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    Climbing, hiking, tennis , JETS football

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    Rabid Jets Fan
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    Taurus IV via Tuscaloosa
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    Jets Football, tennis, hiking/climbing, hoops
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    Winning Super Bowl III behind Joe Willie Namath's MVP performance.
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    Where do I start ?
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    YUP !!! In College

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  1. Thai Jet

    Word Association

    Darryl Royal
  2. Errrr isn't he a defensive background guy ?
  3. His willingness to share his knowledge. His "team 1st" attitude and his extensive experience as a QB in the NFL with various coaching schemes.
  4. If I had to pick a D HC it would be Schwartz. He's consistently been a great DC plus he has HC experience.
  5. He's coaching middle school football in Lexington, Kentucky, The schools colors are, interesting enough, green and white.
  6. I'd think of the 2 McCown would be a better coach. IMO he's more of a team guy while Fritz always struck me as more of a Fritz only guy.
  7. I think he'd be a terrific QB coach.
  8. Thai Jet

    Word Association

    World Series Champs
  9. Thai Jet

    Word Association

    Red Sox
  10. Yes he has. Great career. I know he's been frustrated by the players leaving , like Jordy Nelson, who management let leave.
  11. Yup, he never played with any of these guys. If he goes after Bowles that's fine. At least he's getting paid to open his mouth. Not sure about Butler.
  12. Thai Jet

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    Garbage !
  13. Most correct. Who gives a crap about some old player who never played with Rodgers thinks.
  14. Thai Jet

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