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  1. You're apparently forgetting the "hillbilly" factor.
  2. Apparently all Jews hate people named Turner. That's what I got out of his rant.
  3. How the f can you be negative on the Jets after last year? The Mets either for that matter. If you are, I'm afraid you may need professional help.
  4. It's NOT hillbilly country. You look THAT up. I've realized that you are just a Ills Troll posing as a Jets fan. You'll be gone soon.
  5. You said "if I'm banned by SN" . Do you mean to say " if I'm banned MY SN is " ? Your writing and typing is so terrible it's hard to tell. Come to think of it you write like a hillbilly or a nutty guy from Buffalo.
  6. The Jets beat the Bills in Buffalo. So what. We split the season series 1-1. The Ills lost to Detroit, the worst team in the league, AT HOME. We basically played the same schedule except for 2 games. One of those we lost so at worst we would have been 9-7 playing the exact same schedule as the Bills who went 7-9. Do the math! By the way...Do you even know where Oregon is?
  7. It's JN not SN. Thanks for the address but I'll pass.
  8. Do you even realize that Oregon is on the WEST COAST about 2000 miles from traditional "hillbilly" country. In all honesty how many people from Oregen have you met. I bet the answer is <1.
  9. How do the Jets at 10-6 suck? And they don't want to win? And you're saying the Ills at 7-9 don't suck? You are delusional and need to be ignored.
  10. If the Bills are so great why don't you just come out of the closet and declare yourself a Bills fan? Go post on the range or something.
  11. So now his whole NFL future is based on 1 college game. Why don't you take some time, and just reread your own posts. You're not very logical with your whole thought process. It's quite irrational actually.
  12. Are you on something? Drafting Clemens is called building for the future. Ever hear the term? No one (please note: no one is 2 words not one word) expected Clemens to start last year. He's hardly a bust.
  13. How many drafts did Wrongway have to collect those players? Tannenbaums had just one. But I tell you it was a VERY impressive 1st draft!
  14. Your aguments against Tannebaum make zero sense. He's 10 times better than WrongwayBradway. Last years draft proved it. Bradways lack of drafting any probowl talent except for Vilma makes my point.
  15. Dream on , no ones givin up picks for Samuel.
  16. That's the best comeback you can give? Pathetic trollistic response.
  17. I don't think any one thinks he's the worst person on the planet, far from that. Frankly I'm amazed that you came to that conclusion. I think a lot of people feel he needed to get a life other than bashing other teams NFL sites. He has like over 100,000 posts on rival sites. Do you know how much time that must consume? It's just a sad statement of one's life. It doesn't make him massively evil.
  18. I'm the attention whore, catch me if you can.
  19. Thanks Chad, I've got the Bama /Auburn game on tape as well as all the bowl games. I'll check these guys out.
  20. I'm mildly surprized since Cinci is so cheap and Smith is kinda an average DE. At least he's hardly a world beater.
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