucks, but when an offensive player sucks, it's the play calling
  17. Yes. Unless you think the definition of words doesn't matter and one can just ignore that dictionaries exist. Then no.
  18. You idiots could have bought NVIDIA and made the same amount of ******* money without assuming nearly the risk.
  19. Alright I'm noting this down in my journal so you're on record.
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