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  1. I know you probably only saw the sportcenter version....but thats cool On this particular play the defense was offsides (uncalled) just as it had been offsides on the previous play (uncalled) which allowed the defense to get a head start into the backfield.... JP Losman with basically no time on the play ducked one defender trying to cream him and got taken down from another defender he did not see....he could not step forward because it would have been right into a hit by a defender and he could not "throw the ball away" because he was still in the tackle box.... Had he atte
  2. Boz...you right it doesnt mean anything....these jets fans didn't see the dropped passes that were on the money in our past game....
  3. As a bills fan I would like to thank you for "allowing" JP Losman to audition for you.....I personally could care less whether you think he sucks or not...you will probably have the same opinon when he beats your @ss on Sunday. - You do realize that Eli actually got to PLAY his first year...and not get yanked in and out of the lineup by wishy washy coaches? - Rothelsburger has NOT always played well....in that first year they covered him up big time...he has dominant protection, excellent targets, and a team that predicated everything off of running the ball.....they PROTECTED him
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