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  1. Like Tom Coughlin you are too demanding. Way too many good candidates to only pick one.
  2. Yup, it would appear it's overdue.
  3. Nope, This is the reality of Jets Nation
  4. HE'S not talking about the last 4 seasons. He's talking about NEXT year Troll Boy. Can't ya read?
  5. Give him the shot. Hopefully he 100% healthy by the start of drills. If he can't go we cut him in TC. WTF do we have to lose?
  6. WAS is the correct response. He went the way of TX.
  7. Welcome you crazy guy. I'm still with JI but I post here much more often. Just so you know TX WON'T be adding to his post count. Banned for good. How's that for an added bonus? Again Welcome.
  8. What a story man !! Makes ANY BOSS I have EVER had a Saint. May he burn in hell (I'm positive this POS will) but not before you get to punch him out.
  9. Would he even hold up to a Mangini training camp?
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