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  1. My daughters in college and she weighs 118.
  2. Well you DID ask so here goes. Best gift I ever received (other than the gift of life itself) was a 1 iron I received for my 23rd birthday from my then wife. I always had trouble using woods, don't know if it was the xtra lenth or what but I was terrible with them. From that day on I never carried any woods in my bag. This was a great physcological edge as well when your opponents questioned you having no woods. (of course I still had balls ) The 1 iron totally changed my golf game to the point I was out distancing my buds who were using drivers off the tee. Still have it and I still love it.
  3. No one gives a rats behind Patsie
  4. You sick man, veery sick, need help. you go see doktor, chop chop.
  5. Now THAT would boost ratings. She's out of her element.
  6. Winter? What rong with winter. 89 in Ching mai, verry nice.
  7. Exactly. After all they are the NEW YORK Jets.
  8. Thanks 128 , you saved me a ton of time.
  9. Thai Jet


    Sure is easy to do, Thanks.
  10. What he's saying is that the hand writings on the wall Patsies. Football goes in cycles. The Pats are heading towards a down cycle. Happen to the 49ers you eluded to and now it's the Patsies turn. Get used to it.
  11. Chad is a guy so he doesn't have to show it constantly like Cindy. Brady does it as a front for being a queer.
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