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    Rabid Jets Fan but not as much since Gase
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    Winning Super Bowl III behind Joe Willie Namath's MVP performance.
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    Where do I start ?
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    YUP !!! In College

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  1. I remember Coach Parcells always preaching to "not get too low after a loss or too high after a win." Even keel is the key.
  2. I'll put some money on Sam . I still think we'll roll the dice with him this year and save that draft ammo to put a solid team with him. If he fails then we still have a more solid team in place for the next QB. Sorry but I'm really NOT sold on Fields and I think there's a 5% chance Watson comes here. Keep thinking of how that scum Kirk Cousins and his wife used us. I chuckle every time Minny loses.
  3. Trevor Lawrence but only if he'd be there at #2. We need that draft ammo to rebuild lots of weak spots. We wouldn't have to give up a kings ransom to get him like Watson. I really DON'T want a malcontent like Watson on the team. Good Lord we just got rid of one in Jamal.
  4. As most of you know I'm a glass is half full guy. This year I'm especially upbeat for the future of our Jets. Looks like we have the D side of the ball covered with our new HC and now, once it's official , our O is in good hands with young LaFleur. With lots of draft ammo and a savvy GM in Douglas how can you not be excited ?

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