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  1. I have the Chrebet one still haha. For whatever reason, we found a Pats Drew Bledsoe version of this that went into my firepit early spring.
  2. Trevor Lawrence deserves better. What a train wreck the Jags are.
  3. Regardless who's better, we had no choice but to unload Darnold after what he showed for 3 years. You want to pay him 19mil then get stuck in a long term contract not knowing how he's going to turn out? No thank you. Even if he turns into a Pro Bowler we had no choice but to start from scratch and get value when we can.
  4. That's where my head is at. Moore was in my top 4 and I had to YouTube this dude a few weeks ago.
  5. If you took that as an insult I apologize. But hey, it's 2021. I have been high on Moore for a while and I just really don't think the two compare with YAC. Eskridge has the speed I will give you that.
  6. You're nuts... getting Moore when we did and not having any 3rd rounders is amazing value.
  7. Sadly, I think this is exactly what is going to happen.
  8. Orrrrr how about the fact that we are transitioning to a 4-3 defense? Just saying........
  9. Can't disagree there. Reading the reports we didn't even come close in years and APY.
  10. Those are massive contracts for those 2. Who's to say the Jets didn't match or offer more? Maybe these guys wanted nothing to do with this team and 5y80m on the best team in the league is a no brainer? I meeeeeannn, 2-14 and Sam or shot at the SB every year and Mahomes? Prob pass on 5y85-90 to sign with the Chiefs instead. If we didn't play ball then JD needs full blame.
  11. I would love if they got back what they traded away to get Jamal. Who here thinks Adams for Wilson is a good trade? Screw that guy.
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