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  1. A rainy nite in Georgia? Saaaaay wasn't that a song title?
  2. I know the Jets showed interest in Chris brown earlier. Other than that no one on this list excites me any.
  3. Yup it's classy as hell. Might even rank as a classic itself !! Gaytriot Hmmmm . Does have a nice ring to it.
  4. I still would have loved for us to have picked up another starter but I'm glad Minaya didn't overpay. We are gonna miss all those innings that Oliver gave us out of the pen last year and Chad Bradford. He didn't sign for a lot with Baltimore so I wish we could have kept him. Dave Williams just had neck surgery so he's "iffy" too.
  5. Hijacker ! Why not start your own Yankee thread?
  6. He's NOT going in the 1st round!! He'll be available in the later rounds so Tangini can pick him if that's their desire.
  7. Didn't work for Tom Brady. He sh*t the bed during the AFC championship game and it didn't "fix" anything.
  8. Kramer (you know Seinfeld would have been my response also to Keith Hernandez. )
  9. Did you even watch that clip ? How can you pick Mike Myers over Jason after that. It's getting so that I just don't understand people at all anymore !
  10. I'm not sure about the death wish thing but I know these threads of his are killing me.
  11. Interesting enough I visited a draft site tonite "Football's Future". They had a 2 round mock draft. With the Jets 1st round pick (25th) they had us taking Aaron Ross ,CB, Texas. With our 1st pick in the 2nd round we were taking Carriker from Nebraska, and with our 2nd pick in the 2nd round Bush, the RB from Louisville. So see they have us taking Bush but just in the latter stages of round 2.
  12. I'm always serious Max. Man I was glad you found it. Funny wasn't it? I've gotta get into this You Tube thing; this sure brought back memories.
  13. Jason by far. The man for all seasons. Saw him interviewed on the Arsinio Hall show years ago. One of the funniest things I have ever seen. Arsinio asked him question after question and the J man said nothing but just kept staring at him. You had to see it, a laugh riot.
  14. I think I WAS the guy in the next stall and I assure you it was NOT pretty.
  15. I watch him in the Shrine game too and he caught every thing thrown his way. Great pair of hands. I figure him being a 4th rounder mainly because of the school. I wonder if he's been invited to the combine?
  16. You'd better be content cause you're gettin nothin from us. How's it go? oh yeah... nah nah na na nahhh
  17. Coach Reid has 10 times the class that Beliprick will ever have.
  18. You're dreaming if you actually think we'd get anything for him in a trade. I'm voting with the, keep him till his contract is up crowd.
  19. Thai Jet


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