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    Winning Super Bowl III behind Joe Willie Namath's MVP performance.
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    Where do I start ?
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    YUP !!! In College

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  1. This is one reason why I was kinda hoping we'd stick with Sam.I totally understand the drafting of Wilson and I'm on board with it but it would have given us extra draft picks if we'd traded down with our #2. At say #8 we pick up either a OL or elite CB like Tyson Campbell. Then you've got the #23 to go after a WR or which ever position you didn't go at #8.
  2. Waste a 1st rounder on a "sleeper" who hasn't played for quite awhile....... NO THANKS !
  3. Dear Giants Troll, Do you EVER start any threads that have a positive spin on the Jets? This is yet another of your many negative Jets threads.
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