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  1. To be honest I’m at the point where I keep up with the Jets by default because of the time I spend surfing the forum. I read zero news about the team and if I’m not doing anything else on gameday I’ll watch but if I have anything better to do with my time I won’t. This regime was the last hurrah for me so on one hand it’s quite liberating but on the other it’s depressing. Over 30 years rooting for them and the Johnsons have made them a pointless franchise to waste time on.
  2. I invented the piano key necktie! I invented it! What have you done Derek?? NOTHING!!!
  3. Are you trying to get us to Terminator? Because this is how you get Terminators.
  4. Fair question. My 2 cents: I think Lynch's movie is a campy 80's movie that isn't necessarily Dune. Frank Herbert (and Asmiov and a few others) reinvented science fiction books a long time ago by combining the philosophies of previous writers and giving an epic scale to it. But, the overall theme was the same: Good science fiction should critique the present by portraying the future (or some sort of alternate reality). Dune was really the first piece of work to ever do it on such a grand scale, but the most important part of the entire book is Herbert's plea to the entire world that colle
  5. Early returns say they can score as well as anyone in the league, but some early struggles from the line and on the boards. Mitch playing himself back into shape should help. In the meantime they are killing it from the arc and that's huge.
  6. They also don't make their fans want to gouge their eyes out of their heads for 16 days every year but yeah totally same same.
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