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  1. Like DUH !! Maybe because he didn't have to. Ever think of that ? Or are you just blinded by what Namath did for football in general that day?
  2. What a truly great post !! Guess you shut the Patsie Troll up for a while.
  3. Hard to catch balls that aren't thrown your way.
  4. You'd have a lot of company Bill. Especially this year.
  5. Just asking, shouldn't you let some other people who would like to get into this the opportunity BEFORE you take a second team? Put yourself into their shoes. Just asking.
  6. Wow yeah I had forgotten all about it. Wasn't the sandwich sold on E-bay or something? Man, what a cheesy thing to do. (Couldn't resist)
  7. I know I do. Saaaay maybe she was a scout. They're always prepared.
  8. Anytime Max. That's what we're here for.
  9. Yes, I would think professional help is in order in this case.
  10. The Celtics suck. Just like this video. 20 seconds of my life that I won't get back.
  11. If I can get in I'd like to take the Buffalo Bills.
  12. Just what is a topices?
  13. Hmmmm now there's a thought.
  14. I think we'll be a better team with perhaps a worse record than this year do to the schedule. Were you really banned from JI? I remember you from there and you were hardly the banable type. Good posts, non confrontational.
  15. Thai Jet


    ABSOLUTELY. No way Manning was MVP. What a joke this is. :Cuss:
  16. Not if you type like this you didn't get 100.
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