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  1. The Bills are going to be blitzing a lot on Sunday, so we'll see how the Jets O-Line holds up. One thing that does not show up on Losman's stat sheet is a 50+ yard throw, where Evans had a sure TD, and Miami's corner interfered with him. All of this should make for a close game.
  2. LOL, both teams are 0-2. But it makes me sleep a bit easier knowing the Bills success against the Jets at home. Whenever the Bills travel to the Meadowlands, I always chalk it up as a loss, we never seem to do very well.
  3. That's what Miami tried to do, but they obviously didn't do so. Losman played a good mistake-free game, and got the yards when called upon. If he can have another performance like that, and even a little better, I think that can help us pull it out. All I know is the Bills are going to try and control the clock with McGahee / Thomas, move the chains, and take the points. That's why I see a 19-13 Buffalo win.
  4. Bills: 19 Jets: 13 That's what I got for the game. Hopefully the Jets are ready for a healthy dose of W. McGahee / A-Train.
  5. Yep, the win @ Miami will have the crowd ready to go.
  6. Hey Jets fans, Bills fan here. Just wanted to stop by, and wish you luck on Sunday. Hopefully it'll be the regular, competitve matchup it usually turns out to be. I'll be at the Ralph on Sunday, and ready to get loud. The stadium should be insanely loud, as usual, can't wait. OK, good luck, and here's to a good, injury-free game. Later!
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