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  1. Yes it should, I`d delete it if I could find the right button!
  2. We`re on the cusp of something brilliant, we can finally look ahead and know we have a team that can achieve, a team that can win and give us all what we`ve craved for so long. But despite this optimism some Jets fans can`t be happy, probably none more than me, but for those who are so angry and full of hatred of life and wish so much they were someone else I give you this thread, let`s make it something positive? can we please? We don`t have a job We can`t pay bills We wonder why life treats us the way it does In training camp Rex would send us home under curfew at 12:30 as as a LOSER I love Rex Ryan, and I love the Jets, each and every one one of them. But right now, I can`t do a thing right, I`m a Rex-erfied LOSER and the only way is down. Tell a joke, say something positive, offer words of wisdom or just give us a job! Cheer us up.....................please? Some of us need it. Let`s go get it.
  3. Forget the boat, get yourself some decent tackle and sit on the bank with a beer and have a go for some carp. They are out there and might be something different to the Bass fishing which seems to dominate fishing over there, a much villified fish in some places the carp, but cracking fun to land and they`ll eat anthing. Found some links that might help you out, good luck! http://www.oregonfishingforum.com/fishing-other-species-oregon/6425-good-lake-pond-fishing-around-beaverton.html http://www.ifish.net/board/showthread.php?p=3127085 http://www.oregoncarp.com/ Woohoo! football is back!!
  4. We`re apparently getting this game live over here in the UK, awesome news!
  5. I`m from England and having not read all of this thread I can`t add much. But if I saw a dolphin swimming in the Bristol channel and I was fishing I would use quadruple treble barbed hooks on a single line with a 12kg leaded weight and as many rods as I could muster, and all would be cast in the direction of said dolphin and all it`s children and they would be thrown furiously towards the shoal. If I was fortunate to hook one in the fin and drag it to the shore, I would then punch it several times and then loosen the clutch and let it swim back out to sea thinking it was safe before reeling it back in and then abuse it some more. Those stinky fish will never be safe on these shores No mercy Kobra Kai, reel in and fry.
  6. I still don`t believe this to be true. Makes my penultimate beer taste pretty bloody brilliant though!
  7. I love Lady Gaga, but I had no idea he was in the video. He should concentrate on his job, he`ll be wearing a security guard cap soon anyway, he is a taller Gary Coleman.
  8. I wait for the day someone shows footage of this alleged South African Great white, "The Submarine"
  9. I don`t think I could love this team more, so to pick up your phone and hear them, whatever they say would be awesome. Have they ever tried to reach out to their international fans? Sigh.....I`d love to hear Rex talk about crackers and cheese just once, I`d never delete that message.
  10. How can their not be fainting goats already?
  11. He has to say that, the Giants aren`t the golden team in NY anymore. We`re past the embryo stage of eclipsing all they`ve achieved and they should be worried. I only wish Revis would want a piece of this right now, it excites the hell out of me. The sky is blue and it will always fall, the grass is green and it will always grow. Onwards and upwards baby!
  12. I do love horror movies, but I only really got into them in the mid 1980`s. Of the films I`ve watched from before then, the evil,nasty and horrible villain would most often die and then that was it, the credits would roll and I could comfortably stop the tape or turn off the TV knowing that was that and the nightmare was all over and the beasty was killed, and aside from the "NOOOOOoooooooooooooooo" that followed the end of the original Whicker Man I felt relieved in a way. But the ones after, the centre of nastiness would usually come back, you`d think he would be dead and relax thinking the horror was over, only for them to surprise you and return when you thought it was all over and you`d never worry again. I feel they are just a tiny bit scared of us, and this is a cunning ploy to distract us all, deceivers! But then they should be as scared of these new Jets as I was the time I saw the Ring and that vision of horridness crawling out of the TV, only sex saved me that night and it still gives me shivers even now. The original The Thing by John Carpenter is worth worth mentioning, awesomeness. For many years I was truly scarred as a child by Salems Lots, yet as an adult I laughed but with apprehension. I only trust the Patriots from the opening kickoff, and with a degree of scepticism at that, they are to me no better than those evil mind bending horror movie directors of the this time and not to be trusted. I`m not a fan of this "I want to beat their best" mentality, I just want to win without cheating. So this is potentially favourable news, but I`m doubtful because of the team and coach involved.
  13. Once news of this filtered through it was bound to create a stir, so much for the 49ers ground attack.
  14. Why doesn`t he just sack his team of agents? their cut of the cake alone would more than make up for the difference between both camps. I can negotiate with my boss and check my bank balance each week to make sure the money has gone in....well actually I can`t because I`m unemployed and have about 55p to my name, and my current employers are the wonderful British government who last week decided I wasn`t doing enough to find a job and boned me over £130, so I couldn`t pay my mortgage and had to borrow money. But that aside who has who`s best interests at heart here? Are his agents pushing this to maximize their cut or are they pushing for the best for #24? I don`t understand why he can`t sit down with Rex, Tanny and Mr Johnson and work something out that will allow him the financial freedom to go out and buy a boat or a tank or an army of squirrels or a small island or something?? Does he want to own me? I`d gladly sell him my soul if it got him in camp and ready for the season and let me keep my house. As a fan from the UK for 25 years I want a Superbowl, dammit I demand one now! and we`re so bloody well close! I`m lost as to why this is taking so long, methinks someone is being ill-advised and needs to decide whether he wants to be remembered as the bestest most brilliant CB in the game or a greedy numpty who won`t take his career by the balls and make the most important decisions on on his own. I have no wage and today I ate a lettuce that cost me 40p, and I don`t think it gave me my required amount of vitamins but nevermind, I`ve still a house over my head, it might be falling down but until winter arrives I`ll be warm and alive. Before I get scurvy or really bad dandruff or mad sheeps disease let me tell you I love love love the following.... Nick Mangold David Harris D`Brickashaw Belinda Carlisle Cyndi Lauper Money does change things, and for those of us without, it changes things dramatically, don`t be greedy. Personally I haven`t got a pot to piss in, my electricity is on emergency credit and I don`t know how I`m going to pay my next mortgage bill, but even if I become a tramp/hobo on the streets I will strive to hear how the Jets are doing and if that means going through refuse bins/trash cans to find out how my beloved Jets are doing then so be it, I would do that, would you ever care about something so much you would do that Mr Revis and your agents? I hate my life but I love the New York Jets, I love them so very very much they make me cry. Goodnight from England
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