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  1. Can't wait to see what sec. 143 got raised to. I gotta get rid of these things.
  2. Salah didn't call the QB sneak
  3. I def. wont pass judgement until next season. To call him a bust already with the roster we have is ridiculous... ESPECIALLY with the roster we had on offense in yesterday's game. People need to chill the **** out. EVERY rookie QB aside from Mac Jones is on the same level. What Mac has going for him is a good system with good coaches. Throw him on the Jets he'd suck just as much ass as Zach as been. Chill The **** Out If year two with a (hopefully) better O-Line and supporting cast and he still looks like this... then lets talk. Biggest mistake of the season is
  4. CONTINUITY!! Youngest roster in the NFL and was inherited what Adam Gase left us. No coach would do better. Go lay down.
  5. Well we were 8-3 in his final year until Favre decided to play without his arm the rest of the way. One thing the Jets lack big time is continuity.
  6. So in conclusion to the facts in this thread... We should have kept Mangini around a few more years?
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