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  1. Still waaay early in the season but I'm not overly impressed.
  2. I thought about it but I'm really not interested at this time.
  3. I'm afraid I must disagree, but I do see where you're coming from.
  4. Tua looks the better of the 2 ex Bama QB's. NE offense looks lost.
  5. I resent that remark ! I wasn't THAT drunk.
  6. I watched a lot of Wyoming games (only games on at 11pm on Saturday) when Allen was their QB. He threw mostly deep passes which really cut down his accuracy. He had no real good WR's and didn't throw many dink and dunk passes. The one thing I saw was his incredible arm strength and HEART. This kid will do anything to win. Leaping over piles, putting his head down and getting that xtra yd. for a 1st down. Can't teach a kid to have heart. That's why I wanted the Jets to draft him and was crucified here for it. I was happy with Darnold who was the "safe" pick and a no brainer at the time. Just wish we had traded down a few spots and grabbed Allen. Bottom line: The draft's a massive crap shoot.
  7. LMAO I live here (Buffalo) and you're a typical Bills fan. If they should lose the next 3 games you'll be on GR radio saying how they suck and we need a new HC etc etc etc. Laughable.
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