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  1. Dude, the article is over 3 yrs old. Get some new material.
  2. I don't get Fisher's comments. So much for the chik idea that several teams had a few years ago, to trade a 1st rounder for Volek - Titans look stupid on this one IMO.
  3. All I know is both of our team should be scared sh*tless when our small fragile QBs go agaist Urlacher & Co. later this year.
  4. I do have to say that you Jet posters are considerably better than the Fish ones, but we all know how low the bar is set for the Fins.
  5. True, but that play is NOT why the Bills lost that game.
  6. Yeah, moron. Like it hasn't happened to other QBs. Watch the play again, he didn't see the other guy. If the Bills had a dominant OL, that wouldn't have happened. The Bills line takes the fall on that one, not Losman. Watch how the protection breaks down. Still, I would have liked to see his purported "escapability" on that play, but you can run for a hit you don't see coming.
  7. Losman's 1st year was ended before it began, because of a broken leg in training camp. So essentially, last year was his rookie year. He was thrust into the starting role before he was ready by an idiot GM and pulled out of the lineup because of a gutless Head Coach. This year he has looked like a different player on & off the field when you compare him to last year. Furthermore, he played well enough to win AT New England and managed the team to a win AT Miami. Now he comes home and will be playing in the confines of Ralph Wilson stadium. If he comes out and throws for 130 and 4 INTs then
  8. Jack Kemp (2 AFL titles), Joe Ferguson (started for 10 yrs and while he was not a franchise QB, he was atleast a quality QB for many years), Jim Kelly (4 AFC Championships, several division titles), Drew Bledsoe (granted he blew goats) I want JP to succeed, but there's no way of knowing what he'll do, he's not gone through the proper maturation process, that is what this season is all about. If he sucks, then who knows, draft Brady Quinn or something.
  9. And how old were you when the Jets won their SB?
  10. JP has played in 10 games now I think - a little premature to write him off. Yes he has sucked, but so did Eli his 1sy full year. Rivers isn't exactly lighting it up. Roethlisberger only was successful because the Steelers were masterful at setting up the team around him. Look at what happened to him when he faced the Pats in the playoffs and Belichick got his mits on a gameplan for him. Now seriously, I want JP to do well. He has sucked, but c'mon you have to give the kid a legitimate chance. If he really does blow goats, we'll know by week 6 or 7. He was like 1-5 or 1-6 in
  11. And you guys haven't had a franchse QB since Ken O'Brien LMAO. Seriously, the Jets have never had a "franchise QB" Here's your list: Chad Pennington, Jay Fiedler, Vinny Testaverde(who was past his prime both times), Boomer Esiason (well past his prime when he was a Jet), Glen Foley, Ray Lucas, Rick Mirer, Tony Eason, Mark Malone, Neil O'Donnell, Browning Neagle, Pat Ryan, Jack Trudeau, Brooks Bollinger etc etc etc All the way back to Joe Namath, who was your last real franchise QB
  12. They may be old, but you know what? It's still better than the Donawhore era.
  13. AVP woulda been awesome, he broke Dan Marino's records in college LOL! /sarcasm He actually did break his records. Neagle beat the Bills in Buffalo one year - I was there and it was not a good day to be a Bills fan. I did see two fat upstate women with mullets beat eachother up in the stands that day though (then again, this happens so often, it isn't really unusual)
  14. ok cool. A guy having 1 knee 1/16th of an inch off the ground, then having prescence of mind to get up and run 45 yds for a score is a lot different than what Chad Johnson does. OK I can get with that as well, but Brick is a rookie, Moore & Kendall are JAGs and I know what Teague is - trust me, he's below average. First off, I wasn't expecting anything other than opinions. Second, you can laugh at JP all you want. Nobody even knows what he's capable of yet. So far this season, I like him. So far this season, I like Pennington more. I'll give you that. Truth
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