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  1. F Stephan A. He's proven he know less than dog sh*t about football. I'm shocked he still has a job.
  2. I still have a bitter taste in my mouth from seeing him on the sidelines during Florida's Bowl game. I wonder how his team mates actually playing the game felt? I understand the reasoning but I don't like his "me 1st , f the team " thought process.
  3. I take it no golf club being swung by a blonde was involved this time.
  4. I disagree here CJF. I think Godwin, since he's the easiest to replace, will hit FA. Don't forget Tampa has Scotty Miller in the wings waiting to get more playing time. Fournett will hit FA as well since he'd be easy to replace also. LOVE to see Godwin with the Jets.
  5. Good for you two. Just make sure that 2nd shot is Pfizer as well. My pharmacy is only handling Moderna since it's easier to store. No - 806,000 degree storage needed.
  6. Art Cervi , TV's Bozo the Clown has died at the age of 86. He was very popular on TV in the 60's and 70's This is devastating for me as I was hoping he'd buy the Jets. Hell couldn't be any worse than the clowns we have in there now. May he RIP.
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