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  1. You neg repping Who on everything he posts just makes YOU look silly. Soon Max will find out. You were banned just a short time ago, remember.?

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    2. jeremy2020


      Avoiding what obvious? You playing moderator? I wonder if there's a rule about that..

    3. Thai Jet

      Thai Jet

      Thanks for confirming everything.

    4. jeremy2020


      If you feel there's been a violation of the board's rules then you should complain to a moderator. Why you would try to play moderator, I don't know, but it's not a great idea.

  2. Hi, Hope you're doing well. Think of you often during the day. Time will help heal.

    All the best. Thai

    1. freestater


      Thanks man. Second day back at the gym. Gonna join friends for a beer and some football later. Gotta make that effort to get out. 

      Appreciate it.

    2. Thai Jet

      Thai Jet

      That's the best thing, getting out. Some of my best gym workouts ever were under similar circumstances. 

      All the best

  3. I'm here from time to time. Still trying to get use to the latest JN "upgrade". I miss the old version. :)

  4. Everybody needs to chill. Do you actually think the Jets are showing their full "O" package ? How many teams go 4-0 in the preseason only to finish 3-13 ? Preseason means diddly squat.

    1. rillo


      If true, I'm scared they can't even execute the 'vanilla' gameplan. Don't believe the hype.

  5. You're a pathetic joke

  6. Can't believe we weren't friends earlier. Us "old guys" gotta stick together. :)

  7. You're the best, you workout warrior. ;)

  8. I hope you had a great birthday !!


  10. Me too. McCoy smoy. It's part of the game. ROLL TIDE !!

  11. Welcome home !!! Congrats on a job well done fellow TJ ;)

  12. WELL WE DID IT !!!! ROLL TIDE !!!!

  13. Well thank you and a big ROLL TIDE right back at ya. ;) Been a BAMA fan since Namath was there.

  14. Thanks , I've been busy at the new job.

  15. You have GOT to be one of the stupidest dumbasses here at JN. I wasn't trash talking you about the game , I just think you're a stupid ********** who should be banned. You add NOTHING.

  16. The sooner you're gone the better for all of Jet Nation. Frankly I'm surprised you've lasted this long. Check out the posts from FinFan in Cali. You could learn a lot from him as to what classy really is. He's a great poster here. You're pure garbage .

  17. I'll thank you NOT to mention peoples mom's on here asswipe. I know you Dolphag fans suck but you're the lowest of the low. Like I said, you must be begging to get banned. Hope it's soon. :cheers:

  18. Hey Dude. Nice to see you posting again ! Don't be a stranger.

  19. To all our late nights on JI :cheers:


  21. Edelman played VERY well. Brady looked "off" . Red Sox win, Skanks lose.

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