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  1. HEY !!! I'm tryin ta suck a few pounds off here, Ya wanna cool it with the frillin chocolate references?
  2. I'm looking foward to watching Briggs cover Indy's TE Dallas Clark this week. Clark has been having a great playoff run so it's up to the speedy Briggs to shut him down. IMHO this will be one of the key matchups come Sunday.
  3. But is he taking you ?
  4. I know Beliprick has blocked a ton of people from leaving Patsieville. When Mangini was DB coach for the Patsies he blocked the Jets from getting him as their DC. That's when we turned around and got Henderson instead.
  5. In the family room, just me and the little woman. Went to a SB party once. Never again, too noisy.
  6. Obviously you weren't rooming at Rose Towers.
  7. That's the 1st thing that went thru my mind. Obviously he's never spent any time as a prisoner.
  8. You mean like his mind and reality?
  9. Every year we have pizza and BBQ wings as the main menu.
  10. How sad , he was a great champion. RIP
  11. Yup I found Okoye most impressive , ESPECIALLY for a 19 year old. I wasn't expecting too much out of him but he looked good. I guess 4 yrs. of starting at Louisville paid off. I thought too that Smith looked like doggie Doo. Was Chris Leak even at the game? Never did like him so I was NOT surprized.
  12. This whole thread reminds me of the movie with Michael Myers " So I married an axe murderer". All I can picture is him yelling "haggis !! ".
  13. Nice article, thanks Max. He brings up a lot of valid observations about the former players who have been forgotten in todays NFL. They paved the way for todays players to make what they do. They should not be forgotten.
  14. Still can't see Tangini giving up that #1 for Turner.
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