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  1. The Celtics suck. Just like this video. 20 seconds of my life that I won't get back.
  2. If I can get in I'd like to take the Buffalo Bills.
  3. Just what is a topices?
  4. Hmmmm now there's a thought.
  5. I think we'll be a better team with perhaps a worse record than this year do to the schedule. Were you really banned from JI? I remember you from there and you were hardly the banable type. Good posts, non confrontational.
  6. Thai Jet


    ABSOLUTELY. No way Manning was MVP. What a joke this is. :Cuss:
  7. Not if you type like this you didn't get 100.
  8. Does anyone on the Bears D really know how to tackle?
  9. Nonsense is right. Couldn't have said it any better.
  10. I'm up now because I'm at work. It's decent here with a T2 connection, it beats my old iMac with dial up at home.
  11. Yup David Ball would be a nice addition who can play the slot. Since we don't have a 4th I just hope he's still on the board in the 5th.
  12. That's what I love about the fraft, you're really never sure exactly what you have. A diamond in the rough or a gem with major flaws. So much depends on their work ethic to get the most out of their potential.
  13. Do you work late or do you have insomnia every nite?
  14. The Pats taking Dwayne scares the p*ss out of me. He is outstanding.
  15. There are just SOOOOO many draft sites out there. Some I've found post the mock drafts of every Tom , Dick and Harry. I can't say I've seen any of them yet having the Jets take Jarvis Moss however. But the season (draft) is young.
  16. You make A LOT of sense. They put these clowns up on false pedestals then act shocked when they fall off.
  17. What am I some kind of a . You should know enough to PM me with any Chemistry stuff. Better yet, Thaimail me. Anything specific?
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