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  1. What ? With BOTH teams trying to throw the game to get the #1 pick.
  2. That's what made him one of the greatest of all time.
  3. Being a Laker fan fan since they were in Minneapolis I'm just stunned by this.
  4. Another player and her parent were 2 of the 3 others. I'm thinking the pilot was the 5th.
  5. So sorry to hear of Kobe and his daughter Gigi (13) passing like this. 3 others on board as well. So sad.
  6. Eric "sleeping with" Bieniemy . lol Chris Berman was the best.
  7. I know what you're saying but he played like a bone head a lot. Just throwing the ball up for grabs. He's lucky he didn't suffer more picks. I think his draft stock took a hit today IMHO.
  8. Spot on. Herbert, IMO, never really stepped up game after game. Frustrating as hell. He looked very good yesterday but who knows how he'd be if there was a game next week. Way too inconsistent for a top of the draft pick. Late 1st or 2nd in most mocks.
  9. We did this every Christmas to the newbies. We even had FREE HAM stickers made up for them to "turn in" to HR. Great times.
  10. I certainly would have ZERO problems with that.

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