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  1. I'm always serious Max. Man I was glad you found it. Funny wasn't it? I've gotta get into this You Tube thing; this sure brought back memories.
  2. Jason by far. The man for all seasons. Saw him interviewed on the Arsinio Hall show years ago. One of the funniest things I have ever seen. Arsinio asked him question after question and the J man said nothing but just kept staring at him. You had to see it, a laugh riot.
  3. I think I WAS the guy in the next stall and I assure you it was NOT pretty.
  4. I watch him in the Shrine game too and he caught every thing thrown his way. Great pair of hands. I figure him being a 4th rounder mainly because of the school. I wonder if he's been invited to the combine?
  5. You'd better be content cause you're gettin nothin from us. How's it go? oh yeah... nah nah na na nahhh
  6. Coach Reid has 10 times the class that Beliprick will ever have.
  7. You're dreaming if you actually think we'd get anything for him in a trade. I'm voting with the, keep him till his contract is up crowd.
  8. Thai Jet


  9. Apparently he grew up a Browns fan. That and of course the $$ would be the only reasons I could think of.
  10. Conventional wisdom is to never draft a guard in the 1st round.
  11. TV shows featuring meatballs are the best. IMO
  12. Thai Jet


    I'm getting conflicting stories about the start date. Unless the show "returns" on Feb. 14th and new episodes start on the 21st. The 14th dated show might be a summary to get non watchers up to date is one possibility. I couldn't view any of the clips on the CBS site because it's "Not for viewing outside the USA" . That really limited me, sorry.
  13. Wow sounds like you are quite the mix there my man.
  14. Thanks SJ. I've been trying to figure out why Markus Paul left, now I know. I'm still thinking WTF but at least I know. In Eric we trust I guess.
  15. Yup he's dropped to the 2nd or 3rd round. He had a terrible BCS championship game and senior bowl. I can see the Brownies using a 3rd on him.
  16. Thai Jet


    You haven't seen anything because it's NOT Feb. 21st yet! Actually I thought it was coming back on Feb. 14th. That's what they said after the "fall finale". I'll do some research tonite and post back.
  17. You seem obsessed with the word knob. Sounds like you must have a lot of experience with it mate.
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